The Odd Couple

After what is surely the most traumatic arc that these characters have had up to this point, culminating in the “call me Patch” scene I just posted about, the show turns around and gives us … romantic comedy. I love this so much. It’s unexpected and wonderful.

(This is the scene where, as commenter blpmich pointed out a few posts back, Steve is muttering “Take me too” in his sleep. I never noticed that before! How awesome!)

I love that they weave the angst into the banter. When Steve says Kayla was going to turn him into the cops, she says, “I never got a chance.” She sounds so regretful, hee! And later, when Kayla thinks Steve is going to take the fake cop’s wallet, he says, “Oh, first I’m a murderer, now you’re calling me a thief?” You wouldn’t think comedy would work so well, but it does. Watching these scenes always makes me with they had given Steve and Kayla more material like this. I love the angst, of course. And they do get to be cute and playful, later, when they are happy. But I can’t remember any other time they get to spar like this.

More banter follows with the innkeeper at the hotel, who takes them for honeymooners:

(This lady cracks me up. I love Steve and Kayla, but I would not take them for two people who have just gotten married here. Steve pretty much looks like what he is, a guy on the run from the police. But somehow it all works.)

Sexual tension starts to build up as they play along with the charade. Kayla brushes his hair out of his eyes. Steve takes advantage of the situation to kiss her cheek. They exchange a look before heading up the stairs – to the honeymoon suite.

Up in the room, finally, the scene closes on a wonderful tender moment as Steve watches her sleep. High drama and angst, bantery comedy, sexy romantic tension, tender romance. Shoot, is there anything these two can’t do?


12 thoughts on “The Odd Couple

  1. I thought it was funny, all that bull Steve was telling those guys…so much detail! (at the pier, under a board) Haha..he was making up as he went along.about whatever it is they’re looking for. It was funny when he admits to her he made it up, like he thought it was hilarious and then she smacks him. I mean It was a great way to buy some time. I don’t think the fake cops were really buying it but i think that’s part of the fun. I can’t remember what they are looking for. What is it?

    Why does he say “take me too”?

    • I don’t think we knew at this point what Britta was looking for, but it’s “the bonds” – it’s what Orpheus is after too. Not too important what it actually is, just that it’s something everybody wants!

      Steve said “take me too” in the orphanage when Billy was adopted and he wasn’t. It shows how central and ever-present that event was to his life that he’s dreaming about it here. Great detail.

      • . Not too important what it actually is, just that it’s something everybody wants!

        Kind of like the ‘letters of transit’ in Casablanca.. Rick says, “as long as I have them, I’ll never be lonely.” 😀

        What good foreshadowing with his “take me too”. I forgot he does remember that a moment a lot in the future.

      • The “take me too” observation is so interesting. Never caught that. But I totally hear it now. Wow! I didn’t listen closely and assumed by Kayla’s reaction (was she rolling her eyes? lol) that he was talking about another woman/doing it with another woman to get Kayla riled up.

  2. Useless 1986 trivia. In 1986 William Daniels (the name they use at the Inn) was starring on St. Elsewhere and also the voice of KITT in Knight Rider. Don’t ask me why silly things like that stick in my brain, but it does. 

    Anyway, back to the show. This is the kind of scene with Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans where it is light-hearted and not all angst (and like you, I like my angst) and the beginnings of UST (I have to laugh at the sleeping arrangements and having Kayla crawl over Steve). Especially with MBE it shows that she does have comedic timing and sometimes I wish they could have shown that more often.

    • Ha ha, I did not know that about William Daniels. A deliberate reference or just a coincidence?

      I love the physical comedy when Kayla crawls over Steve and gets in the chair. So funny. I agree, I wish we had scenes like this more often.

  3. These are some of favorite scenes, too. Guess you can tell because I’ve noticed so much detail and thanks for the credit. You’re right, we just didn’t get enough banter like this from SnK and I need my angst too. The closest I seem to remember my have been during the summer on the run. It must have been a literal pain working in those handcuffs, especially for MB being pulled around. These scenes just further prove how “in sinc” MBE and SN were as actors. I have to believe some of this was improvised.

    • The summer on the run is probably closest to this, I agree. After they were together and happy they did some fun playful banter, like the “Emergency Center elves” scene, but those are different to me. I like the hostile edge here – it reminds me of 1930’s screwball comedy.

      I have to think some of this was improvised too. Certainly they had to figure out to physical comedy stuff.

  4. I think it’s after they leave the hotel they go back to the barn and the farmer finds them. Kayla no doubt looks like a nurse but Steve as a paramedic? The guy looks like hmmm. When Steve said his specialty is mouth to mouth, I think I actually lol’ed at that. I’m not sure but I think she steps on his foot or something but she pretty much has to just stand there and look normal. I’m trying to think who plays the straight man so to speak, when they did the comedic parts of their story but it’s probably her.

    • There are so many great lines — “this eye is about to slam shut on me” is one that made me laugh.

      I feel like it’s pretty even in who the “straight man” is in these scenes, but overall they did give Steve more funny one liners. It’s a part of his character I really like.

  5. In the second clip when she turns around in bed to face him, the way he looks at her makes my heart melt. ❤️

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