Slow burn


I’m no expert on Ericole, but I think I’m ready to hop on the train after watching Monday and Tuesday’s episodes this week. Wow.

I was able to see a little of their original story, just here and there whenever my mom came for a visit. What I loved was that there was actually a slow burn going. The fact that Eric was a priest seemed to slow the writers down a bit, as Eric tried to fight his feelings and Nicole kept hers concealed. Leading to many scenes of smoldering glances, and longing that they couldn’t give in to. Sigh.

Maybe we should make all the men priests.

Because here is one thing that genuinely mystifies me: why the rush to get people into bed? You would think, with all the airtime they have to fill, that the writers would do everything they could think of to delay it. They do it with those other soap staples:  secrets and reveals. They stretch things out, tease us that all is going to be discovered, but then delay, and delay, and delay. (Until sweeps.)

They know that we want to see the truth come out, so even if they annoy us in the meantime with tedium and repetition (and they do), we’ll still often hang on to see it all resolved.

And what’s the other thing that makes us hang in there? Waiting for our couple to get together. So why not make us wait? They do it with breakups — how many zillion time have they broken up Bo and Hope and John and Marlena?  They know that people will stick around to see them resolve their differences.

And that, I think, gives us the clue to answer. The show knows that no matter what shitty storyline they use to break up John and Marlena, people will root for John and Marlena no matter what. They have the history, the chemistry, and the fanbase. With a new pairing, the writers actually have to come up with something compelling in order to make people root for them in the first place. Their solution to this dilemma seems to be this: they throw a couple into bed together, see what the response is from fans, and if it’s positive, they break them up again just as quickly. And hope that viewers will stick around to see them maybe get together again sometime.

Grr. It makes me mad just thinking about it. Soaps are the perfect place to do slow burn romantic stories. The whole format makes it ideal — the copious airtime, the emphasis on family and relationships, the focus on female as well as male characters.

Nicole has long been one of my favorite characters. And I’m coming to love Eric, and Greg Vaughan, as well. I hesitate to plunge into the masochism of shipping a couple again. The last couple I shipped (other than Steve and Kayla) was Chelsea and Nick. Chick. I hated what happened to them:  they paired her with Daniel and turned him into a psychopath. Can I expect better for Eric and Nicole? I hope so.


5 thoughts on “Slow burn

  1. I “sensed” you invoked the “Chick” ship term and came to read. I was right. Actually I just happened to find my downloaded videos of them and my heart ached. And we never did get a love scene.

    Glad to hear they are doing some slow burn with someone. Yay. I have loved Nicole since she returned.

    • It kills me even now to think of the wasted potential with Chick. And as I wrote this I was reflecting on the irony of Daniel being the third/spoiler for Ericole, like he was for Chick! I can’t get away from the guy!

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