The subtitle of the Britta storyline could be “Kayla takes a step back.” And just like they did with Steve’s hookup with Britta, the show gives us multiple reasons why Kayla does so.

It all starts lightly enough. Kayla sees Britta in Steve’s apartment the morning after their hookup, and it is obvious what happened there last night. Her dismay and jealousy are played lightly, almost for comedy — Steve is most unseemly in his delight about it. Later the same day, Steve carries Hope to the Emergency Center when he finds her collapsed on the pier, and Kayla sees him caring for her and speaking tenderly to her. We seem on familiar ground here: Kayla is seeing that softer side of Steve, giving her insight into what he keeps hidden.

But it’s a little bit different, perhaps, to see Steve being a sweetheart to Hope, compared to watching him a be a sweetheart to Max. Especially after seeing him with Britta too. Being Kayla, that is, being forthright, direct, and always ready to challenge someone (especially Steve), she asks him outright, why is he so nice to Hope, and such a jerk to her? That doesn’t go so well:

Steve goes to see Hope and Kayla

But still, maybe she’s not ready to give up on him quite yet. In that scene, she sees that he lost his harmonica. She buys him a new one. But when she’s about to give it to him, she sees Steve with Britta for a third time. She goes out with Chris instead, and sees them a fourth time:  Steve, Britta, and Bo seemingly out getting drunk together. (Actually, it’s much more complicated than that: Britta drugged Bo to get a picture of his tattoo, and Steve catches them when he goes to her room … because he saw Kayla with Chris! I love the circularity of it all. This is how you use third parties, Days!)

Let’s watch this unfold in these scenes. This is when Kayla first tries to give Steve the harmonica:

Kayla and the harmonica

Notice how much softer and friendlier she is in that scene (before Britta’s intrusion), compared to this one, a few days later, when he finally gets it:

Harmonica lessons

Kayla obviously feels off-balance explaining why she bought the harmonica, and she knows he’s probably not buying her story about it being “for Max.” I think that makes her feel vulnerable, and makes her a little bit frosty in the scene that follows, when they talk about the family meeting about Max’s school, and Steve obviously feels excluded. I get the feeling she is deliberately refusing to read his signals, to look past his defenses like she usually does. Why should she, if he’s with Britta? Or if he just acts like a jerk most of the time anyway?

All the same, if he is going to meet her halfway, maybe … and that brings us to the second scene in the above clip, which takes place later the same day. They have a very interesting conversation about being scared. I love that Steve can’t believe “Florence Nightingale” is ever scared. He already has a sense of how strong Kayla is. I think when Kayla says she’s scared of the unknown, she’s talking about him, or rather their (potential) relationship. And then Steve’s honest question, what does she do when she’s scared? When she says, first she admits that she’s scared, I think he can’t imagine ever doing that.  So again, he retreats behind his sleazy guy act.

Kayla gets mad, but her line, “I thought we were having a normal conversation,” is ironic, given how extremely unusual it is for Steve to have a conversation without defenses — about as abnormal as you can imagine. But Kayla at this time is not in the mood to make allowances.



4 thoughts on “Disharmony

  1. I really enjoy the early S&K scenes. I mentioned before in another post that one thing I really picked up on after seeing these again was how good Stephen Nichols was a non-verbal expressions. This is so evident early Steve when he still had the bad attitude with Kayla, he would look away or down show an expression and your heart would melt because you knew there was so much more to him then his words say.

    Once Kayla gets mad and says “I thought we were having a normal conversation” and gets up you can see the confusion and disappointment in Steve’s face when he realizes he has pushed her too far.


    • Yes, I love that moment too. He backs off into his jokey, innuendo filled persona, but he’s not really being THAT obnoxious. It’s just that Kayla isn’t in the mood to make allowances – understandably so. So I think he’s taken aback when she runs off, and we see that he does feel bad.

  2. One of my favorite scenes during this time is one you didn’t show. Steve and Kayla’s first dance at Blondie’s. Chris, Hope and Kayla are there and then Steve and Bo walk in. This is after Britta drugged Bo to get a picture of his tattoo. Bo wants to talk to Hope alone so he has Steve and Kayla dance (kind of surprising since he was trying to keep them apart). Definitely not a Steve and Kayla dance that I enjoyed so much later. Then when they are listening to Tamara (was that her name?) sing, when Steve touches Kayla’s hand, the look that goes between them.

    Also, not a Steve and Kayla scene, but the way Steve is when he brings Hope to the Emergency Center. He is so loving and kind (as Kayla calls him on it later). Then when he comes to the hospital that night after Hope lost the baby and it’s just the two of them. No words are necessary.

    I know, I know, I have a habit of remembering scenes that you are not showing and I’m sorry for that. Just reading this is reminding me of different scenes I remember.

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