Totally bogus, dude

Did you know that Amy Stock, after being on Days, went on to play Bill’s hot stepmom in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?


I think Bill and Ted might have the bonds!

Britta will drive a wedge between Steve and Kayla, but in a way that ends up deepening their relationship in the long run.

Britta’s return rips open an old wound for Steve. He hears she is back, and after finding her and getting into a screaming match with her, he immediately goes to Bo to find a way to protect her from Victor. She hurt him and, as we’ll see, will use him again, but he still wants to help her. This is key, because they may look like two dysfunctional peas in a pod on the surface, but Steve’s love for Britta is purer, more unselfish, than hers is for him. Britta tells him, “we’re the same, Steve,” but the show will prove that isn’t true.

Let’s start with one of my favorite single-episode arcs, which starts with some delightful scenes between Steve and Kayla:


The banter here is so much fun: “Then go jump mine.”/”No, I can’t get near that.” But my favorite moment is at the church, when Kayla says, “Doesn’t anything affect you?” and he looks at her, obviously thinking she affects him. But he feels awkward and out of place, especially compared to Chris in his tuxedo, and quickly leaves. And then we get the first, the very first, of Steve’s patchless fantasies about Kayla, and we see what a romantic sap he really is.

Next we have a cascade of events that leads to Steve going to bed with Britta that night. (Sorry I can’t post the clip, but the song “Somewhere Tonight” is playing again, so you’ll have to do without seeing a Steve/Britta love scene. I know you’re heartbroken. πŸ™‚ )

Notice how skilfully this is done on the part of the show, making it clear that Steve doesn’t go to bed with Britta out of love for her, or even just for the hell of it for some sex. Britta is bent on seducing Steve to get a picture of his tattoo. She already dropped by his place a few days ago to try to rekindle old flames, but he threw her out. In this scene, Britta shows up on the pier immediately after Steve’s fantasy about Kayla, and it’s clear from his reaction that she’s the last person he wants to see. Then they find Gregory’s body, Steve’s friend from Stockholm, and Steve is very upset. Britta tries to use this to get him into bed, so they can “comfort” each other for their friend’s death. But, again, Steve throws her out.

But then, when he rushes out to find Kayla, he sees her walking with Chris along the pier. They are talking about just being friends, but that doesn’t register with Steve. What does register is that here is Kayla in her bridesmaid’s dress, walking with a man in a tuxedo. It is Steve’s fantasy come to life — only it’s Chris in the “monkey suit” with her, not Steve. That is the final straw, so when he goes home and finds Britta there once again, he lets her lead him to the bed.

Especially in light of today’s Days, where people seem to go to bed together so easily, I really appreciate the care the show takes here. Not that Steve would be cheating on Kayla, he wouldn’t. But what it does is protect the romantic Steve we saw in the fantasy. Even believing that his fantasy will never come true, he still is reluctant to accept Britta as a crummy substitute. The fact that he finally does so is because he is feeling lonely, vulnerable, and unworthy of the woman he truly wants.


9 thoughts on “Totally bogus, dude

  1. One of the things i like about this scene is that Steve doesn’t offer to drive her to the church until kayla says she is going to call Chris. You can see the jealous annoyed look on Steve’s face when it looks like Chris will come to the rescue. He then Offers to bring her and that sets up the next scene his obvious discomfort at the church.

    Stephen Nichols was the master of non verbal cues and looks to convey STEVE’s feelings one of the reasons why he is so much fun to watch. Especially in the early scenes to try and figure out what he was thinking and would do next

    • I love that moment too, and how Steve hangs up the phone for her. I’ve always wondered too if Kayla has a sense that mentioning Chris will provoke that reaction.

      And you’re right, Stephen’s performance is so crucial in the early days, when Steve is so guarded and full of defense mechanisms. And, it’s how he created layers early on in the character when they weren’t necessarily there in the writing. Why I’m looking forward to seeing the early Steve stuff.

  2. I love the moment when Kayla asks Steve to fasten the necklace for her. It’s such a small thing but there is so much in SN & MBE’s body language at that moment. Also, the appearance of jealous Steve (always one of my favorites). Steve’s fantasy — It always gets me how rough Steve looks, especially at this time during the story, and how more “refined” (for lack of a better word) that Stephen looks. If I remember correctly there was a moment during the video that you were unable to show – when Britta told Steve she thought he needed a friend that night (or something like that). Britta’s idea of friendship was so twisted, to put it mildly.

    • Oh, nice catch on Britta using the word “friend.” Yes, her sense of it is definitely twisted. It also echoes Chris and Kayla’s conversation about being friends.

      I love, love, love the necklace fastening moment. SN and MBE are so fantastic.

      And I am always struck by how Stephen seems to be able to make his very features look rougher as Steve, compared to the fantasies, or even just seeing him in real life! How does he do that?

  3. I know you weren’t able to put in the scene with the “Somewhere Tonight” as Steve and Britta are hitting the sheets. But, it is well done and sort of sad if you were a Britta fan, because this pretty much spelled the end of that relationship.
    Also, there was a time that I was very intrigued by a short section of this scene and I have always thought Steve quietly says Kayla, (his eye is shut) and Britta hears it and there are tears in her eyes.
    It’s very hard to tell with the music playing. I may be wrong and she maybe just crying at knowing they’re really over.

    • Oh, you are going to make me out myself – yes, I was a Britta fan back then! I liked their dysfunctional relationship. I actually still find their final hookup here very sad. I liked how they didn’t demonize her fully even as she is using Steve.

      I am going to rewatch tonight and look for the moment you’re describing!

      • So I watched the scene again and there’s a moment where he kind of sighs and she is looking at him with tears in her eyes, like you say. I didn’t hear it as “Kayla.” But let’s just say you’re right. πŸ™‚

  4. “Stephen Nichols was the master of non verbal cues and looks to convey STEVE’s feelings one of the reasons why he is so much fun to watch.”

    Oh so totally yes Dawn. Its why I’m so hooked on watching this now. I can’t understand how he didn’t win an Emmy for his role in this. Anyway, after he sees Chris, he starts looking at how he’s dressed and messing with his shirt. He happens to look good in a tux though and since I’ve started watching the show, I’ve noticed he wears one quite well! In all the fantasies they have in their story, I’ve always loved the ones that are born in the reality of a situation like this one at someone’s wedding. So nicely done. Sigh.

    I wanted to add, I love her dress here. The color and the neckline. It’s timeless. I guess this is the first time he’s seen her all dressed up because he is just blown away. Then though he throws the line in about beauty and the beast and the look on his face, he thinks he doesn’t measure up.

    It’s interesting too that she thinks he wouldn’t have a car and he’s like well yeah I might not be what you are used to but surprise, I do have transportation! I would have thought he’d have a motorcycle but I’m glad he could drive her. πŸ™‚

    • My favorite fantasies are the more realistic ones too. Some of the boat ones, for example, just got played too much IMO. I loved the detail of him always having the patch in the Kayla fantasies, and being without it in his own.

      I love the Beauty and the Beast line too. Sums up how he feels. And SN and MBE are both so great with nonverbal cues.

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