So where did we last leave Shayla? After Kim walks in on their first kiss, Kayla basically turns tail and runs. She tells Shane the kiss was all a big mistake, and she moves out of the mansion. She tells Kim that if she wants to be with Shane, don’t let one “misunderstood kiss” stop her.

But, she and Shane are still working together at the lab. And, while Kim was in LA, she made a friend: Lawrence Alamain. She didn’t know who he was, and as soon as she did, she broke things off. But now that they are both in Salem, he would like to revive their friendship. Shane and Kayla walk in on their little tete-a-tete:

(First of all, doesn’t Kayla look gorgeous? Wow! I love that color on her!)

Villains are always such great truth-tellers, and Lawrence is no exception. He gets a nice shot in at Kayla when he tells her that she and Shane are hurting Kim more than he ever could.

I also like the conversation between Shane and Kim. It’s the first time they’ve discussed their relationship since Kim came back, and it’s clear Shane feels a lot of anger and bitterness toward her, and that those feelings are still fresh — especially when he throws what happened with Cal in her face.  I think this supports the theory that Shane prefers Kayla right now precisely because of his continuing hurt over Kim. I think his feelings for Kayla are genuine, but I think he is deliberately turning away from Kim because it’s just too painful.

Then, finally, it’s perfectly soapy that Kim makes a peace overture to Kayla, by asking her to dinner, and that Kayla can’t make it because she has to work with Shane. It shows that no matter how much they both try (and they do keep trying), there is a divide between them that won’t be easy to bridge.

But the most interesting thing about this is what happens afterward, when Kayla tells Shane that seeing Kim with Lawrence makes it even more clear they shouldn’t be together:

Kayla tells Shane that he should go back to Kim, so Lawrence won’t be able to get close to her and Kim will be safe. It’s a perfectly unreasonable request, but exactly the kind of thing people do on soaps all the time. Of course, it comes close to Steve Johnson “playing God” territory. I like how Shane calmly points out all the flaws in her scheme, that it wouldn’t be doing Kim a favor to be with her when he doesn’t want to. Seldom are soap characters this logical!

If Kayla were to really borrow a page from Steve’s playbook, she would pretend to hate Shane and otherwise try to manipulate him into going back to Kim. I like to think one of the reasons she doesn’t is because of what happened to her, when Steve broke up with her for Jack.



3 thoughts on “WWSJD?

  1. I don’t remember this story line – at times I watched it intermittently depending on my college class schedule or when I graduated and went to work. I never watched the Kayla and Shane story and picked after this.

    I am confused though during Jennifer’s rape trial wasn’t Kim working with the ISA and pretending to care about Lawrence to trap him? This would have to be after that story, so how could Kim not know who Lawrence was? When did Kim and Shane actually break up?

    • Lawrence’s rape trial is actually after this. Jennifer waits for awhile before filing charges. What happens is Kim meets Lawrence and likes him, and then breaks it off with him when she finds out who he is. Soon after these scenes the ISA approaches her to get close to Lawrence in order to bring him down. Shane knows about it, but Kayla doesn’t. She thinks Kim really likes Lawrence.

      Kim and Shane broke up over the Cal business (1990 sometime, before Steve’s death) and Patsy Pease left the show for awhile. When she came back (in late 90, early 91), they showed Kim still in LA and that’s where she meets Lawrence.

  2. […] And now, she’s expected to do it when Kim is being callous to her by getting involved with the man who killed Steve – in fact, she expected to do it partly because of that, to save Kim from herself. And what makes this so bittersweet is that Kayla said the same thing to Shane, earlier, that Shawn is saying now. I talked about that scene here. […]

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