I like you, you like me, let’s make things really difficult

One thing I love about the Steve and Kayla story is that while there were external obstacles aplenty, they didn’t need them to complicate their story. They (well, mostly Steve) could create obstacles without any help at all.

But before we get there, let’s enjoy this happy, happy ending to the Frankie and Max story:

This scene is particularly special because while it is small, it is pure happiness. Kayla asking Steve, “So, how’d I do?” Steve thanking her for helping him, back when he was injured. And, of course, that kiss on the cheek. Swoon. The steps along a supercouple journey seldom give us such uncomplicatedly blissful moments.

More typical is oh, something like this:

I always find this excruciating to watch, and I don’t know why, exactly — it’s not rip-your-heart-out angst like we’ll get later. I think it’s because it follows that lovely scene we saw above, and we so much want them to be able build on that. We can see they do too, which makes it hard to watch this evening unfold. It’s painful to see Steve obviously looking forward to his date with Kayla, primping outside the door and almost giving her a flower. Then he’s so clueless about her obvious hints that she has plans, and so transparent in the way he keeps repeating “it’s no big deal to me.”

Then, it’s painful to see Kayla cancel her date with Chris and join them after all, only to have Steve turn on her:

Here is what makes this so great: Yes, Kayla has a date. But Chris isn’t the obstacle. In fact, he’s quite nice about it all. Steve’s reaction to Chris is the obstacle. And then Kayla’s reaction to Steve’s reaction … well, you get the idea.

It all turns out all right: Steve thanks her sincerely for showing up, he offers to walk her home and she accepts. But we end on a bittersweet note. He pauses outside the door to pick up the flower he almost gave her — symbolic of their missed connections tonight.



10 thoughts on “I like you, you like me, let’s make things really difficult

  1. Such wonderful moments. I always liked the way he expected her to notice he had changed his style and was actually wearing a button down shirt, all within 2 seconds of him coming in the door. He was so sweetly nervous, but at least he was trying.

    • That moment jumped out at me this time too. Then after he pointed out his new clothes and didn’t she notice, I love SN’s expression when Steve says “That’s all right.” He was so disappointed and trying to rally. So cute.

  2. Watching Shawn and Caroline welcome Max and Frankie into the Brady house was fun and during this time, and Steve was welcomed as well because of his relationship with the kids. But like most other people, my favorite part is when Kayla kisses Steve’s cheek, on the patch side. He rears his head back, and puts his hand in front of his face to protect himself, but she moves his hand away and kisses him anyway. Then when Steve walks outside, he looks wonderstruck and holds his hand the place Kayla kissed.

    But also it’s interesting watching Chris and Kayla. Kayla wants to be Chris’ friend and I think Chris is just looking at her as friend as well at this point. Even with his friendship with Hope, I’m not sure if Steve understands a man and woman can be friends – especially if they shared a past, but it is fun watching jealous Steve.

    • I love jealous Steve. When Jack first comes to town, I love how Steve is all false heartiness, it’s just painful (in a good way) to watch. When he tells Chris and Kayla here, “You two kids have fun now,” his manner is a lot like that too. I think he even uses the same line on Jack and Kayla!

      And I love, love, love the kiss on the cheek for all the reasons you say. It’s a wonderful moment, and SN and MBE do so well playing it.

  3. I love how Frankie and Steve tease each other back and forth “Dude” – Steve is both protector and big brother to Frankie and it works in a not too mushy way. They really worked their friendship into a few of the story lines thru the next year and it was nice to see.

    Of course Kayla kissing his cheek and Steve backing away is priceless. I like how after how backs away instead of just kissing his other cheek she removes his hand and kisses the side with the patch.

    • I totally agree about Frankie and Steve and their exchanges of “Dude”. Billy Warlock really adds to the storyline, I think. Like I said in my first post on this storyline, bad teen actors are very, very common on soaps, especially when they first start out. Billy was great from the get go.

      • Really late to this post but had to add..whoever wrote this segment did such an incredibly lovely job .. From how he goes from crushing the flower after he feels rejected by what happened with Kayla to the end when he picks it back up when he’s feeling a little bit hopeful maybe? about things after they connect over her helping him and Frankie/Max and of course that kiss on the cheek. It’s just perfect really.

        Also how much fun it is to watch Frankie and Steve talk in the last segment about getting up at 5 to fish? It’s hilarious and you can tell how much fun they are having riffing off each other. They really had something fantastic going on in this whole scene.

        Thank you Mary for bringing it up. I wanted to mention the flower scenes in my ramblings on the other page but never did. You know exactly the most interesting scenes to blog about and I love that! 🌺

      • I love the flower, the symbolism of it, how he thinks about giving it to her but doesn’t. His look at the end when he picks it up is ambiguous, which is what I like about it. You can read it as hopeful or as him thinking about what will never happen. It’s kind of both, which is contradictory I know, but it fits.

        I liked Steve and Frankie’s back and forth, too. It helps keep the scene real and not too sentimental.

  4. I think Billy was in his mid-20’s, maybe 27 when he played teenager Frankie – probably worked to his advantage

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