Now introducing the greatest storyline of all time

This is another reason I love the Frankie and Max storyline. It marks the very beginning of the Steve/Kayla/Jack triangle:

Steve tells Kayla about Billy 1

Steve tells Kayla about Billy 2

Joseph Adams (Jack #1) isn’t even a twinkle in the casting director’s eye yet, let alone Matt Ashford, and Billy-Jack is already an important player. We even catch of glimpse of the baby in one of the flashbacks (with, presumably, Harper and Camille!) — so, come to think of it, that baby is actually the first Jack.

Steve has been insisting that if they call Social Services, Frankie and Max will be separated. Kayla doesn’t see how he can be so sure, so he tells her: the same thing happened to him. What this scene does beautifully is show how much Steve trusts Kayla already, as he tells her about the little brother he lost. I love everything about this scene. I love how his pain is obviously still raw, and I imagine this is the first time he has ever opened up to anyone about this. I also love the moment when Kayla reaches out to him tentatively, and he lifts up his arm to ward her off.  He can’t accept sympathy in that moment, without falling completely apart.

But, as wonderful as this is, they don’t try to do too much with it. Kayla doesn’t change her mind about calling Social Services. They keep fighting and working at cross purposes. The best follow-up to this scene — in this storyline — is when Steve pleads with Kayla to help reunite the boys, even if it means breaking the law:

Steve persuades Kayla 1

Steve persuades Kayla 2

He grabs her and says “Look at me … is this what you want Frankie to turn into?” (And oh, Kayla’s eyes here, looking into his face so searchingly — incredible. This is the first of many times Steve would grab Kayla and demand that she look at him — but she never saw what he expected her to see.)

What he essentially says here is that his life all went wrong from that moment, when he lost his little brother. This is so important for what comes later, when Steve gives up Kayla for Jack. If we don’t believe that this was a pivotal moment, the pivotal moment, in Steve’s life, we don’t believe he would do that. It’s a hard sell, but I absolutely buy it — and it all starts here.

And, I just have to say, it’s nice that baby brother Billy can draw Steve and Kayla a little closer here, given that later he is going to rip them apart. The little baby Steve is talking about with such pain, and Kayla is listening to with such sympathy, is going to rape Kayla.


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  1. Ooh, that’s a really great point, MP. I’d never thought about the fact that it’s Steve opening up, however painfully, about losing his brother that brings he and Kayla a bit closer and then, ultimately, being the same thing that causes so much pain for them later.

    I’d love to know whether Jack’s introduction was planned this far out – even as just a “at some point we’ll bring in that little brother” kind of way or whether they simply gave Steve this backstory for the Frankie/Max storyline and then later decided that it would be a good basis for a new storyline. Either way it’s great, but if this really was planned, at least in basic form, so far back it’s pretty amazing.

    You’re also right that this scene is ultimately key to the whole “Steve gives Kayla to Jack” part of the story. If we don’t buy, from the very beginning, that the loss of his brother has had a major emotional – and continuing – impact on Steve, then we can never buy that he would go to such great lengths for a virtual stranger. But SN sells it completely and no matter how much I may have hated Steve’s decisions later, I never doubted for a second that it was driven by the love for his baby brother he lost all those years ago.

    And I love the title of this post because it’s exactly how I feel about the Steve/Kayla/Jack storyline. If we consider this the very beginning, it’s a storyline that lasts for almost six years (I kind of think it really comes to an end when Jack marries Jennifer). And it’s one that, overall, misses very few beats and remains compelling the whole time.

    • I would love to know how far out they were planning as well. This is still when Sheri Anderson was HW, and the Jack triangle is under Leah Laiman, but I know they worked together and no doubt coordinated.

      I tend to think they knew they were going to use the brother in some way. The way they set it up, by having the brother be a baby so Steve wouldn’t recognize him in the future, that he would likely have a different name — that’s all too perfect for it just to be a convenient loose end they picked up later. And the most obvious, soapy way to use him is as a rival for Kayla. So I think that idea was probably there even this early. I’d love to know how much was planned, though. I doubt the rape was planned, since wasn’t Joseph Adams recast was because they didn’t think he could play a rapist? I think I heard that.

      In any case, I agree that the story really spans six years, and is compelling and wonderful all through (except Jack #2’s wooden acting!). So, so fantastic.

  2. I also had not thought about this being the beginning of the Steve/Kayla/Jack triangle until reading this. It’s Steve’s opening up about his baby brother Billy that helps Kayla to see a different side to him. I remember a scene in Stockholm where Steve yells at her he knows what it’s like to lose a brother (they were discussing Bo at the time) and it reminds you that the ghost of Billy is always there.

    You are correct in saying if we (the viewers) didn’t believe the love that Steve had for Billy way back in the beginning, there would be no way we could buy Steve giving Kayla to Jack. I would love to know how far in advance they planned this story (even through the different headwriters) – and even how MBE’s real life pregnancy affected the storyline. It feels like it didn’t miss a beat from learning about Billy during the Frankie and Max introduction, the entrance of the the Johnson family and then Jack triangle. Then years later Jack’s part of the Marina storyline, Steve’s “death” and Jack’s marriage to Jennifer.

    • Thanks for reminding me of the scene in Stockholm when Steve shouts that he knows what it’s like to lose a brother. It shows how much Billy is ever-present in his mind, that he just bursts out with that. I also like it when Adrienne asks Steve about Billy, again before Jack comes to town, saying they should go look for him, and Steve’s reaction to that. All this keeps it in the viewer’s mind too, so that when Jack is revealed to be Billy, we’re not like “Billy who?” Such care went into the storylines back then!

  3. Hi! I did a Google search on Steve and Kayla today and am loving these videos. Where can I watch their storyline from the beginning that goes in sequence to the end? I started watching DOOL right at the beginning of Jack and Jennifer and loved them but remember seeing a little of S&K. Then saw SN and MBE on GH and loved them there but I can tell from all the clips that this is really something special. The writing and acting was stellar back then. Kayla is just so good hearted and sees good in the world while Steve ..I just love his attempts to push Kayla away but he can’t help himself. Is YouTube the place and is there someone I should follow? Im not familiar with WordPress and how it works. How do you find these posts? Thanks! I’m loving this so much!!!

    • Hi Amy!

      I usually upload my own clips from my DVDs for the scenes I talk about, because I’ve gotten burned before where I linked to a clip and it disappeared later.

      But, to watch the WHOLE story (which I highly recommend) the best place that I know of is to go here:

      She has playlists for lots of different Days couples, with the clips arranged in order. For Steve and Kayla, start with “The Lady and the Tramp” playlist. It continues with “All in the Family.” They are clearly marked by year, so it is easy to follow along.

      I’ll update if I hear of another place to find them.

      It really is an awesome story – have fun! 🙂

  4. Great post…like the others have said, I’ve never thought about this being the true beginning of the Kayla/Steve/Jack storyline. Maybe the writers knew that the storyline would have to be very layered and deep for anyone to believe Steve would ever give up Kayla for anyone or any reason.

    On a similar note, in the scene when Steve and Kayla are being held in the barn by the fake cops, as Steve is waking up, he mumbles “Take me too”. I will always wonder if that was the writing or SN improvising. I kind of think it was SN. I think it was of his delivery of that storyline that it was able to be sold so successfully.

    • Wow, I didn’t remember that moment in the barn – clearly why I need to watch this story again! It’s cool to think that SN ad libbed it, showing how he knew even then how important this was to Steve’s character. In any case, I agree his performance is a lot of why this all works so well. I know he helped create the backstory for Steve, too. I think it’s fantastic how much that story, the fire, and being given up by Jo after trying to protect her, adds to Steve’s character. It’s more interesting than if he were simply neglected and abused. That plus the promise he gave to Billy, and how that has haunted him, also added to the believability of giving up Kayla for Jack. They worked hard to make it fit with his character, someone who went to nth degree for the people he loved.

  5. Yes definately the best story ever told AMY you must watch this on bradyclanfan you tube site you will love it. It is amazing how this story really spanned years! So well told and little by little they kept revealing more. First with bring if Adrienne in then Jo plus duke – Steve’s defense of Adrienne in duke’s death and finally revealing Jack to be Billy amd he whole aftermath is that is such great story telling, I can’t think of another soap or story that compares! I watched them all again last year for the first time since the 80’s and truly appreciated them in a way im didn’t the first time around

  6. Thank you all! OMG! Yesterday I started watching the youtube links from bradyfanclan (lady and the tramp THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!)and I had to make myself go to bed at 1 oclock last night but first thing I started watching again this morning. My poor family! I can tell I’m in major trouble with a binge watch like no other when I’m taking my ipad with me to the bathroom! I’m up to where Steve tries to give Kayla a gun after that guy broke into the clinic and attacked her. I can tell Britta is trouble for Kayla.

    I’m trying to figure out something. They’ve mentioned Stockholm a few times. Is the backstory known yet at this time by the audience? I’ve seen bits and pieces of flashbacks. Its a little confusing. And then in the beginning, how he starts terrorizing poor Kayla and why he would was interested in the assignment when he found out she was a Brady. I thought for sure when she first heard his voice when they first met in real life, she would recognize it, especially when he said “hey baby”- I mean his voice is very distinctive… and sexy I might add.. its a dead giveaway! They haven’t said or shown ..did Kayla ever realize he was the one making all those crazy calls to her and trashed her apartment??? Does that ever get resolved? I can’t believe they left that hanging out there! I think she would be devastated to know he was the one who did that. I really did not like him in the beginning but of course he is getting irresistible and Kayla I love that although she’s very sweet, she’s not afraid of him. I don’t understand how he got the eye patch exactly. I thought I saw a little bit explaining it but then that was the end of it. Bo didnt’ do that did he? For some reason, it had something to do with when they were all together working as merchant marines or something and they were fighting over her?? It broke my heart when Steve had a dream about her and he wasn’t wearing the patch.
    Sadly, I’m taking a break for a while to do Saturday chores but I really can’t wait for an acceptable hour that I can start watching again. Unreal!

    • LOL, so glad you are enjoying it! I laughed at bringing the iPad into the bathroom – I can relate!

      Let’s see, first, it is a bit unbelievable that Kayla doesn’t recognize Steve’s voice or at least suspect that he is the same guy who harassed her in Cleveland. But never fear, it will come back to haunt Steve. So you have that to look forward to. 🙂

      Yes, it was Bo who took out Steve’s eye. The backstory is that he and Bo met in the Merchant Marines and were best friends, along with Britta. “Three together, together forever.” They got matching knife tattoos. Steve and Britta were in love, but Britta slept with Bo, and he and Steve fought about that, and that’s when Bo took out Steve’s eye. This all happened in Stockholm. Steve originally came to town hating Bo, and they still have a pretty bad relationship, though there are glimmers of reconciliation (like when Steve rescued Bo at Allied, which you saw).

      There is an earlier adventure in Stockholm where Bo, Hope, and Steve go there to rescue Britta. They thought Britta was dead but she wasn’t, they rescued her, and then Bo was having Britta help him in a scheme to nail Victor. Victor retaliated by scaring Britta out of town, which Steve blamed Bo for. That was why he was so mad at Bo, and wanted to punish anyone named Brady, and why he took the job from Emma to scare Kayla.

      Regarding Stockholm – it’s significant that Bo, Britta, and Steve were all together in Stockholm, and that Britta is a spy who was working on a scheme there. The only other thing you need to know about Stockholm now is that Roman, sometime in his missing years, was also there working on a case – he knows something significant happened there but he doesn’t know what. He’s trying to figure it out and he’s getting Britta to help him.

      Faithful commenters, let me know if I forgot anything. 🙂

      Feel free to come back and ask any more questions! Love hearing your impressions!

      • Thank you! It makes more sense now in retrospect. I had no idea Stockholm was going to be a major story in the future but I do now!

  7. Amy,
    It’s fun to read your reactions and enthusiasm. I remember when I found the Bradyclanfan channel.
    A good playlist to catch up on early Steve (pre Kayla) is the Steve Johnson – Bad to the Bone

    This playlist is not complete but does a pretty good job of catching you up to where Steve takes the job to terrorize Kayla in Cleveland.


  8. Amy – I am jealous that you get to watch this the first time! So so good! And yes addicting – I watched the entire thing months ago and was addicted even though I knew what was going to happen – be prepared for a roller coaster ride so much happens and you keep really caring about steve and kayla

  9. Whoever said ‘best story ever told’. YES a thousand times!

    This is a lot of rambling….

    I’m amazed at how well the story holds up after all these years. I want to read more about the wonderful writers who put this all together. I can’t believe how things from the past actually mean something in the future, like the tattoo’s. I wish I could remember more examples off the top of my head but there are lots of little things that keep popping back up. It is amazing they could plan that far in advance. I see Sheri Anderson was the head writer. I’d never heard of her but I want to learn more about her.

    Another late night when I had to make myself go to bed. I’m up to the episode where Steve teaches Kayla how to play pool. The show where she follows him in drinking the egg in the beer..omg.. my eyes were watering. It looks an awful lot like they really did that! I thought they would cut away but it actually looks like they swallowed. Anyway, I love her moxie in how she’s going after Steve at this point. I think he likes it too secretly. I wonder if at the time, was the Bo and Hope story still the main plot or when SN came on, did they pivot to headlining him more? I think he must have made all the other male actors up their game. He is fantastic. I noticed Deidre Hall had been kidnapped for a looooong time. Pregnancy in real life if IIRC from my soap memory? I had to laugh when they thought they got her at the docks and then it was like, no she’s gone again.

    By the wonder of youtube clipping out all the excess but I got to see K&S go after Orpheus on the yacht and the trip to Stockholm and now Steve gave the emeralds back. I know this is a rhetorical question but is Steve EVER going to give in to her??! Not just sex but is he ever going to admit how he really feels for her? I know its yes (yes?) but I have to hope its going to be soon (1986 please!) and not extend this torture (although sweet torture) too long. It’s killing me. They have had some great daydreams about each other and one really nice real life kiss. And really its not just about sex scenes although I’m really looking forward to more of those 😉 but I don’t think they would be so meaningful were it not for the so many oh-so-close times they spent almost admitting how they feel or him pulling her closer then pushing her away. The pace is killing me even though its sped up 1000 times! Let Go Steve and give in to your hearts desire! I love these two so much!

    I just want to mention the time markers like clothes and hairstyles… its just so well written it doesn’t matter. And imho, I thought a lot of the womens hairstyles looked good, especially Kayla’s. They must have spent a fortune on hairspray to get some of the womens hair that high! 😉

    Right now house is quiet so I’m back to my happy viewing. Thank you all for reading my posts and responding.

    • I know, even in lightning-fast clip mode it feels like it takes forever, doesn’t it? The answer to your rhetorical question is YES Steve does finally give in to Kayla and tell her how he feels, and yes there is sex. 🙂 But, I have to tell you you’ve still got looong way to go before that happens. (Hint: it’s not 1986.) It’s going to be a great ride, though! The part coming up next, that you are probably watching as I type this, is a very happy time, so enjoy.

      I think Deirdre Hall was off doing a primetime show, I forgot the name. I actually watched some of it, because my mom was a huge Marlena fan.

      It’s hard for me to say when SN became one of the show’s leading men (and MBE a leading lady), but I think it’s right about where you are now, maybe a little after – late 1986/early 1987. I didn’t follow soap press much back then, but when they start bringing on Steve’s family, I think Steve and Kayla were the A story, or one of them. Famously, their wedding is the highest-watched Days episode in history!

      When I first revisited this a few years ago, at first I found the hairstyles distracting, but once you get into the story they don’t matter. I agree I like Kayla’s hair, even when it’s poofy. I love her hair pulled back. I tried to imitate her French braid style when I was a teen. And I think Steve rocks the mullet!

      Yes, Mary Beth really did drink that egg. Ew. 🙂

  10. Amy – keep us updated on your progress. I think I mentioned I watched the entire series on Bradyclan fan a few months ago (I watched the first time in college) and after knowing who the story unfolds, it made me really appreciate the detail and thought of the writers. They really (well dragged out it is a soap after all) the story but because they had the time (1-2 years) to develop the characters and allow them to mature and learn, you truly understood and believed why they acted the way they acted. Steve is one of the best examples of a layered complex character who is certainly not perfect but by slowing showing us his backstory you believed his actions and understood them. Made us care for them all the more of course.

    I don’t want to spoil anything for you (this is “nospoilers after all) but wait until Duke shows up and then Jack of course and you will cry!

    • Hi thirddp and all… I am up to just past the lab explosion. I did a happy dance last night when my hubby said he had to attend a work dinner so I could make a quick dinner for the kids, then lay on the couch and watch the show which I did most of the day until 1am. Seriously! I wear a fitbit and its saying Amy WTH are you doing?? I’ve been trying to make up for it by walking on our treadmill. While watching of course! 🙂

      The Duke story was fantastic! At first I was wondering why are they showing Adrianne over and over until I figured out she was his sister.. at first I thought it wasn’t going to be that great of a story bc it didn’t have Kayla and Steve interacting as much as 1986 but in the end, it was so worth it. Steve has gotten darker and more serious than he was before. In Stockholm he was a hot mess. He was so intense but had a lot more of his humorous side come out. And of course crazy for Kayla even though he tries to push her away. Sometimes he just makes me LOL with how he mimics people and on the plane “WHY?!” (she was on the plane).. his jokes ie about Hope and how she could fly the plane etc. But with the Adrianne story he’s gotten darker. Still has his trademark barbs (Steve: “why is Kayla helping? Because she gets off on that!”- haha!)and plays his harmonica a little but he is more intense. I like it. He’s also wearing more clothes this year, lol! Apparently, SN had no problem not wearing shirts in 86! There was a shot of him from the Adrianne story where he’s wearing a white “wife beater” tshirt (hate that name) and he’s looking out his apt on the steps and he looks so freakin’ HOT I about swooned. They started taming his hair I noticed which it looks nice but I liked it all messy and sticking up everywhere. It seems part of who he is and how he really didn’t fit in. I’m not picky though. I’ll take either. 😉

      So I’m enjoying the show very much but what they are showing on YouTube in 87 shows a lot of extra stuff concering the lab explosion and the building project (Tracy Quartermaine!). It does help explain the story but I’m not as into it. . the part I liked was when they were stuck and he says he loves her. I just wanted to add about Mike Horton. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him (86) and he picks up the phone and says “Yo, Dr Horton here” I just LOL’ed when that happened! I can’t imagine that was written. Maybe?

      The first Jack…. I never saw this actor before. Nothing wrong with him but he doesn’t really look like much in the way of competition but I was happy when they finally showed Steve another guy would love to be with her! About freaking time! He needs to stew on that for a long time. I would love to see him green with envy after he keeps pushing her away the way he does.

      I am looking forward to the Matt Ashford Jack. I saw a spoiler headline concerning Jack and Kayla on youtube and I dread whats coming. He rapes her right? I am wondering when that will take place and if its her first time. Please say its not! I haven’t been able to tell if Kayla has had sex or not. Did she before she moved to Cleveland? Also, which actor portrays Jack when she is raped? The old Jack or the new Jack? I can’t help but wonder how they are going to rehabilitate him. I mean rape! I started watching back then after that had occurred so I can’t even imagine how they pull it off. I really liked the Jack and Jen story back then. I got my first vcr back then and it was just to record them. I couldnt’ wait to get home to watch! I’m going to watch the Jack and Jen videos too. I wonder if I will like it as much.

      Right now, I’m where Steve has shot the senator and Kayla is looking for him. They are looking to arrest him…


      • After the Senator’s shooting, you’ll enjoy what comes next!

        I was sorry when Steve stopped wandering around shirtless too. 😦 I like the messy hair, and I prefer the mullet he had in the early days, Frankie and Max/Britta storyline. I don’t like it as much when it starts getting taller and taller. But, let’s face it, SN is always sexy!

        Ah, yes, Jack. The Steve/Kayla/Jack triangle is awesome in my opinion, the best storyline of all time as this blog post title says. 🙂 I think Jack #1 is cute as a button and, like you say, it’s great for Steve to get some competition after he keeps pushing Kayla away. There is actually a Jack in between Jack #1, who you’re seeing now, and Matt Ashford. He doesn’t last too long but he’s there for a key part of the story. And he’s so baaaaaaad, just warning you …

        Kayla is not a virgin, her first time was with Chris K back when Catherine Stewart played Kayla. And I don’t want to spoil too much, but Jack’s rape of Kayla is a ways away, so you can relax for a bit. It is Matt Ashford playing Jack when he rapes Kayla. (Matt starts playing Jack in October of 1987, just to give you a rough idea.)

        I’ve been watching the Jack and Jennifer story too, it’s definitely excellent. Jack’s redemption from the rape is a long, slow process. It’s worth watching from even before he meets Jennifer. Devoted to Deveraux is a great site that has clips in order, starting from when Matt Ashford starts playing Jack. Of course it overlaps with the Steve and Kayla clips you’re watching now. I think you’ll enjoy a revisit. 🙂

      • I forgot the original post here is about the Steve/Kayla/Jack triangle being the greatest and after reading y’alls comments I’m super excited to get started! I think I was thinking the story wouldn’t be great bc I thought this actor playing Jack would be soon replaced because he wasn’t working out. I’m so happy to hear it is good! I was thinking Jack was going to attack her sooner than is going to happen so if its the ultimate Jack that does it, I have a while then. So I will just sit back and enjoy this. I’m so glad they have good times ahead. It seems theres always something in their way which is the way of things on daytime 🙂 .

        When I watch, I look for the air dates because it messes with my mind watching complete episodes in 10 minutes (minus the other stories) and yet things still move at a really slow pace (or I’m just so into it I guess 🙂 )

        Trying to take of things here so I can sit down and pick back up y’all!

        One question… when they came back in 2006, how was it? Partly the reason I got interested is I read on my news page that both Bo and Steve are coming back for the 50th anniversary later this year and it just sparked my interest. I think I will start DVR’ing DOOL again if its worthwhile. Do you all watch the show now and what do you think? Are the glory days of daytime gone? I stopped watching daytime in 2002 (GH) basically bc my kids were born that year and I just didn’t have the time and also I got so mad at what was happening on GH at the time. I’d love to hear your thoughts…

  11. Jack #2 is truly horrible but shorted lived don’t know what they were thinking when they cast him and then of course the best Jack, Matt Ashford takes over and it gets much much better! You will truly hate Jack but I am getting ahead of myself. – . You are up to “on the run” and you will love it, but it gets even more addicting! all Steve and Kayla all the time! Again don’t want to spoil anything but Steve and Kayla have some happy times before they hit some rocky ones again.

    You will also see beginning Justin and Adrienne mixed in (who I never loved by the way and usually skipped their scenes).

    keep enjoying!

  12. Yes, thirddp is right, Matt Ashford is so great at being bad you will hate him – but he’s so great that you totally buy into his redemption too. He was such a great addition to the Steve and Kayla story. I hope you like the story. I think it’s fantastic, but it definitely gets very dark at times.

    Regarding modern Days … I’m sorry to say, in my opinion, it is a shadow of its former self. I watched the 2006 return and there are moments, definitely great scenes and moments, but as a whole Steve and Kayla never got a full story that is worthy of them. It could have been so great – Steve was off the canvas for 16 years, Kayla for 14. So much potential for a reconnection story. At some point I think I will rewatch the 2006-2009 run, I do think it’s worth that, but you have to go in with very low expectations.

    I will also start watching when Steve and Bo come back in August this year. And, on the positive side, the actors right now seem to be very happy with the scripts they are getting, there is a lot of excitement and buzz for the 50th anniversary stories (they film so far in advance now they are already filming the fall). A new writing team is coming in and their stories are set to start airing pretty much right when Steve and Bo are due to appear. But, while I am cautiously optimistic, I know I can’t expect anything like the stories you are watching now. That’s just an unfortunate fact. The budget isn’t there, and, mostly, the long-term mindset isn’t there. Which is sad, because that’s my number one favorite thing about soaps, the long term stories that unfold over years. But, I’m going to try to enjoy whatever they give me that’s good, and try to ignore anything that’s not so good. And overanalyze it all to death, that’s what I do!

  13. I’ve been “On the Road” all day yesterday with Steve and Kayla and today. I’m really having fun. 🙂 Steve and Kayla .. I’m soooo happy to get to see them getting close and even if its just kissing so far, I don’t care. So much kissing. I love it. So much closeness! I did think they would finally get together first at the hot spring and then at the heart cabin. I thought for sure actually even though it wasn’t the most romantic place. They keep having one close call after another. Frustration but in a good way. 🙂

    It looks like its getting close to revealing what is going on with the senator and the drug company. I can’t figure out if I FF’ed through the parts that explained it or not. I watch quite a bit of the other parts going on but I’m not into Diana and Mike very much nor some of the other characters. I do like the Brady’s and actually the older actors like Jo and the dr she is working for. They are all fabulous. I had a feeling D was going to be a villain but I guess not. Right now, she’s a prisoner of her dad’s so maybe she’s just got caught up in the whole mess. I get that there’s a consipriacy to kill the senator but I don’t understand what the drug company has to do with it. Of course Victor K is involved!

    I’m right at where Kayla and Steve are getting into Java Pharmaceuticals and there’s a big gala involving the Kiriokis’s.

    thirddp—‘Steve is one of the best examples of a layered complex character who is certainly not perfect but by slowing showing us his backstory you believed his actions and understood them”

    Oh yes. I agree completely. SN is freaking fantastic. I was just wondering how hard it would be to have to act with only ONE EYE showing. I’ve noticed he hasn’t been yelling as much and for some odd reason, I’m missing it. I love when he’s off the hook. I’m already feeling a little nostalgic for 1986 for the Max episodes and want to go back and see them again. Those were off the charts awesome. I’ve really liked getting to see Steve being revealed little by little later in the Adrienne episodes. I wonder if yall might know. When they had Steve scare Kayla in Cleveland, did the writers plan for them to get together or did they discover they had major chemistry when they shot it and realize they absolutely had to get them together?

    blpmich—‘A good playlist to catch up on early Steve (pre Kayla) is the Steve Johnson – Bad to the Bone’

    Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely be watching those. Whoever created the Bradyclanfan channel, I am amazed and so grateful they put all that together. It must have taken SO long to do. The powers that be should be as well. This gets them new fans and renews old fans 25 years later, esp the way they lay out the videos according to themes and couples.

    MaryPickford- “Yes, thirddp is right, Matt Ashford is so great at being bad you will hate him – but he’s so great that you totally buy into his redemption too.”

    Mary….I can’t wait! I had forgotten that back then he was a villain before Jennifer. I think when I started he was hated but I couldn’t remember why.

    Back to happily watching. 🙂

  14. I just had to post. I just saw episode on the roof. I did not see that coming AT ALL. 🙂 I’m so happy and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    And Diana is behind all this in the end? Very tricky DOOL! They got me.

  15. Sorry I don’t know what I’m talking about with Diana. LOL! I’m watching the next one where Steve tells Kayla he loves her which was wonderful. Yesssss! I have no idea whats going on with Diana but I love this!.

  16. I knew you would be happy about the roof. 🙂 Though I still think the hot springs would have been a wonderful first time for them too. That interruption was sooo painful to me.

    I’m glad you watched the resolution to the plot because I had no idea what the answers to your questions about that were. I remember the general outlines of the plot but not the details. I’m watching all the clips again now, but not nearly as fast as you are, LOL!

    You’re going to see the in-between Jack very soon. Just remind yourself whenever he’s on screen that he’ll only be there a few months.

    Regarding whether Steve and Kayla were planned, yes they were. Mary Beth screen tested with Stephen. They knew they had something special in SN – but he was the “accident,” if you will. When he was first brought on in 1985 I think they had a short stint in mind. But then they saw what he could do and gave him more and more material to work with, layers that explained his villainous actions, a mini-love story with Britta, a friendship with Hope. I think they flirted with putting him with Hope for awhile, having him be an interloper for Bo/Hope, but in the end they didn’t. I think the idea when they cast Kayla was to have another big supercouple story, but they started slow in case it didn’t work out. But, obviously, it DID work out. 🙂

    I love when Steve is off the hook, too, all shouty and bouncing off the walls. You will see him be like that again. I don’t want to spoil you, but I will offer a general caution that things are about to get very bad. Enjoy the happy times while you can.

  17. Amy – such a great story, when I watched it again I noticed how handsy Steve was in the beginning always grabbing and shaking Kayla! Ha ha but then he was so gentle and loving of course. Keep watching it gets really good when matt ashford takes over. Jack #2 is so bad just ignore him. Somehow even though you will hate Jack you love to watch him since he is so good at being bad! And completely entertaining.

  18. To answer another question I watched Days for about 11 years roughly 84 to 95. With all the talk of returning characters the 50th and some good chatter about storylines I also going to start DVRing it to catch up and hope for the best. However, I can’t see how they can recapture the heyday of the late 80’s. My prediction is they will be good when everyone first comes on with their first storylines but then fall apart! Hope not but that is my prediction. In another note I am so annoyed they are not bringing Matt Ashford back – how nice would it be to have Steve Bo and Jack plus all their past loves on again? All other 80’s couples are back just doesn’t make sense. I know via Twitter and old YouTube clips they messed up his story and “killed” him so many times but it would be nice to see some old Jack magic

  19. I just finished the finale of “On the Run”. What a wonderful end! I can’t even rave enough about how much I loved this story, especially when it got rolling towards the end. I’m guessing it was a month or so in real life show time. I had no idea what was going to happen and I love when that happens! I won’t be spoilery Mary if you are rewatching I’ll just say I really appreciate how they involved some of the long time players in the finale. Just wonderful. It was all tied up so darn good! Mary- where are you now in your watching?

    Of course, I couldn’t be happier with Steve and Kayla. I love that he told her loved her and he even said yes it was a commitment. Steve! I can’t remember the last time I saw a couple get to be happy for even 5 minutes on a soap. They’ve already had so many good times already, I’m just over the moon about it. I’ve been wanting to see something like this for so, so long and its so fulfilling. Who would have thought a story 23 from years ago would stand up so well?! TV show writers need to go back and look at this!

    I see what all of you mean about the second Jack. He’s been on a couple times now. The first Jack was so nice, I just can’t imagine him raping anybody or being mean. I’m glad they didn’t have him do that. I hope this new Jack won’t be on very long. He doesn’t have the charisma of the ultimate Matthew Ashford Jack. I think the next series of Kayla/Steve storylines are under Separate Ways. :-/ That does not sound good for them. I am trying to prepare myself as you have warned. I’m a little afraid.

    Thinking about Matthew Ashford Jack makes me so tempted to jump ahead but that would interfere with the Kayla part so maybe I should wait. Maybe do both? I know the Jack/Jenn will be so good! Decisions!

    Mary- thank you for the info on how they found Steve. I admit, I too was a little surprised at how handsy and a little rough he was with Kayla at first. You know, what I think helped is that she wasn’t too scared of him and didn’t think he was going to hurt her after she left Cleveland.

    Reunions: so many of these have not lived up so I think I will remain like you all and try to not get my expectations up and hope for the best. Its true. They start off strong and then its like the B team comes in to write and they fall apart. Part of me feels like, how hard can it be when they’ve seen over and over what works and what doesn’t. Anyway, I don’t want to end on a negative note because I am actually in a great mood after what I saw today. Yaa!

  20. hey thirddp, I watched DOOL from when Jen was working at Jacks newspaper business and I can’t remember when I stopped but it was just a few years after that and then I switched to GH. My first shows were Guiding Light and As The World Turns and I was really young, like 9 or 10 and watched them for years and years. 🙂

  21. Thirddp, I am still hopeful Matt Ashford will come back sometime during the 50th. I don’t have any information or anything, just optimistic I guess. I don’t think all the returns have been announced yet. I know they killed him off (again) but they could work around that, lol.

    Ken Corday said the 50th stories would run about 9 months. The buzz coming from behind the scenes really is positive, so I do think those will be a good 9 months, and I’ll take it! I do, unfortunately, share your pessimism for what will happen after that. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. And no matter what, they can never take the 80’s away from me! 🙂

  22. My first soap was General Hospital in the Luke and Laura time period! Then I switched to Days. days was very big in college and even guys watched it. Do NOT move ahead jack #2 is shirt lived and you need to get the full story too appreciate what happens in “seperate ways”. This is when the VERY big part of the jack/kayla/steve love triangle fully takes off! Be prepared once again so so good! I loved jack and jenn but Kayla and Steve had a better more complicated longer story so if I had to I would pick steve and kayla as my favorite couple and story, there was just so much good story telling with them. You still have so much good to watch keep enjoying – and thirddp is Dawn I am the third girl with the initial D in my family

  23. Amy, on the run is so awesome, isn’t it? It really is a happy time. I also like the time in Stockholm and after, before all the Johnsons show up, as another happy time where we can just relax and enjoy them together. And don’t worry about spoiling in THIS story, I’m on my third time through. Some details have escaped me, though, which is why it is always fun to watch again! I am watching the Britta storyline now. I am blogging about it as I go along, so I am taking longer. Just something fun to do in preparation for the 50th.

    Yes, the story gets dark for awhile but stick with it. It really pays off. Dawn is right (nice to meet you, Dawn!) – don’t jump ahead quite yet. There are lots of key moments to the story that are with Jack #2, and you can’t miss them. Matt will be there soon. 🙂

  24. Hi Mary, where are you blogging about your rewatch? I’d love to read it! Please share if you wish to!

    I wasn’t quite sure which playlist is next in order after All in the Family so I started watching Steve: Bad to the Bone (He show is!). I didn’t realize he’d been on the show for so long before Kayla (1985!)! I thought he’d had a small part for a story arc and then brought him back for Kayla after they saw what they had in him. There’s over a hundred video clips to see. Happy dance! I can see how y’all were talking about how they were thinking about making a triangle with Bo and Hope bc he’s been messing with her. I tell you this guy could create chemistry with just about anyone by standing there talking to them. The looks he’s been giving Hope are scorching hot. I’m so glad they waited and put him with Kayla. Nothing against Hope but he really does have something extraordinary with Kayla. THey are just a natural fit. How did you all feel about the Bo/Hope story and how does it compare to Steve/Kayla?

    Savannah is in a lot of these episodes. There were only a few in the Kayla part. I feel like I’m not supposed to like her but the way she’s bitching at Steve for not getting the cannisters etc, I’m really enjoying her. 🙂

    Just a random thought…I like his hair long and messy but -pre Kayla- it was short and he was looking really sexy fine!

    Does this look like the right order of the Steve/Kayla playlists, particularly the first two? I started watching the first vid in Separate Ways and I got scared I was skipping ahead.

    87 Separate Ways
    87-88The Lucky and the Strong
    88-89 Threes Company
    89 For Better
    89-90 Or For Worse
    90 Love and Death (NO!)

    • That order looks right to me (I just checked the Bradyclanfan) Don’t know who she is but she did a great job putting these in order and I love that she includes the original airdate and gives a funny synopsis!

  25. Why, I am blogging about it right here on the blog you are commenting on. 🙂

    In the sidebar you can see my recent posts, and read my posts on Andrew’s kidnapping, and Frankie and Max. This post and the “I like you, you like me …” post are also on the Frankie and Max story. And I kicked it off with this post, on the 50th anniversary, where I talk about the stalking scenes.

    I started this blog during the 2006 run of Steve and Kayla. Then I ordered some DVDs of Steve and Kayla and Jack and Jennifer, and I started blogging about them too – but only post-wedding for S&K. I’ve been watching those DVDs and posting sporadically about them over the last several years. I am still watching those, but since I am past Steve’s death already, I wanted to do some Steve and Kayla related stuff to get psyched for Steve’s return in August. So I’m in two different time streams here, 1986 and 1991.

    If you are interested, I did a big retell of Steve and Kayla’s love story at one point, kind of a cross between narrative and analysis, from the beginning up to the wedding. It starts here.

    Oh, and from what I gather about Bo/Hope’s original story, it was really good but not as character-driven as Steve and Kayla. It was more fun and adventure, with an opposites-attract aspect to it. They were younger when it started too. And I still haven’t watched early Steve except in bits and pieces, but I agree, I love Savannah! I sometimes think she was the most well-adjusted person in Salem.

    • I’m not ready to move on to Separate Ways so I’ve gone back and seen most of Bad to the Bone Steve and am revisiting some of the Frankie and Max and later period. I’m going to do it. I just want to relive this before I move on. One view isn’t enough. 🙂 I had to stop pretty deep into the Treason story in BttB. Its just wearing on me. I think its bc its got more Britta in it. On one of the clips in the Kayla/Steve parts, someone types out a halelujah on the last date that Britta airs and I completely understand. She’s getting on my last nerve!.

      Savannah and Steve… Their early parts together were pretty funny. She was giving him assignments and he was screwing up or not able to complete some of them and when he would give a smart @ss reason she would flat out tell him to shut up. It was pretty funny. He would just stand there like its totally normal conversation.

      I was going to get a wordpress account but I can’t think of a user name I like yet. I’m going on vacay starting tomorrow so maybe I can get that going then. I don’t want to create a blog though. Just comment and get notifications.

      I’m either going to get a lot of time to see videos and blog or not so it will be a weird week. I hope to get some downtime to do just that though. Luckily my family is into hanging out so even though we’re going to Orlando, the theme parks, crowds and heat may force us to chill a while.

      Have a great weekend!

      • Savannah is great. Shannon Tweed was a playboy bunny and she’s married to some rock star who had a reality show. I saw her on the cover of Us or something in the checkout line, like a few months ago. I thought, hey, it’s Savannah! Hee!

        Hope you have fun on your trip! 🙂

  26. Hi Mary! I just did some looking as you suggested and read some of your other posts. I’m not familiar with wordpress but I think I’m catching on. I’ve been getting notification emails and refreshing the same post page and posting new stuff on the one you blogged about a week ago. I didn’t know you had done new ones since. So should I sign up officially and get a user id to follow you and get notified when you put new posts up? Is that how people know and is it and do I follow you? Are you ‘spoilerfreedays’?

    • I’m ashamed to say I don’t know if you can follow me without having a WordPress account! But yes, if you do get one you can follow the blog and you will get an email when a new post goes up. And the blog is called Spoiler Free Days, though the actual web address is – don’t know if that matters.

      • Thanks Mary. I’m going to work on getting an account here.
        I’m watching Steve Bad to the Bone @ep 37. I love how he talks to Victor Kiriokas. He sounds so sincere but always with the wisecracks. And Victor even knows it. The show is so smart. In today’s world the person would have fallen for the faked fist injury Steve concocted. Victor was on to him but let him continue on. Its so much fun! Good stuff!

  27. I hope we didn’t scare you too much about the Separate Ways playlist. It really is great. 🙂

    I am not as familiar with early Steve — I am looking forward to watching all of it, in order, someday. Maybe when I get done with 91-92. But one thing I totally agree on is that Days used to present characters who were actually smart, and when they made mistakes, it was a believable reason.

  28. I just went into shock after going back and reading this post from the beginning. The first time I read it, I was just looking to find where I could find a good place to see Steve and Kayla. OMG. I didn’t know Jack ends up being Steve’s brother. That is tragic. I had been wondering if they were going to introduce his little brother at some point but I had no idea. My memory of DOOL is really bad bc I can’t believe I didn’t remember this. In my defense, it has been over 20 years. 😉 I kind of wish I didn’t know it. Oh well. Its impossible to remain spoiler free if I’m going to be on the internet.

    • Oh, I’m sorry you got spoiled on a blog called “Spoiler Free Days.” 😦 So ironic.

      When I was first watching all this back in 1987, I used to watch with a friend, and she guessed that Jack was Steve’s brother very soon after he showed up. As soon as she said it I knew it had to be true, and I still loved watching all this.

  29. Hi Mary. It’s ok. I mean this is all over 20 years old so I expect people to write freely about it. I was just a little surprised. I started watching Separate Ways and I’m at part 25. The parts I saw showed Steve about to propose, everybody’s all happy and then Boom! Steve is wigging out the night he’s to propose and there’s no explanation from what I saw. He’s practically throwing Kayla to Jack.i mean what the literal hell?! Im so mad, want to kick him in the teeth!!

    So I just saw he knows he’s Jacks brother. I didn’t expect it to be revealed so soon. They didn’t show it in the clips I saw but I’m guessing maybe the senator told him? He had called and said he wanted to see him before he went to Kaylas to propose. I can’t stand Jack already and this is the one that doesn’t have much of an edge to him.

    • Oh, I wonder if the playlist is incomplete. Steve does find out that night but it’s from Jo. Jo found out Jack is Billy by seeing the ring he has that matches the necklace and bracelet Jo gave to Adrienne and Steve. I’ll see if I can upload that clip for you. It’s really crucial.

      I know it’s tough to watch but hang in there! It pays off.

  30. There is a key scene missing – I could never find it and I never knew what the Senator spoke to Steve about. But Steve finds out accidentally from Joe when he is at the mansion to speak with the Senator. He see’s her with the ring from the set that Adrienne has the earrings and he gave Kayla the necklace and Jack’s says it is his from his Mother. Steve puts 2 and 2 together.

    You can watch part of the scene here. This is the night he was planning to propose to Kayla and the reason why he doesn’t propose. Then he breaks up with Kayla in the hopes that she will end up with him and make him better.

    This also a good playlist that shows a bit more Kayla and Jack during the “separate ways” playlist.

    • No, I’m not. My username on YouTube is Anne S. I did send her a message, though, saying if she wants to update the playlist with these videos she is welcome to. 🙂

  31. Thanks Mary. I’m up to over 100 in the playlist. It is very hard to watch. I was so mad during the wedding and then I couldn’t help but cry when Steve showed up and watched it happen and when Kayla was thinking of what it would have been like if it’d been her and Steve. No. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t think he’d be the type of guy to stop the wedding but I can’t believe it actually happened. What was it like to watch it when it was happening real time back then? I can’t imagine. And it unfolds over such a long time! When does Matthew Ashford take over? Is it still a long way away?

    I can tell MBE was pg in real life during the last (?) months show time. I’m trying to not let it take me out of the story but I can’t help but notice and be selfish and wonder when she will not have to hide behind things. It must have affected the story. I’d rather they send them off on an extended honeymoon than have any meaningful scenes between her and Steve (or anyone really) while they can only show her from the neck up. Is that what they are doing? Delaying the story until she’s back from having a baby? Maybe I don’t want to know that bac I know Bad Things happen then.

    Thank you for filling in the story and adding the links. I’ll watch them. I thought it was something to do with the jewelry… they did talk about it a lot. Oh, and when Steve asked her for the necklace back, I was so freaking pissed off. It made sense later he needed to get it back before Jack saw it but poor Kayla. Steve should be on his hands and knees after that. That was awful (but GREAT storytelling) 🙂

    • Oh, good, you are through the worst of it! There is definitely big drama later but I find the period you just got through, between Steve’s almost-proposal and Jack and Kayla’s wedding, the hardest to watch. When I watched the clips for the first time since the 80’s, I skipped over that part! I did watch it finally, but the first time through I couldn’t face it.

      Yes, it was really tough to watch in real time back in 1987, definitely. I was 15. I was so angry at Steve. I wanted Kayla to run off with Mike Horton, I remember, just to foil Steve’s plans. I really, really wanted him to interrupt the wedding, but I kind of knew it wouldn’t happen. I had watched enough of soaps by then, even at 15, to know they wouldn’t go to all that trouble to introduce the plot point, not to have the wedding go through.

      I just looked at the playlist and Matt Ashford shows up at video #128. So you’re almost there! It’s so funny to see him as early Jack, when the character is still unformed. You can watch him develop into the Jack we know. It’s great.

      Yes, Mary Beth is pregnant. Poor thing, they put her in the worst outfits too. It is a little distracting. But Steve and Kayla were really the A story for November sweeps, along with Justin and Adrienne’s big wedding, so she’s on screen a lot. I read Matt Ashford said his first weeks of filming were insane, really long and intense, trying to get as much filmed as possible with MBE before her maternity leave.

      It is great storytelling, isn’t it? 🙂 The part you are starting to watch now is one of my favorite parts of this story. It’s angsty in a good way. There are aspects that aren’t as great, obviously to accommodate MBE’s maternity leave, but I really love most of it.

  32. In the 2nd clip, I really just hated Jo when she told Steve she went back to get Jack (Billie).. the look on his face was like “but u didn’t look for me”. They didn’t go on with that line of thought but the look on his face broke my heart. 😦 Steve really gets the raw end of the deal here. Thank you for posting the clips. They filled in the picture.

  33. when Steve asks if Kayla is “satisfied” with Jack in 113, you know he can’t help himself but ask… I’m so glad they are finally starting to talk to each other again.

  34. Omg. I am loving this too much… I have to make myself go to sleep now, busy day tomorrow but the senator trying to poison Kayla and I’m dying to know how it ends!! I can see….it reminds me of Hitchcocks Notorious, awesome effing movie. This though has a lovely added surprise of Steve thinking K might be pg and his daydream about that but then when he found out from Jo she wasn’t, omg, he was so sad and disappointed. i can’t wait to see whats next!. A few more first before sleep! 🙂 awesome!!!!!!

    • It is amazing how a 25 + year old soap story can still be so good after all these years. It really held up well. Definately the best soap story I have ever seen (and I mean the entire multi year story). Keep watching you are almost to a good part and then a bad part of course! I think the scene you are talking about where Steve dreams that kayla is pregnant that was when MBE was pregnant in real life and it was her really belly. Definately type back there is one scene that is so hard to watch (I am surprised Marypickford hasn’t blogged about it yet). I don’t want to ruin it so I am trying not to say too much. When you get there we can talk more

  35. back from my road trip! Nice to travel but so happy to be home. I finished Separate Ways and I’m into the Lucky and the Strong. The ending to the poison story was soooo worth the wait! How he goes to the mansion and finds her in bed and gets her… big sigh! I loved that so much, I’ve replayed it a few times. Then they went into hiding…thank you soap gods and goddesses! I’m so glad they got some time together.

    Dawn, you said that was MBE’s real pg belly in the dream. Do u know if when he carries her out the door of the mansion, was she not pg at that point? They did a good job hiding her but she didn’t seem so big and he doesn’t seem to have a hard time picking her up. 😀 Now that I’m into the next year, which scene were you thinking of when you said it was hard to watch?

    Im into the next playlist Lucky and the Strong. Ive seen from New Years Eve to about a month before the election to the night of him winning. Jack has just seen the pics of Kayla and Steve kissing. That’s just gonna make Jack crazy right? Sigh. I’m nervous about this because I know what will eventually happen and I do not like to think of it but also bc I don’t like thinking of Jack as a villain. 😩 So far, he’s gotten angry at Steve a few times, once understandably after seeing her in his arms, but he’s always saying how much he loves Kayla. I’m just wondering if he will snap or if this will downward spiral for a while. I wish she should have just left him after the poisoning. I’m amazed shes been able to avoid him this long! Steve said ‘wait til Jack wins’. Well he did but now the pictures. I imagine that’s not going to go down very good.

    • Dawn, I’m curious what scene you meant too. Did you mean the cabin scenes?

      The end of the poisoning storyline is so great. I love the moment at the wedding when he says “it’s a lie!” about the letter. They fake us out so well because we think getting it means he won’t go back and see Kayla as he was just resolving to do. Instead it’s the key to him realizing the truth, and I love that.

      I know they used a body double for MBE in some of the scenes where Steve is carrying her, but obviously not when we can see her face. I’m not sure how they managed it all, honestly. It must have been nuts trying to film everything, and poor MBE being so pregnant. Her next pregnancy in a couple years they wrote into the story, so that must have been nicer for her.

      I love the affair part of the storyline because it shows them not being perfect. Steve’s rationale that they can’t take “everything” from Jack, make him lose Kayla and the election both, makes sense (sort of), but after their long separation they just can’t keep their hands off each other.

      Matt Ashford really makes an awesome villain, I actually kind of love him that way. But, definitely some tough stuff ahead.

  36. Steve rescues Kayla 5 has really good scenes between the two of them.if you haven’t seen them in a while I recommend them. In the apartment he takes her to she finally wakes up and is wondering what is going on. She wants to leave. He grabs her arm and she tells him to let go and he says he can’t let go. The look in his eyes…omg. It’s not that he can’t physically let go and they both know it what he means without saying it. Then she goes on to tell him she can’t trust him even though she loves him. He pleads with her to stay. It’s very intense. The way the way they look at each other, they don’t even need words. Then it looks like she’ll stay and he goes to get food and unfortunately she takes off when he’s gone… I think it gets good again when he gets her back to the apt.

    I haven’t gone forward to after Jack sees the pics of them. I need to process that a little more before I go on.

    Mary, I finished high school in 84. I didn’t watch a lot of daytime in college through 89. I’d heard of Patch and Kayla of course but I never really knew what I was missing til now. 😊 thank you for blogging about it!

    • I love the cabin scenes also – Kayla has some great lines. One about how he used to say she is naive and now after having home hurt her she isn’t and has him to thank. So true. Another one that stands out is when she says she could stay with Jack if she never had any passion but so ce she did with Steve she would never be happy with Jack – sigh…….. The painful scenes are after the rape when Steve finds out. Don’t want to say too much but if you are up to the election you are very close.

      Be prepared! I graduated high school in 1985 so we are roughly the same age. Started watching in high school and continued through college and then Taped it for a while. At one point I had a job and we would watch it at lunch. So early to mid 90’s I kept up with it but didn’t watch all the time

  37. I just watched Steve kick the sh(t out of Jack. Very satisfying. I was waiting for that and it did not disappoint!

  38. Ha ha! Yes Jack deserved it all. The scene I always thought was so sad was when Kayla told Steve Jack had raped her. He is so upset but so supportive of Kayla. When he goes to leave and she says “stay” and he does, that just gets to me how loving he is. oh and the wedding in the snow. That gets me every time.

    It is amazing how mean and manipulative Jack was (and a good villain) and then they after his redemption, how they turned him around and you ending up loving him.

    Definitely the good ole Days! I don’t see how they can ever top this storyline. I really think it was the best one I have ever watched on any soap opera. Plus it keeps on going and going………………..

    • I love that scene, and the vows in the snow too. I always think they are married from then on.

      All of this is such incredible drama, from the rape to the cabin when Kayla tells him about it, to the fight and then what happens in the hospital (I won’t spoil it). I love it. I mean, I love the whole multiyear storyline but this part is such high drama.

  39. I meant to post after Steve found out about the rape when he said the rape didn’t change anything between them. It was very moving and SAD and I’m so glad he said it. Wasn’t it interesting when he said that Jack ended up more like their dad then he did? Even with all the disadvantages Steve had he would never do anything like that.

    I don’t like what Jack did (of course) but I have to say he is much more interesting now that he’s got an ax to grind. I can’t wait to see how he reacts when he finds out he’s Steves brother.

  40. During this time frame Jack is definitely the character you love to hate, because yes he is so much more interesting! I loved the way Steve handled the news and spoke to Kayla how he was so torn but showed such caring and said the right things right from the get go (compared to when Jack found out Jenn was raped and he reacted a completely different way).

    One other thing that I remember is when Kayla tells Jo that Jack raped her and Steve begs her not to. Just shows how much Steve wanted to protect Jo from getting hurt by the truth.

    Given that Jo gave away Steve and Jack (Billy) to protect them and Adrienne stayed and grew up with an abusive Father she was the most well adjusted of them all LOL.

    keep watching another good story between them coming up which includes one of my all time favorite S&K scenes.

  41. I can’t wait to see what scene you are talking about! There’s been so many epic ones already!

    Kayla just agreed to get counseling. I’m so glad because it’s true, Steve can’t help her alone. She needs counseling. There were plots I’ve taken and just accepted even though they weren’t the most plausible but accepted because Steve and Kayla are just magic together. This rape story….I didn’t expect it to be so, I don’t know, believable. I guess I’m saying this one is really good. Its disturbing, as it should be. I just want her to be able to move on. I thought the act itself would be the worst of it but it’s all that’s happening now as a result. Jack isn’t even on the screen so much lately and I hate him more and more for what he’s done to both of them.

    • I forgot about how steve asked kayla to pretend to forgive Jack. Kayla was always so spot on with her anger and hurt everytime Steve showed he still cared for jack. Amazing that as bad as Jack is during this time they somehow turn him into a good guy. Of course that much much later probably a year if not more in story telling actual time. Keep enjoying there is still much to tell

      • Definitely a low point for Steven Earl.
        But I love how it sets up Kayla taking back the reins. I also love that there is a real moment where he has to choose between Kayla and Jack (like he did before, that started this whole mess), and he can redeem himself. It’s hard that it’s not immediate, though. I hate watching that part.

  42. Thank you Miss Kayla! You stand up for yourself and don’t be a victim! Steve is being an ^ss (but the dude is looking particularly good in this one- pt 10) 😉

  43. Yes! And when Steve walked in and caught Jack threatening her and saw firsthand how he could be and then decked him, I think he got the picture. I’m so glad he’s flipped to being supportive of her charging Jack. It was making me mad that he was trying to get her to let go. She was raped and she’s right, he doesn’t understand. I like how she’s growing into herself. She was saying “remember how you used to say you could make everything better Steve? Well I’ve learned you just can’t” Yep. Great episodes.

  44. Funny how you only remember the good (and I just watched the entire S&K playlist end of last year/beginning of this year) and forgot how right after Steve found out he made if difficult for Kayla.

    I only remember the good supportive Steve. It took him a while to see how manipulative Jack was until he 100% sided with Kayla. I can’t remember if the Bradyclan playlists show Jack and Melissa’s relationship at all, I know I skipped a lot of the “community center” stuff because I was not that interested in that part of it. But Jack is truly so manipulative and bad to Melissa. I picked up again with the deaf storyline

  45. I took a detour to Jack and Jenn..the Beginning. I liked when Jack said “Jennifer’s Beauty…she sure is.” Aww! Then they have a few scenes but it takes a good while for their story to begin. Where I started, Jenn was into Emilio. I had to FFWD through a lot and then there were future scenes with Kayla and Steve and Adrienne and Justin. I had to not look at so much and quickly FFWD. I had no idea Diana was on so long. I don’t remember her at all from when I watched. I thought Roman was a one woman man for Marlena but it looks like he’s with D a lot? That suprised me. Diana looks like Genie Francis to me. How do you all think of her? I honestly haven’t paid too much attention to her although she’s been intertwined off and on w Kayla and Steve so I’ve seen her a lot.

    My first memory of Jack and Jenn in real time was once when they were both listening on the same phone together and the way they were looking at each other.i think I got hooked then. So I missed the Hannah story, irl which now that I’ve seen it I thought it quite good. Now that I’ve finished that, I think I’ll go back to Kayla and Steve. There’s too much I don’t want to spoiled about. I’m at the community center story with the gangs. I’m only a few episodes into it …Steve has a gun to take to a gang fight but he has a plan…I’d love to hear y’all’s thoughts on this story.

    • The community center is mostly just good for the conflict with Jack, IMO. Plus Steve and Kayla being happy again. I find the gang stuff less than compelling, and Monty – ugh.

      Diana was played by Genie Francis and she was with Roman for awhile. Then Roman is with Isabella who is introduced through Jack, Steve, and Kayla – mostly Jack.

      Jack and Jen take a while to get started, they were not a planned couple!

  46. I honestly skipped most of the community center stuff and Diana – I was not that interested in at all. I thought the deaf story line was better.

    Only the Jack scenes and their continued conflict with Steve and Kayla are worth watching. IMO

  47. Its not as dramatic but its interesting to see Kayla and Steve on the same side for a change. One of the cutest scenes I’ve ever seen them in… they were in the boxing ring and he’s play fighting her down and he flips over. I don’t know. It just made me smile so much. They are great together.

    I agree Dawn. The most interesting part has been how the Jack/Kayla/Steve story has moved forward. And there still no resolution to who poisoned Kayla. Not sure how that’s gonna resolve or when but its been a long time even on youtube!

  48. Amy, I totally know that scene in the boxing ring – yes one of the cute ones with Steve being silly and I smiled too. Oh boy I forgot at this point you don’t know who poisoned Kayla. That is a doozy of a good one when that story starts to get going. The next story line is pretty emotional for S&K, but I liked it. I am sure you will too! Can’t wait to see your reaction and it holds one of my favorite Steve moments which is yet to come!

    Plus more Jack as the villain drama – he is good at being bad. That goes on for awhile before he starts to redeem himself. I think he is fun to watch, like I said before you love to hate him.

  49. Mary, I just followed you on Twitter. 😀 follow me if you like. I don’t post a lot bc no one cares what I’m doing. Lol! But I do retweet and sometimes comment on things I’m interested in.
    I looked at MBE and SN’s Twitter accounts. they seem cool!

    • Dawn, I am @amynorthgeorgia. I searched @thirdgirl but got @thirdgirl68 and one that was Japanese or Chinese. If you follow me, I’ll be able to follow you back easy. 🙂
      Mary, your follow didn’t take. It didn’t show up in my notifications.

  50. It’s been a while since I checked in where I am so I thought I would if its ok? Well… I’m at a very sad place. Seriously, tissues were needed. Kayla is deaf from the explosion. When I saw deaf storyline in the titles, I assumed it was going to be Steve because that sounds like just the kind of thing they would throw at him. I also have been dreading it. It sounds hard to pull off. Well so far so good. I liked when they showed from her perspective, like when he was trying to talk to her. The silence. It gives a really good idea of what it would be like for her. I wish they would do more of that but I’m thinking they would have been afraid the audience wouldn’t like it. I’m guessing but I wish they would show her perspective more in the silence. Its really unsettling. So after she gets out the hospital and they are on the roof when Kayla and Steve danced in silence to Lady in Red, it was so moving guys. Ok, I have to admit, I never really liked that particular fantasy because as I wrote somewhere on your blog Mary, and I think you agreed, the fantasies that are tied to reality, like Steve dreaming about being at the renewal of Shane and Kim’s wedding made sense. The LiR never did for me. Or I didn’t see it. But this time it made me cryyyy. Wow.

    I am a little concerned though because it looks like this story goes on for quite a while and I’m wondering how in the world are they going to do this. Are Kayla and Steve going to become proficient in sign language? Morse code? Is this really going to be a good story since she can’t hear OR speak? Not to be picky but I thought just bc someones deaf doesn’t mean they can’t speak. I know it would affect her speaking voice. Maybe they didn’t want to go there. Well anyway, when she made the courage sign, sigh, I was making it with her. Yes, I am a 100% certified sap.

    All this time I’ve been watching the BradyClanFan channel and I never really paid attention to the descriptions. Well I started reading them and was wondering if yall have also read them? They put funny things in it like “Emilio is moody because his pants are too tight”. LOL! I’m trying not to read them until the video’s are almost done but they are so tempting I’m having a hard time not looking! 🙂

    • Quick reply because I’m heading out to dinner – the deaf storyline is GREAT. It’s a lot of people’s favorite story. There is also an awesome thing going on with Jack at the same time. You’ll love it I promise. 🙂

  51. Oh. My. God!!!!!!!! Jack found out! Aaaahhhhhh!! I can’t believe it! I mean it was about Kaylas trauma and sign language and the knifer which I am loving btw but then it changed course full on towards preventing Jack from finding out and then there was no stopping it and Steve keeps breaking and entering 😄 and then he tries to throw it in the fire but it was too late! He can’t face it! I’m where Jo has decided she has to talk to him. Wow. This secret has been YEARS in the hiding. Unfreakinreal!

    I hope you enjoy your dinner!

    • I thought you’d like that! I love how Jack starts looking for “Billy” himself to try to get something against Steve. Ha! I find the scene on the pier with Steve and Jack so painful, the way Steve is opening up and telling about his promise at the orphanage. But such good drama.

      • I just read all your comments and here are my reply’s.

        1. Yes once again so so so good! Can you believe it took this long, for Jack to find out he was Billy? That is one of the reasons why it is so good. The tension and back story building up to it was great. And the fact that Jack was trying to find Billy to hurt Steve is a nice little twist.

        2. Moving forward the dynamic with Jack knowing he is Billy really works and gets emotional and Jack continues to be such a Jerk, especially when Steve is trying to understand him.

        3. Yes the deaf storyline goes on for awhile, but it works and isn’t boring. I loved that scene on the roof when they still dance even though the music stops. Funny I never liked the lady in red fantasy either but I loved the roof scene (I think you are past one of my favorite scenes, but I have to stop mentioning it because I am sure you will not like it as much as me). I think you are past that already so I am going to post it as it doesn’t ruin the story or give anything away. Not sure if it is in the Bradyclan list but here is a link (there is a part 1 & 2)

        Let me know when you watch it.

        4. There is still one big drama moment to come, that you will be yelling at your screen “no way”
        5. I really love Steve during this story, he is so perfect and supportive doesn’t care that Kayla is deaf and can’t speak. Just says it doesn’t matter. I also love how they continue to argue and get mad at each other. I thought that showed them realistically that they are still themselves even through this.


      • Hey Dawn, I saw that scene this afternoon. When Steve signs and sings the Rose to Kayla…its the best proposal or lead up to one, I’ve ever seen. When he gets towards the end of the song, he starts to lose it then she starts crying. I started crying and I wanted to die. She says no. I actually love how he says “No, did you say no?” It was kind of one of those, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry moments. After all they’ve been through, “No?” I understand she needs to be happy with herself first. That actually makes a lot of sense to me but still that was rough.

        If you bear with me I want to spend an entirely too long paragraph about the sign language and thank you for reading it ahead of time. 🙂 I really like Kayla and Kim whenever they “talk”. They are good at it- IMHO.. no expert here. I’m assuming they never had to do it in real life. I think they did a better job than SN did and I’m pointing it out to make another point. MBE didn’t have to say anything while SN had to sign AND say lots and lots of dialogue. I can’t imagine how difficult that was. I’ve noticed in general, they don’t mind giving him lots to say. He must have crazy good short term memory. Anyway, I was curious to see how what they used to sign for the characters names. Once I had, a little boy and his mom came in for me to teach him swimming lessons… he was deaf and she asked my name and I found out that people who are deaf instead of signing each letter of someone’s name, that would be so burdensome all the time, right?, they can come up with shortcuts that use a unique characteristic of the person. So for me, he used the symbol for A (for Amy) with his thumb held up to his eye (bc I have big eyes she told me). So in Days’ I noticed, for Shane’s name they did this thing where they held their thumb to their lip and did like a pinky in the air like someone drinking tea- a very British-y thing I’m thinking. I thought that was very cute. I kept repeating when they did Steve’s name to see if I could figure it out. They never quite did it exactly the same but it looked like the did an S which is a closed fist and they bumped it to their chest, at their heart which I’m sure was intentional. Well thats my theory and I’m sticking to it.. 🙂 Kayla’s was a K sign next to her chin. I think she was pointing at herself which makes sense.

        And totally superficial but hey…I noticed something in clip 1. I knew Steve was taller than Kayla I but didn’t know he was such a big dude in general. He seems so lanky. So if you get the chance, look at around 3:45 in the “Did you Say No” clip when he sits down on the couch, he dwarfs it. He’s all arms and legs 🙂

        And how could I forget Harper being the knifer??! I didn’t suspect him until they found that Jack had bought the gloves and I just knew he didn’t do it. It makes sense, him being the knifer since he was putting the poison in Kayla’s tea after she messed his sons head up. Can you imagine what Jack is going through? Talk about an existential crisis. He finds out his dad isn’t his bio dad. His brother is his sworn enemy (what a twist that he was trying to stick it to Steve and it backfired so spectacularly) and his dad is a serial killer. Life is not good for Jack right now.

      • I wasn’t sure if you knew Harper was the knifer so I didn’t want to spoil it. That was my “no way” moment.

        One of the things I like in this scene is how slow Steve both signs and speaks and that they do not play any music in the background. Just let us hear Steve with no background for the entire song/poem, which is pretty long makes it that much more emotional. And Kayla’s emotion especially during the end when she starts to cry is so good.

        I know you don’t know whether to laugh or cry when she says no and his response is basically WTF “did you say no”. When she takes of the ring and tries to give it to him and he says “are you serious?” and puts it back on big sigh!

        Totally love Steve during this whole storyline.

        I do not know anything about sign language so you may be right on those topics. I know they really had to learn it for this story line. I love when they signed “courage” with their fists, got me everytime !

  52. I also love when Jack pulls the paper out of the fire Steve is yelling “don’t read it”, not sure why that gets to me but it does. Just raw emotion in Steve’s voice.

    And yes I always read the Bradyclan fan synopsis she is really funny, I totally enjoyed reading them.

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