Jack marries Eve

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I admit it, I kind of love Jack and Eve together. I love the way they snark at each other and trade insults.

Here’s the plot:  Nick stipulated in his will that Eve had to marry for “true love” (only on a soap, I swear) in order to collect her inheritance. Meanwhile Lawrence has been angling to take over the Spectator by purchasing Diana’s shares, and Jack needs a lot of cash fast. Eve proposes they team up:

Eve proposes

So many great lines here. “Ms. Machiavelli,” “a match made in hell.” If Days ever did gray couples, Jack and Eve could have been fun.

And, while personally I hate the current triangle with JJ, Eve, and Paige – soap triangles with a mother and daughter creep me out — it does tickle my funny bone that Eve married Jack and then, twenty years later, sleeps with his son. I watched some of the Big Reveal this week, when Paige finally finds out the truth. (I haven’t seen too much of Kassie de Paiva but I like her. I hope they give her something better to do soon. Same goes for Casey Moss.)

Eve was also a good foil for Jennifer. When Jennifer got too glittery, Eve was there to rub some sparkles off. The morning after Eve and Jack get married, when Jennifer (not knowing this) runs over to see Jack, she gets an eyeful when she sees them in bed together. While I really do feel bad for Jennifer in this scene, I have to admit this is also satisfying somehow:

Morning after

Eve is obviously having way too much fun pretending to be the happy bride, and rubbing Jen’s face in it. But it comes from a sympathetic place, because Eve has always felt like something the cat dragged in compared to the town princess – and in fact, the guy she actually likes, Frankie, is still mooning after Jennifer. What also cracks me up here is that Jennifer’s theory, that Eve staged this scene purely to get at Jennifer and make her think Eve and Jack slept together, happens on soaps all the time. And yet it is perfectly ludicrous, which Eve rightly points out. I think the writers were poking a little fun at themselves there.

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4 thoughts on “Jack marries Eve

  1. I truly enjoyed Jack and Eve. The snarky banter and obvious distaste for one another was so much fun, as was the OTT level of fakery when they tried to pretend they were truly “in love” for people. In a different era, I think they could have been a ton of fun as a real couple. Not even necessarily a real couple in the idea that they were in love or attracted to each other, but just that they were really stuck together. I could see them scheming together and against each other all over Salem. There was a couple on Santa Barbra that was like that although for the life of me I can’t think of their names now.

    And, like you, I enjoyed Eve as the one who could always knock Jennifer down a peg or two. It wasn’t always fair or deserved (which made Jennifer sympathetic) but it was necessary here and there. And, in this particular time frame, Jen was kind of leading Frankie around and also mooning over her break-up with Jack. I know she didn’t have feelings for Frankie, but she was leaning on him a lot and there was some satisfaction in Eve taking on the more glittery aspects of Jen’s conduct.

    I also think you are right that the writers were having a little fun at their own expense with having Eve call Jen’s typical soap plot scenario ludicrous. I like it when the writers have some self-awareness once in a while.

    • It’s funny you mention Santa Barbara, I was just thinking about that show the other day. I watched it on and off for a couple of summers, and for awhile I liked it more than Days. (Pre-Steve and Kayla, of course!) I liked how they tried to do some different things, some comedy, some supernatural elements, while still being a solid soap. I don’t remember a couple like you’re describing, but it doesn’t surprise me they would do that.

      Anyway, Jack and Eve’s marriage doesn’t end up being much of an obstacle for Jack and Jennifer. It seemed more a way to mix things up a bit than to really cause much angst. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Jennifer worry a little bit, but I also enjoy how Jack is almost aggressively indifferent to Eve and her welfare. He doesn’t even try to pretend to care – even when she seems to want a little support, like when she gets arrested for Nick’s murder.

  2. I too like this story line. I just love how Jack and Eve don’t really care what each other thinks and let the insults roll! It kind of also gives you and idea of what Jack would be like without “good” Jennifer. Kind of gives you a glimpse of Jack’s life without her. I always did like the sarcastic sneaky Jack and in later years they kind of did away with that and made him too much of the comic silly relief. I think the show could have played this marriage for a bit more tension between Jack and Jennifer, but from the start Jennifer knew why Jack married Eve and there was really no tension or even fake “love triangle”.

    The scene where Jack tells Jennifer he married Eve is a good one because it shows some of Jack’s anger and he says that at least he can be himself in front of Eve and she accepts him for who is. The show never explored that road but it would have been interesting………………………

    I don’t watch the show now and haven’t for years, but I think I may start again with all the news of 50th and old characters returning.

    • I love that scene you mention, it is going to be my next post from this storyline. 🙂

      I do wish they had let Jennifer worry a little bit more – I think I mostly feel that way now, though, because so many of the later triangles for Jack and Jennifer went the other way, with Jen the one in the middle.

      I will be watching and blogging about the current show starting in August. For now I am just checking out episodes here or there, so I can keep track of what is going on. To be honest, I am a bit nervous about it all – I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. I still remember how disappointed I was by the end of Steve and Kayla’s last return. Now I think I am more realistic about what to expect, and even though the buzz is all good right now for the fall, I am not expecting it to be 1987 again.

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