Shayla first kiss

Let’s just plunge right into it, shall we? No more pussyfooting around.

We’ve got two kisses to the talk about here. The first one is Kayla and Marcus. I think the most telling moment is when Marcus talks about family, how tonight (Stephanie’s first birthday party) he felt like he was a part of her family. I think it shows that his longing to have a family of his own, and that his feelings for Kayla are a part of that. And I also think that’s why Kayla kisses him back, maybe she feels a little what Marcus feels, the temptation to stitch a whole family together right away.

This gives fuel to what Shane says next, when he accuses her of using Marcus. It’s a great setup to what comes next.

Now:  Shayla. First of all, I have to say that whatever you think of the storyline, this is well done soapy drama. The dramatic kiss, followed by the even more dramatic interruption.

But, it’s strange, isn’t it? It’s strange for Days in 1991, because it’s not supercouple soap. Shane’s intense emotion and breakthrough-scene type dialogue would fit a supercouple moment, but not with the other half of his original supercouple coming in the door. And if it’s a supercouple story the other way — with Kayla and Shane being the “wrong” couple and Kim being the sympathetic one — then the first half of the scene doesn’t fit.  This leaves us trying to figure out how we are supposed to feel about it.  Are we supposed to be happy or upset that Kim walks in the door?

And that’s just it, what makes this storyline different – it’s a triangle without a clear rootable couple. You don’t watch it as romance, but as family drama. We have three people, all good people trying to do the right thing. Not always succeeding, but genuinely trying to make good choices. And yet, as we’ll see, they manage to create a tangled mess.


9 thoughts on “Shayla first kiss

  1. Aww, the first kiss.

    Okay, so that’s not exactly how I feel about it. I don’t hate it, except that it feels like it happens so that Kim can walk in the door. And I don’t even hate that, it’s just that it makes the first kiss something other than the “first kiss.” As you say, it’s just not a supercouple moment and that’s what we were/are all used to when it comes to this era of Days. That first kiss is either supposed to mean that Shane and Kayla are the “supercouple” or that Kayla is nothing but an interloper – which doesn’t work because she doesn’t initiate it and, in fact, was trying to avoid it.

    So, this is the first clue that if you want to get something out of this story you have to put those expectations aside. And, for me, if I do put that aside it is an enjoyable story for all the reasons you say. It’s not as much a romance (although those aspects are there) as it is a soapy family drama. Sisters with feelings for the same guy. One has a load of history with him, the other has very little (which might be what makes her so attractive to Shane). And the guy who had a “great love” with one, but seems to have no interest in revisiting that and would rather create something new with the other. None of that fits any kind of formula the Days audience was trained for in the ’80’s and early ’90’s.

    But, that doesn’t mean it’s not compelling drama. And I completely agree that part of what is compelling is that there is no bad guy here. Nobody is trying to hurt anybody else, although that certainly happens all the way around at times. In fact, in this early stage, Kim and Kayla spend a lot of time stumbling over each other trying NOT to hurt the other. But best intentions don’t always work out the way you want. 🙂

    • I agree that it feels a bit staged, so the first kiss can happen just as Kim walks in the door. That doesn’t bother me too much, though. It doesn’t feel forced, to me. It does feel a tiny bit rushed for where their relationship is, not so much the kiss but the way Shane is so sure of how Kayla feels in what he says before it.

      It’s really amazing how the show manages to retain sympathy for each person in this triangle. Each sister is trying to step aside for the sake of the other, and Patsy and Mary Beth play the conflict perfectly. Charles Shaughnessy has the hardest job, though. It’s a little bit dodgy, getting involved with your ex-wife’s sister! But he plays a calm certainty that Kayla is who he wants that works really well. All of this fallout is unfortunate, certainly, but if everyone would just calm down it will all be fine.

      I always liked Shane but in a passive way – never thought much about him, or Charles as an actor, one way or the other. He’s really impressing me in all this.

      • As strange as it sounds, I think one of the reasons this works so well is because Shane isn’t torn. If he were stringing both women along, then it would be easy to make him the bad guy and overlook all of the other organic conflicts. Instead, this “triangle,” at this point anyway, isn’t really about Shane in the middle. It’s almost more Kayla torn between her family/Kim and Shane and Kim torn between her love for her sister and, well, everything else going on in Kim’s life (her lingering feelings for Shane, the whole Lawrence thing, etc.). All of that is what makes this a little different and, to me, far more compelling than just two sisters in love with the same guy.

  2. OK, this was the one scene that did stick out in my mind and it was not my favorite (mainly because it was on Stephanie’s birthday), but on rewatching it wasn’t as bad as I remembered.

    It’s strange but I always liked Shane and Kim – they were the new couple when I started watching DOOL so I watched their falling in love story. But as time went on and Kayla came on I didn’t like Kim as much because it WAS ALL ABOUT KIMBERLY (yes, I know I was yelling). However, I still liked Shane (and Charles), even when he was in ISA Super Spy mode.

    It’s interesting watching all this again how this was a triangle where the viewer could care about all three of the people and either way the triangle ended up, it felt OK, but at the same time you didn’t want to see either one of the Brady sisters get hurt. I did enjoy seeing Kayla start to stand up to her family during this storyline (which I’m sure you will talk about as the story progresses).

    • Kim has been hard to take at times in this story, since she keeps sending mixed messages. Pushing Kayla and Shane together, then getting mad at them for being together. I think it’s perfectly believable, but she does show a lack of self-awareness, and not much awareness of what other people might be going through too.

      Yes, I am definitely going to talk more about the Brady family conflict! My favorite part of this storyline. 🙂

      And Erica, you are right that it is Kayla that is torn, more than Shane! Which is what I like about my favorite storyline of all time, Steve/Kayla/Jack. It’s really Steve in the middle, not Kayla. I think I like that spin on typical triangle.

  3. It’s interesting to watch this now, it is as if I am watching from a long distance. Which time wise, I am. In real time I hated this and pretty much stopped watching Days because of Shayla. Now everyone is more sympathetic and I am much more able to deal with the faster pace of soap opera time having Kayla start to move on to new relationship. Originally, I was still so invested in Steve and Kayla that I so offended at the thought. Plus, now knowing that Steve was still alive out there somewhere, makes it easier. I always liked Shane more than Kim, don’t know why, just did.

    • I honestly don’t know how I would have felt about this story if I were watching in 1991. As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t even hear about it until long afterwards. I have a feeling I would not have liked it, but I don’t really know. I think the storyline seems better, as I watch it now, since I heard it described as the worst storyline of all time, etc. Talk about lowered expectations!

      The rushing aspect is hard for me to gauge. I watched all of these clips at a pretty glacial pace, so I don’t feel it myself from a “time to grieve” standpoint. (Plus I knew it was coming, which probably helped.) Shane is very respectful of Kayla’s feelings for Steve even as they are getting involved. There is a really nice scene where they talk about this, which I’ll post in due time.

      Thanks for giving this storyline another chance with me. 🙂

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