I’ve seen some Steve and Kayla fans say that they wish Kayla had gotten together with Marcus instead of Shane. Personally, I think the main appeal of this pairing would be the couple name:  Karcus!

It’s no surprise that Marcus falls in love with Kayla. We saw how much he idealized the love that Steve and Kayla shared, how he always compared his own relationships to theirs and found them lacking. It was easy to see how he could go from “I want what Steve had with Kayla,” to “I want Kayla.”

We also saw that, after Steve’s death, Kayla depended on Marcus, leaned on him, needed him — more so than Shane. As he fell for her, she seemed to deliberately close her eyes to his feelings. I think she needed him so much she didn’t want to face how he felt, because that would mean she would have to pull back. (Shane called her on this several times.)

Later, as she began to fall for Shane, she seemed to regret that she didn’t fall for Marcus instead. This scene is actually a little bit later in our timeline, but it’s the scene where Mary Beth plays that note of regret most strongly:

She is obviously thinking that here is this great guy, so considerate and such a good friend; why didn’t I fall in love with him?

As to why the show didn’t pair them together, I think that there wasn’t enough drama there. Yes, it would be an interracial relationship, but I don’t think that would be enough. They were already very close, too close for there to be a journey to come together.

I also think it would have been too much about Steve, too much Marcus taking Steve’s place. Kayla later has a very interesting conversation with Shane (which I will do a post on later), where she says she didn’t think she could ever be with anyone because she will always love Steve — that it wouldn’t be fair to that person, to make them second best. One of the things Marcus always said was how much he wanted a Great Love. Kayla knows she could never give him that.


8 thoughts on “Karcus

  1. I think you embedded the wrong clip there, MP. 🙂

    I totally agree about Karcus. I loved their friendship and how great Marcus was with Kayla after Steve died, but I never felt there was a place for an actual romance between them. There was no real conflict, other than Steve’s death and you’re right, Kayla could have never loved Marcus as deeply as Marcus loved her. It just would have never felt right to me. It would have felt like Kayla was just trying to find a Steve substitute of some sort and Marcus deserved more (even if he never found it in Salem). You don’t have to like Shayla to see that Karcus just wouldn’t have worked very well.

    • My ultimate fantasy for Kayla (other than bringing on a new character for her) is still Michael T. Weiss’s Mike Horton! I always thought he and MBE had great chemistry, and he is very different from Steve so it could be a different kind of story. But, maybe there’s not enough conflict there either.

      And yes, I was having some trouble with this clip. 🙂

  2. I for one wanted Marcus and Kayla together just because I liked Marcus so much and thought they really didn’t give him the best storylines. I always thought he had so much more potential then they have him. But I can see him and kayla not working out because Marcus would be too connected to Steve for Kayla ever to live him the wayarcis wanted. I think Kayla realizes in different circumstances things could of been different. And Marcus realizes this also he never pushed the relationship or romance out of respect for Kayla and her feelings Ahhh what a good guy makes me wish they gave him a good love story!

    • I can see that, Thirddp! Richard Biggs was great with both SN and MBE. He was a great character. But none of his romances clicked on the show, and I always felt so bad for him too! He wanted that Great Love so much, and he never found it that we saw.

  3. Apropos of nothing, I wish the show would bring on a new character that is revealed (quickly) to be Marcus’s kid. It could be a daughter or son and could be a new doctor in town. It could be established that this character knew Kayla and Stephanie (because of course Marcus kept in touch) and always heard stories about Marcus’s best friend. It would be a great way of adding a little more diversity to the canvas, still tying the character to the canvas, and not being related to Abe or Lexie or anyone else for that matter. And, through the character, we could find out that Marcus finally did find that Great Love.

    And yes, MP, I would have been all over a Mike (Michael T. Weiss version) and Kayla relationship after Steve died. It sucks that he had already left the show. The lack of conflict could have been an issue, but I’d have taken that chance, I think. They would have been so cute together.

  4. I always liked Marcus (and Richard Biggs) and would have loved for him to have a real love story. Marcus kept trying to find the same kind of love that Steve and Kayla shared, but he was never able to find it. If it wasn’t a daytime soap I would have liked to have seen Marcus and Kayla spending one night together and then realizing they were better off as friends than lovers.

    MP, count me in on a Mike (only a Micheal T. Weiss version) /Kayla relationship. Mike could be serious when he needed to be, but he would bring some lightheartedness to Kayla. I have read interviews with MBE that are hilarious and I would enjoy seeing Kayla not be so serious all the time.

  5. Rene, it’s such a joy when Kayla gets to loosen up and be more funny and animated. There are a few scenes where Stephen and Mary Beth do the kind of banter that Jack and Jen did all the time, and they are delightful. I’m thinking of those scenes in the lighthouse when Steve “kidnaps” her, for example. And the first on the run story, where they are handcuffed together. But even that is more serious. Anyway, I agree that it would be fun to see Kayla in a lighter, funnier relationship, and see that side of her come out more.

    And Erica, I love the idea of Marcus’s child coming to Salem! It would be great to have a new character who had ties to the canvas but wasn’t someone’s long-lost child. And it would be wonderful to hear that Marcus had found his great love after all.

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