I had a week off from work, so I decided to watch some modern Days.

I guess last week was the big Event week with Kristen’s return and subsequent “death” — ha! — and Teresa’s baby, but I missed all that. This week was dull, dull, dull.

Will is going to write a story on Clyde. Then he isn’t. Then he is! Wow! I’m on the edge of my seat!

But, that story did allow for the highlight of the week. When Clyde came over to threaten Will about the article, check out this awesome reaction shot:


Get that girl a Daytime Emmy.

The story that worked for me the most was Justin, Adrienne, and Lucas. Wally Kurth is looking mighty good:


I think the basic setup of the story is realistic and fairly organic. Justin was always a ladies’ man, so it makes sense that he would have an affair while being separated from Adrienne for an extended period. And it makes sense that Adrienne would finally retaliate.

Speaking of Lucas, I was mildly intrigued by the idea of him taking the Dimera job and going after Kate. It’s high time Lucas finally took some revenge against her for the way she’s always interfering in his life. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget about it next week like he usually does.

Nicole, in my opinion one of the best characters on the show, mostly because of Arianne Zucker, was stuck talking out loud to herself all week. I remember that from James E. Reilly’s Days. She also was wearing an extremely ugly dress:

Nicole tries to get to the bottom of Serena's secret - and sacrifices Daniel's feelings in the process.

Wish I had some more nice things to say. I think they’ve got a decent cast. I’ve always liked Nicole, Brady, Eric, and Sonny. Teresa, JJ, Xander, and Aiden seem promising. (But get rid of Serena. Ugh.)  Then you’ve got your stalwarts like Victor, Hope, Justin, and Adrienne, of course.  Put these actors together with some of the other returning characters, give them some decent stories …

… fingers crossed?


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