Up all night

Are you guys ready for some Shayla? 🙂

This is a nice series of scenes. It shows Shane and Kayla staying up all night together, taking care of Stephanie.

(For those who don’t know, Kayla moves in with Shane after Steve’s death so he can help protect her from Lawrence. It’s also suggested that living in the house she shared with Steve is difficult and painful, so Kayla appreciates the change of scene.)

Here they are still just friends, nothing has happened yet. But we see the basis of what draws them together. It becomes clear, as this relationship unfolds, that their shared pain, and the support they offer each other, is the core of the attraction. This is a very, very different kind of relationship to the one they each had with their “great love.”  Kim left town with Jeanie (now Teresa!) and sent divorce papers to Shane through the mail. Kayla is there for him then. Shane helps take care of Stephanie and is there for Kayla when she is getting over Steve’s death. He gives her a challenging job at a research lab that gives her something else to focus on.

None of this implies a grand passionate love affair, and the show generally doesn’t try to force it to be more than it is. (When they do try, the story doesn’t work as well, in my opinion.) There is little of the dramatic push/pull of a supercouple relationship — the drama kicks in when Kim comes back to town. That feels strange on the supercouple show, but I do find it realistic that two people, after having their hearts broken and stomped on, would find a safe harbor in something quieter and more stable.

And on a personal note, this is one of the first arcs where we actually get to see Kayla be happy for most of the episode. I don’t know what it was like to watch this in real time, but watching clips it is utterly wrenching to watch Kayla grieve — especially since Mary Beth is so good at conveying devastation. Here’s an example of what I mean:

I’m telling you, I actually felt grateful when the Shayla story started to get going on my clips, just because it was a relief to finally see Kayla happy, even a little.


8 thoughts on “Up all night

  1. OK, I understand completely why Shayla isn’t a fan favorite, however, I’m one of the people that didn’t mind Shayla. And seeing this scene (which I haven’t seen since it originally aired) reminds me why. This shows Shane and Kayla trying to be friends without Steve and Kim. I enjoyed watching Kayla and Shane playing poker; it feels like they were trying to navigate a friendship without any potential romance (at this time). It was nice seeing Kayla smile again. Also, seeing Shane with Stephanie was great. The scene in my opinion shows how great Charles Shaughnessy is with children and the little girl playing Stephanie had a cute little grin on her face. Also, a little bit of a “what if?” What if Steve was the one with Stephanie as well as a What if Shane was spending this time with Jeanie Teresa.

    • Yay! Someone else who doesn’t hate Shayla!

      You make an excellent point that the way they each relate to baby Stephanie, that they each feel a touch of “what if?”. Kayla sometimes looks a little bittersweet when she sees Shane with Stephanie, thinking of Steve. And it makes sense that Shane would be thinking of Jeanie too.

      And I agree that Charles Shaughnessy is good with babies!

  2. Such a change from sad Kayla, with the long hair and over sized suit, to provocative Kayla, with the short hair and flatting dress. Her voice even sounds different than when she talked during to Steve.

  3. Hey, now there are three or four of us. 🙂

    I love the scene with Stephanie for all the reasons you say. It really shows the foundation of the relationship – comfort, companionship, friendship. As you say, this isn’t a “great love” story, it’s a recovering from a great love story. And I very much like it for what it is.

    And I agree, I was ready to see Kayla smile and laugh a little. MBE deserved the break if nothing else. 😉

    • Agree! It must have been tough to come to work day after day and work up that degree of devastation.That’s what MB said about the rape storyline, if I recall. Steve’s death must have been similar.

  4. Am I four or five? I think the friendship/comfort aspect of Shayla is a pretty refreshing counterpoint to the supercouple relationships, There is also a maturity to Shane and Kayla that plays out during the early part of their relationship (until around March or so) that highlights how much they have changed since they first fell in love with Kim and Steve. And as you say, it does make sense that two people who have been so greatly hurt by the failure of their “love of a lifetime” would seek out a safer relationship.

    My biggest problem with the storyline is that I think the writers brought Kim back too early. I don’t want to get too ahead of you, so I won’t say much on the subject. I just think it would have worked better if Shane and Kayla had a more established relationship by the time Kim returned.

    Stephanie, imo, also was a key to the relationship. Mary, you mention that Shane probably was thinking a lot about Jeannie — which is likely true — but I would add that he also could have been thinking about the daughter Kim lost in 1988 and about missing Eve’s childhood. Beginning in 1987, Shane said multiple times that he had always wanted a little girl. So there is a long history there and it is consistent with several years of storylines that Shane would latch onto Stephanie. And Shane’s dealings with Stephanie probably showed Kayla a different side of him; they were never particularly close when she was with Steve and after Kim left, Shane reverted back to the all-business, no-nonsense ISA agent — more like he was in the second clip you posted.

    A couple of other little points. Just before this clip begins, Kayla overhears a conversation between Ms. Peach and Shane. Peachy tries to get Shane to admit that he is falling for Kayla and accuses him of not being honest with himself when he denies there is anything. That may help explain why Kayla discusses moving out of the house. The Shane/Peach scene is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnmdwM8GdmA&list=PLB515B9036A7A04A5&index=42

    Also, people have mentioned how good Charles Shaughness was with the baby. If I recall, his first daughter was born in 1990, so she would have been around the same age as the baby playing Stephanie.

    • Jess, welcome to the “doesn’t hate Shayla” support group!

      I have watched further than what I am posting about, so I have seen Kim’s return. I really like the jolt that Kim’s return gives the storyline, but in terms of believability I agree it would probably be better for Shane and Kayla to be more established as a couple before she comes back.

      I agree it’s great that Days did a different kind of love story with this. I think pre-supercouple Days did more stories like this, and the two-siblings-in-love-with-the-same-person story was THE storyline that opened the show, Mickey/Laura/Bill. I haven’t seen it, so I don’t really know how the two relationships were depicted, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill was Laura’s passionate love and Mickey was her steady, dependable love. What makes this unusual is that Shane is openly preferring the “steady, dependable” love, and that’s interesting psychologically.

      Kayla talked about moving out all the time, didn’t she? It actually starts to be a little comical. And yes, I agree that this time it was because of overhearing Shane and Peach.

      And, thanks for your insight about Shane always wanting a little girl. These are the kinds of insights I need you for, coming as you are from a Shane-fan perspective! Not that I don’t like Shane, I just don’t have the intimate knowledge that adds those little touches. It makes him latching onto to Stephanie all the more poignant.

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