If I had a plan for going through the Steve and Kayla clips this time, it was to focus more on smaller moments, the things you can only notice on repeat viewings. But how can I resist talking about the Greatest Forklift Story Ever Told?

So much good stuff: shirtless Steve! Steve to the rescue! Kayla seeing Steve’s good side for the first time! Shirtless Steve! (Did I already say that?)

On this viewing, some new things did jump out at me. One is the way Kayla is resting her hand so familiarly on Steve’s chest when he is being examined by the doctor. This feels different than the way she catches him, or cradles his head, when he faints — that is more like a nurse with a patient. This is more casual and intimate — I might almost say possessive. Their bodies knew what was going on between them before they did.

The other is the matter-of-fact way that Bo explains that Steve saved his life. Bo might be downplaying it on purpose, so Kayla won’t have any reason to think anything good about this guy who is Bad News, but I don’t think he’s there yet. I think it’s just the press of events — he’s got other things on his mind. I love it, though, because it keeps the focus on Kayla’s reaction to this information, not on Bo’s. I really, really like the fact that in these early days, neither Hope nor Bo (the two people in town who know the most about Steve) share any insights with Kayla. For example, in a later scene, Kayla tells Hope, “I just can’t figure him out.” This could be an invitation for Hope to tell more — in fact I think it is — but Hope obviously has her mind on other things. She just says, “Yeah, don’t even try,” and changes the subject. This means that Kayla’s insight into Steve is entirely her own, based on her own observations, her own interactions with him.

I had to slice off the end of my clip above, because the song “Somewhere Tonight” is playing and the record company blocked it. Grr. The end of this scene is terrific, though, the way Steve says “Bye, Kayla” (love his expression, the way the mask drops), and then he and Kayla share a long look. The beginning of a bond between them.




6 thoughts on “Forklift

  1. I agree completely with you that this is the beginning of the bond. I hate that the Seger song has been blocked on all of YT. Gahhhh. It fit here so well, its lyrics match the end of Britta and the beginning of Kayla, so beautifully.
    I don’t think many people can play going out of focus, either due to a possible concussion or just fantasizing about something, as well as SN.
    I also always got the feeling, that this was when Kayla began to let herself admit some of her attraction to Steve. You could see and sense her confusion while she was tending to his injuries and especially, in the deleted scene when she catches him looking at her so hard, though the door. From his side it was almost, as if her was seeing her truly for the first time, not as just Bo’s sister and the pretty nurse, but as
    Kayla. I think that this is where he, somewhere inside, cut the cord to Britta.

    • I was so annoyed that I had to cut off the end of the clip! It is not the same without it. I really like how they balance the beginning of the connection with Kayla here, with the memories and flashes of Britta. I’ll talk about this more when I do a post on Britta, but since they are starting to establish that Steve is a person who loves to the nth degree, without limits, it wouldn’t make sense for him to let go of Britta easily.

  2. I hadn’t even thought about this part that you mentioned “Their bodies knew what was going on between them before they did.” Maybe because Kayla saw that Steve did something good (saving Bo) and then how vulnerable he was (because of the concussion) she was able to let her guard down as well. But Steve’s flashing between Britta and Kayla always gets to me because you knew that Steve was interested in Kayla, but this showed he hadn’t forgotten Britta either.

    One thing that stands out to me in this clip is when Neil calls him “Patch” and Bo said “Call him Steve.” To me it’s like this is the first time that Steve is seen as a person rather than a “Patch.” Bo had a long history with Steve, but I think the friendship they once shared comes out at this part. Sometimes in moments of crisis, how you really feel comes out and I think it did for Bo at that point, however brief it was.

    • Good point about the “call him Steve” moment for Bo. I like that as well. I’ll be interested in watching the early Steve stuff because of the Bo/Steve relationship. The show didn’t focus on them as much after Stockholm, and I think it’s too bad. A redemption story about a “bromance” could be very compelling!

      • Agree on the call him “steve” comment it was really a good innuendo and making Steve seem more like a person then a thug – I agree there wasn’t a really good get Bo and Steve back to their old friendship at anytime during the show. That would have been nice. There were some nice bonding moments with Hope but nothing really with Bo.

        Until Marcus popped up Steve didn’t have any friends đŸ™‚ – except Frankie but he was supposedly in High School and that really wasn’t a peer relationship.

  3. They showed Steve and Bo had mostly made peace before Bo left Salem, when Steve and Kayla said goodbye to Bo and Hope before they set off on their boat — and it worked, but there could have been so much more!

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