Hope it won’t be too jarring if I jump back and forth between the two different time streams I’m watching. I wanted to share this nice little scene. This is Christmas 1990, when Kayla receives a posthumous Christmas present from Steve. This is as much a gift to Steve and Kayla fans as to Kayla herself.

Christmas gift

I think my favorite line here is when Kayla says “It’s just so unlike him to plan ahead like this.” It’s so cute, so wifely.

Shane’s presence here is as a supportive friend (and nothing was going on between them yet). We can see that support when he offers to leave before she opens the first gift, and she asks him to stay. And Mary Beth just breaks my heart with her body language as she sits and holds the present on her lap, preparing herself before she opens it. And the gift itself is lovely, a stocking that says “Baby’s First Christmas.” So bittersweet, given that Steve isn’t there to share in it.

The second gift, Emily’s teapot, is also well chosen by the show. I don’t really care for Emily and Gideon myself, but I still like that they did this, used the real history of Steve and Kayla instead of choosing something nice but generic, like jewelery, that would work for any couple.

The line on the card, “100 years from now our love will be a legend too,” isn’t far off. We’re at 25 years and counting! Hee!


7 thoughts on “Gift

  1. Emily and Gideon were not my favorite, but I did enjoy the storyline somewhat. I loved the teapot as a gift because it was a reminder of a happy time in their lives. However, my favorite part is w]hen Kayla saw “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking, MBE’s expression just breaks my heart, thinking about what was lost. It’s amazing, their story began in 1986 and we’re still talking about them.

  2. That teapot is a killer. It’s such a great gift with so much symbolism. Not just Emily and Gideon the story, but the way Gideon came back to Emily. I almost like to take it as a hint to the viewers, like the casket switch, that their love story wasn’t over yet. And, while it took Steve longer than Gideon, he did come back. That part probably wasn’t intentional, but sometimes things just work.

  3. Rene, I agree MBE is incredible with her reaction to the “Baby’s first Christmas” stocking.

    Erica, good point that Steve (eventually) came back from the dead, just like Gideon! In Salem, if you wait long enough …

  4. I never saw this seen, but good addition. When I rewatched the clips on youtube I skipped the Emily and Gideon parts!

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