Mock Wedding

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There are many wonderful, painful scenes after Steve’s death to choose from, but I’m thinking we all need a little pick-me-up right now. Whether you’ve just gone through Steve’s death and aftermath like I have, or you’re a Jack and Jennifer fan disheartened by what is happening today, I think a little revisit to a delightful Jack and Jennifer scene is called for.

I don’t care for the more slapsticky humor that Jack and Jennifer do sometimes. Sometimes it feels pointless to me, humor for humor’s sake, like Eugene and Calliope. But I do enjoy the banter in their work rivalry—it really does remind me of His Girl Friday. And, at its best, humor gives them a medium where they can connect emotionally, no matter what else is going on.

This, for example, is pretty perfect:

Mock wedding

Jack and Jennifer have been arguing for weeks over her involvement in this scheme she’s cooked up: she’s impersonating the princess Katerina (her friend Carly) in order to protect her from marrying a man she doesn’t love. They are not exactly on the outs, but Jack dragging his feet about getting married is part of what send Jennifer off on this scheme to begin with. But here, Jennifer isn’t hurt at all by Jack’s dismayed expression when she mentions getting married. Instead, she says confidently that he can’t say he’s never thought about what their wedding would be like.

The vows are priceless, and this is where the humor comes in. Jennifer strikes just the right note when she says she’ll take him “for better and mostly worse” and calls him egotistical and pigheaded. It’s a very funny, but it’s more than that. One of Jack’s fears has always been that he won’t measure up to Jennifer’s idea of what a husband should be. Here, her teasing, and obvious joy in it, reveals a profound truth: she loves him in spite of, or even because of, his flaws. That is more reassuring than a direct statement, and it’s what allows him to respond in kind, melt a little bit and join the fantasy. The seeming lightness is what lets the genuine emotion come through, and there is nothing pointless about that.

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11 thoughts on “Mock Wedding

  1. Thank you, MaryPickford. What an excellent scene to highlight what Jack and Jennifer are really all about. I wish the current writers understood them better.

  2. I never really felt like the writers truly “got” Steve and Kayla either. There were some really nice moments, but the overall tone was mixed at best. I never feel they got the yin and yang of their dynamic right: that Steve was the mushy romantic one and Kayla was the tough realist.

    I hope things improve for Jack and Jen!

  3. Mary pickford, so nice to have a new blog.:). It is so great to see the real dynamic of Jack and Jennifer, the abilty to see flaws in one another but still the great chemistry and dialogue and the undeniable love that shone in both their eyes. So sad to see what this great romance has come to. Jennifer is unrecognizable. Okay she has “moved on” with the greatest man who has ever walked in salem, fine, so be it. But what i and others fail to see is any iota of compassion for a man who has tortured for a year, even , just common kindness and concern for a fellow human being that she used to have in spades. never mind that he was the love of her life. Truthfully, can i see a re-union of jack and jennifer coming around this time.? No, that ship has sailed i think that the only way it could happen if they were to enter therapy together a la bo and hope, and for jennifer to examine her behaviour and actions as well.
    sorry for the long rant, i had high hopes for the reboot, but have been sadly disappointed. ;(.

  4. I agree. it has been a long while since your last insightful blog. hope to hear from you soonn. on present days, it seems that there is a smidgen of redemption on the part of Miss Horton which is long overdue with regard to her treatment of her soulmate Jack. The rupture with daniel is thankfully is FINALLY over and Jennifer is slowly coming back to her true self. One can only hpe.

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