I held a moment in my hand

All right, Steve and Kayla fans, we’re getting into it now—the downward slide towards Steve’s death.

Steve and Kayla really aren’t up to much in their last few months on the show. If I didn’t know Steve was about to die, I would feel a little miffed at their lack of storyline. As it is, I just feel grateful they get a few months of (fairly) uneventful happiness. Lord knows they deserve it.

This is a wonderful scene, showing Steve and Kayla taking Shawn D and Stephanie on a camping trip.

YouTube link

Now, I remember going camping with a toddler and a baby and somehow it was not nearly this fun and relaxing. Clearly, my husband and I were doing something wrong. πŸ™‚

One thing I love about Stephen and Mary Beth is how well they play these happy love scenes. There’s is such a feeling of spontaneity. The bit with the marshmallowsis so cute and sexy. It feels like somebody said to Stephen and Mary Beth, “Here are some marshmallows, have a little fun.” I love the way they can go from cute to hot in a heartbeat, like the moment at the end when Steve says “the things I do for you,” and Kayla says “just wait until you see what I call do for you,” and pushes him on his back. I always love when we get to see Kayla the sexual aggressor—it was such an important part of their early relationship.


7 thoughts on “I held a moment in my hand

  1. Just a brief comment with regards to this clip. It just goes to show how much better soaps were in the 90’s. There was time for just “a moment in time” scene, no great reveal or plot development but just a chance to show a happily married couple enjoying time together. This is something that in my opinion we don’t see on Days or the other soaps nowadays.

    • I totally agree with you on that point. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a whole lot more than the big scenes. I consider these “moment in time” scenes where we get better insight into the characters that you would not otherwise get to see. It’s great.

  2. This is such a fun scene and SN and MBE seem to have a lot of fun with it. This time period is so bittersweet. They are finally happy but we know what is just around the corner. All in all, I’m glad the show gave them this time though.

    And I love the title of this blog. I really describes this time period perfectly.

  3. Also, Kayla being the sexual aggressor is some evidence of healing from the rape. Yes, it is nice to get these looks into couples just enjoying each other without it being plot agenda. We can see why they love each other in these moments. I always enjoy the couples I can actually imagine not being bored with each other once the angst is gone. I very much see that with Steve and Kayla and with Jack and Jennifer.

  4. That’s a great point that I hadn’t thought about—that with some couples, after the angst is gone you can’t imagine what they would have to say to each other. I agree that both S&K and J&J just seem like they enjoy being with each other. Especially in these good girl/bad boy stories, it’s important to establish that.

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