Third time’s a charm

Steve and Kayla were, um, lucky enough to have three different wedding (four if you count their symbolic exchange of vows when Kayla was still married to Jack), in their scant two years of marriage on the show. At one point in the leadup to the third wedding, Steve jokes, “I could get used to marrying you every six months.” That’s not far off.

So let’s take a little trip down memory lane:

First, we have what Steve and Kayla fans call the symbolic wedding. I have a major soft spot for this one. Kayla has just left Jack and she and Steve have retreated to a cabin in the mountains. She’s still legally married to Jack, but they go outside and kneel under a “cathedral” of trees in the snow. It is so unexpected, and perfect. After the nightmare of their breakup and Kayla’s marriage to Jack (and the rape she still hasn’t told Steve about), it is a wonderful moment where they can pledge themselves to each other, openly and joyfully. And Steve can finally put that ring on her finger:

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Then there’s the famous boat wedding, supercouple extravaganza (and the highest watched episode in Days history):

YouTube link

(This is part 1, you can follow the rest over on YouTube.)

Then, after the Marina storyline showed that wedding to be invalid (la la la I can’t hear you), Steve and a very pregnant Kayla attempt to get married again, but are interrupted when Kayla is arrested for Marina’s murder. I already wrote about this one a few months back. Though it’s not very satisfying from a shipper point of view, it’s pretty high soapy drama:

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Then there’s the completed wedding from 1990. This one doesn’t get interrupted, but it’s a close call. The best man doesn’t show because he’s struggling with his insane father in the church bell tower, who has decided to take out Steve with a rifle on his wedding day (and obviously I will talk about this more in a future post!). I think they do a nice job not making this wedding feel like an afterthought. There are lots of great family scenes, Benjy makes a surprise appearance, and they include Stephanie in the ceremony in a lovely way. I think both Stephen and Mary Beth actually look better than at the boat wedding. I like a black tux on Steve, and Kayla just looks radiant. The ceremony itself is strangely heavily Catholic, but I love the letter to Stephanie. Jack’s appearance with the ring, at just the right moment, is a great moment of drama in the middle of it all.

The boat wedding has a “time out of time” feeling to it—a fantasy. In fact, it’s rather like those boat fantasies Steve and Kayla used to have during their falling in love story. This feels more ordinary, but not in a bad way. It’s more down to earth, less extravagant, and more integrated into their lives, and the other stories on the show.

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9 thoughts on “Third time’s a charm

  1. I love all their weddings for one reason or another, but I think my favorite will always be the symbolic wedding. It was just so them — the dialogue, the moment, everything.

    The yacht wedding was beautiful and it was a fantasy and that worked for the culmination of a supercouple love story, but it never touched me emotionally like the symbolic wedding.

    The almost wedding was soapy goodness in so many ways and the final wedding was fitting for where they were in their lives and had a lot of nice moments as well.

    As much as can snark about the way soaps have popular couples get married over and over again, I do wish we had been give a vow renewal sometime during the second run. Nothing big or fancy, just something that echoed the original symbolic wedding.

  2. esp13

    Well said. I agree on every point especially the vow renewal. It would have meant so much for the fans and given those who knew little or nothing of S&K a reminder of why they were/still are so popular.

    The fourth wedding is new to me – what did Steve mean when he thanked Bo? I must say it creeped me out watching Harper focusing the gun on Steve and then seeing Benjy in the “line of fire” so much. Almost expected them to have Harper shoot Benjy by accident.

  3. I too would have liked a vow renewal in the second run. But more than that I would have loved a slow burn reconnection story. Of course both would have been ideal. 🙂

    I think the symbolic wedding is my favorite as well, at least from shipper-centric point of view. (I like the drama and family aspects of some of the others.) So simple, beautiful, and heartfelt. And it was so gratifying to see Steve finally put that ring on her finger, that he had been wearing around on a chain around his neck for so long.

  4. That ring was a wonderful symbol. Stephen did a great job with it. He just poured all of Steve’s continued love for Kayla into it—when it had nowhere else to go. But it also came to represent (to me anyway) all the pain of the breakup, everything Steve was doing to hurt Kayla. The symbolic wedding, when he finally put it on her finger, helped turn the ring back into something more wholly good. That’s some great use of a prop.

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