Can this Marriage be Saved?

Screencaps NBC

Her turn: Well, when I first met EJ, he seemed like a pretty nice guy. Then herapedmeandtorturedmewhenIwaspregnant. Then I tried to kill him. Then I married him, and he got shot by my first husband. Then he was a pretty nice guy for awhile, so I moved in with him and we had another baby. But then he wasn’t such a nice guy anymore, so I hid my pregnancy from him.

I feel like I’m leaving some things out here, but that’s kind of the gist of it.

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of all this I met a nice guy and fell in love with him, but then he took a phone call when we were talking, and then I saw him kissing someone else. Did you hear me? He took a phone call. So, I thought I might as well marry EJ, who’s never done anything unforgiveable like that.

His turn: I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther. I love Samanther.

The counselor’s turn: Are y’all kidding me?


I love a big reveal, so in spite of everything I got a big kick out of watching the reveal of the Syndeynapping this week. I love that there were lots of big, juicy confrontations and reaction scenes. One of the best things about a soap is seeing how everyone reacts to big news. Alison Sweeney and James Scott did well with their confrontation. I enjoyed how EJ both apologized for what he did while at the same time clearly believing he was perfectly justified in it. I’m not sure if the writers were completely aware of that contradiction, but it ended up working perfectly for the character of EJ … such as it is.

The trouble with EJami is the trouble with EJ and Sami individually. EJ has been on the show now for four years, and his character has become nearly incoherent. He had such promise when he first arrived, as a seemingly nice guy but with a mysterious, shady side. Then Hogan Sheffer made the choice to make him the new Days villain. I think that could have worked, but the pendulum swung so far in that direction, and then back abruptly the other way (the whole “superdaddy” phase), and I think that’s when I lost the thread of the character. TPTB, unable to keep him consistently gray—which was the character’s strength—-have instead given us black/white/black/white/black/white, and told us that it’s gray.

The character of Sami has a similar problem. Unlike EJ, she has a long history on the show. Her identity was clear for many years—the insecure schemer. Back then, Alison Sweeney was really wonderful at making Sami sympathetic no matter what stupid things she did. Sami was then what Nicole is now—a woman desperate for love who doesn’t think she deserves it. Who keeps making mistake after mistake but remains sympathetic because she never gets away with it. I think it probably was the right decision to turn Sami into a leading woman, but I think they went about it all the wrong way. When they turned Sami “good” they didn’t do anything else to the character. They gave her no career, no interests, nothing. Sami has no identity anymore except as a mother to her children, and as a former schemer. That’s not enough to make her appealing. Especially when she keeps making mistake after mistake … but she never has to pay for it anymore.

The show keeps flirting with EJami because EJami fans are dedicated and organized. But what was presented this week was that Sami loved Rafe but was marrying EJ for spite and because he was the “safe” choice. Come on. And EJ was marrying Sami because … well, because.

Days, you lost your opportunity with this couple. Fix Sami. Fix EJ. I think you still can. But EJami? I can’t see it. Move on.

Can we call him Guy Frowny?


5 thoughts on “Can this Marriage be Saved?

  1. Have you been posting about Days again? I’ve not been reading, but then again, I’ve not been watching. Ejami being a primary reason.

    You made excellent points about their history, why they were once likable as separate characters and why they just don’t work anymore.

    But shippers are fanatical. And as long as they remain dedicated and organized, the show won’t end it, unless JS/AS decide to leave (but then, where would they go?)

  2. Welcome back (at least temporarily), MP. 🙂

    I agree completely about EJ, Sami, and EJami. There was a time when they had promise. Heck, I even could have loved them together after the EVENT. But, every choice the writers make with these characters seems to be the wrong one — at least in terms of making EJ and Sami even remotely tolerable as a couple. Sami was never my favorite, but now I can’t even stand her. And I floved EJ, even is his darkest days — and even in his superdaddy phase — but now he’s basically dead to me (umm, no pun intended).

    Watching EJ chase after Sami when she was clearly in love with somebody else and without having ANY idea of why he loves her so much was the last straw. I might love EJ again someday if he gets a haircut, gets a suit that isn’t the gray one with the pink shirt, and stays far, far away from Sami. But, I’m not even sure that will do it.

    All that said, the reveal was pretty good soap. JS and AS played the reactions nicely and I especially loved the bit where Sami tells EJ she was only going to marry him because she saw Rafe with Nicole. All of that worked really well. And, the show has done a good job of playing all the other beats with Stefano and Kate (love that the writers finally remembered why Kate married Stefano), Nicole, and even Will.

    So, it’s all kind of a mixed back. Entertaining soapiness, but mostly involving characters I can’t bring myself to care about.

  3. Hi, Tripp! I’m not back for good, but I watched a lot of Days this summer. So I thought I’d pop in and share some of my thoughts about it.

    Esp, I only shipped EJ and Sami briefly but I always saw the potential there, and I really liked both actors. I’m not sure how they managed to screw that up so thoroughly, so that I don’t even care for the characters much anymore. (And what is going on with EJ’s hair??)

    And I didn’t even touch the fact that Sami just shot EJ in the head in cold blood. I have no idea how that’s going to play out.

  4. I know *exactly* what’s going to happen. EJ will come out of his coma, remember that Sami shot him, and then blackmail her into coming back to him or else he’ll turn her into the police. And thus this miserable pairing will go on and on and on until everyone is so sick of it TPTB finally kill it….

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