On Hiatus

I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to take a break from this blog. I’ve been posting weekly since 2006, and recently it’s gotten harder to find the time to give it the focused attention it deserves.

I will however, continue to watch my DVDs. I will likely be unable to resist posting my thoughts on the Cruise of Deception, Steve’s death, Jack and Jennifer’s wedding, and Shayla. So feel free to check back in occasionally. But, for now, I won’t be posting weekly anymore.

But here’s something fun to close things out. I just got a couple of new DVDs that have the Daytime Emmys from 1986 through 1989. I haven’t watched them all yet, but I got a big kick out of this clip from 1986:

YouTube link

(Check out Jane Krakowski on Search for Tomorrow—I had no idea. And with such hair!)

I had heard that TPTB were toying with a Hope/Steve pairing back in the day, and I think this clip, with its little teaser kiss, reinforces that idea. It’s funny to think what is considered, and discarded, in the writing rooms. But, though there’s no doubt these two have chemistry, I’m so glad they didn’t go that direction. I always treasured Hope and Steve’s friendship. Chemistry doesn’t always have to be romantic.

EDIT: Oh, my, check out Matt Ashford from his Search for Tomorrow days!

YouTube link


12 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Dear mary Pickford,

    Sorry to hear that you will be on hiatus, i have so enjoyed your insightful observations and comments on the glory days of days our lives.

  2. While I don’t always comment I keep this site on my list of favorites and check it every couple of days. I will sorely miss your commentaries, but I certainly understand the need for some time away devoted to other things. I will still check in regularly. Hope you are having fun with other things in your life. You have definitely brightened mine!

  3. This blog has been a favorite web stop for me as well. Thank you for sharing your time and insights with all of us. I, for one, will really miss it! Best wishes to you.

  4. Hi Mary Pickford,

    I was just wondering if you have been tuning into Days right now as the passing of Alice Horton is really beginning. Such a tremendous tribute to the heart and soul of the Horton family. I just loved to see the old clips from 1960’s with a very young Julie and Marie talking with Alice. The bounds of family is so strong on Days which is why i think that it is endures. I don’t think that the bonds of family love and loyalty can really be found on other soaps.
    Say for example, on GH where Carly is ready to hurt her first cousin Lulu for her “betrayal” , or a daughter, Krsitina ready to destroy her own father,(granted he is no prize).

    PS. I have to say that the possible pairing of Maggie and Victor is inspired. She is still such a beautiful woman, inside and out that I think that Victor cnno help respond to it.

  5. I haven’t been watching lately but I do want to watch Alice’s funeral so I will be sure to start tuning in. I love flashbacks so I will have to find the episode you are talking about.

    Maggie and Victor?? I’m having a hard time picturing that. But it sounds interesting.

  6. So . . . uhm . . . are you ready to come off of hiatus now? I miss reading your insights! Do I have to promise virtual brownies?

  7. Hello RileyKay! It’s quite a coincidence you asking me now, because I was just thinking about posting again. I’m watching Days this week and next because my mom is visiting again, and I’d thought I’d post some thoughts on what’s going on now. And, on my DVDs I have gotten all the way through the Cruise of Deception, so naturally I have things to say about that as well. Watch this space late next week! 🙂

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