Stephanie’s kidnapping

After all that Steve and Kayla have been through—Marina, Kayla’s arrest and conviction, giving up her baby—it seems like adding insult to injury (or rather, injury to injury) that Stephanie gets kidnapped on top of all that. Plus, there’s a feeling of “Kidnapping, really? That’s all you could come up with?”

Perhaps because of these low expectations, I actually have found the whole storyline really quite enjoyable. Especially given all the heavy angst that precedes it, I really appreciate that they play the whole kidnapping with a very light touch. One of the best sequences, which sets the tone for the whole thing, is right at the beginning, when Kayla hears about the kidnapping and busts out of prison. She enlists the help of one of her guards, pulls a gun on the other one, walks to Salem, sees the kidnapper at the airport, finds out where she’s going, sends a note to Steve and buys two tickets to follow the kidnapper to Australia. After that, she scolds Steve about not telling her Stephanie was kidnapped. He says “I knew you couldn’t do anything.” Uh, I think she just did everything, Steve.

A kidnapping story is never going to be a barrel of laughs, but the whole thing does end up feeling like fairly straightforward, fun adventure. They go to Australia, run into Bo (Steve does, anyway), and Marcus and Grace come along to help. It feels like they always have a lead to pursue, and the show wraps the whole thing up in a month or two. All I have to do is remember baby Andrew’s kidnapping to know how angstful and drawn out a baby kidnapping story can be. (I loved the umbrella stories that bookended Andrew’s kidnapping, but in between there were about five million false leads and ten million scenes of Patsy Pease crying on Shane’s shoulder and saying “my baby!”)

As is sometimes the price you pay for lightness, it is all fairly plot heavy, so there isn’t really a scene that jumps out at me to post from this storyline. But, this is just great:

YouTube link

YouTube link

Lovely happy ending.

4 thoughts on “Stephanie’s kidnapping

  1. I agree that the kidnapping feels like a little too much after everything else, but it really is pretty well done. The best thing about it, for me, is that it allows Kayla to be very proactive again. After months of having things happen to her (all the Marina stuff, being threatend and kidnapped, then the ridiculous murder trial and sentence), she finally gets to do something.

    I love that she breaks out of prison without Steve’s help, gets to Salem, figures out she can’t contact Steve directly, finds Sheila at the airport, and somehow gets them tickets to Australia and gets word to Steve. Sure it all may be a bit hard to believe, but it works because it’s so cathartic.

    We regress a little in Australia (primarily because MBE was still on maternity leave) as Steve takes center stage, but then we see them working togther, comforting each other, and never losing hope (which is helped by the fact that they never seem to not have some lead to pursue). And I love that it is Kayla who finds Sheila and who gets Stephanie away from her. Again, that re-empowerment of the character is very important.

    Lastly, I love that the show gives us a true happy ending. We get the stuff in Australia, the big family gathering at home, and the intimate celebration at the end that ties everything up nicely. Those are the types of payoffs that make all the other stuff worthwhile.

  2. i agree, it’s nice to see a happy ending after all the angst. i love the celebration in salem when everyone gets back together, even Uncle Jack!
    on a different note, i have come upon an interesting website, we love soaps, and right now there are counting down the 50 greatest soap actors. So far from Days, John Aniston and Stephen Nichols have been included. Hope that Matt Ashford will be in the top 20.

  3. OOps, forgot to include Macdonald Carey and Joseph Mascolo. In the previous list of 50 greatest soap actresses, Days was also well represented.
    Susan Flanery (Laura). Jane Eliot, (Angelica)
    Deidre Hall, Eileen Davidson, Kristen?Susan et al) Loiuse Sorel, (Vivian)Susan Seaforth Hayes, (julie), Patsy Pease, (Kimberly), Mary Beth Evans, (Kayla)Suzanne Rogers, (Maggie)and Crystal Chappel, (Carly)
    Can’t see how they omitted Frances Reid and no mention of Kristian Alfonso or Missy Reeves.

  4. esp, I totally agree that it’s very nice to see Kayla get to be active again after all the forced passivity (and suffering) of the arrest, trial, and imprisonment. I love it when she springs into action and sets them on the right track.

    Love the soaps, that’s nice that Stephen and Mary Beth and some other people from Days were included on the list. I think Matt Ashford deserves a place too, so I join you in hoping to see him.

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