White Wedding Dress

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I don’t have a lot of time this week, so this will be a quick post. Jennifer is with Calliope, getting a fitting for her wedding dress. Jack comes in and sees her, and we get a fabulous nonverbal scene:

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I just love the look on Jack’s face, his look of awe at how beautiful she looks, how it makes him think of Jennifer marrying him, and what that would mean to him. And yet it makes her marriage to Emilio suddenly very real too. And then we see Jennifer with the tears standing in her eyes as she gets that confirmation of how Jack feels, knowing he’s not going to do anything about it, and yet unable to help responding to his emotion. She knows what he’s thinking and wishes she were marrying him too. All done with no words, just how they look at each other. Wonderful stuff.

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8 thoughts on “White Wedding Dress

  1. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about everyone being soooooo focused on Jennifer’s viginity. I can see Jack being fascinated by it, but that’s because he’s desperately trying not to think of her that way (and failing miserably). As for Calliope’s little, “[Someone who has] the right to wear this color,” comment… ick! That line seems to spit on every other woman she’s made a dress for (ahem… *cough*Kayla*cough*). Not cool!

  2. I actually get pretty annoyed too by the way everyone seems aware of Jen’s virginity and feels just fine referring to it. Sometimes it’s like she has a neon sign on her forehead.
    I think it works with Jack mostly because, like you say, he’s trying not to think of her that way. But even with him, it’s not my favorite thing.

    I didn’t get particularly offended on Kayla’s or anyone’s behalf with Calliope’s comment, though. I guess I just don’t see virginity as such a desirable state that it would be a slam to point out that someone isn’t one. Maybe that’s just me.

  3. Neither do I, but I guess that’s why I saw it as a slam. I mentioned Kayla simply because she’s the only one I know for sure who had Calliope make her (awesomely poufy) dress. For Calliope to state that Jennifer has “the right” to wear white simply because of her “hymenally-challenged” state implies that any non-virgin would not have that same right.

    Truly, the whole thing just comes across as squicky to me. I know I wouldn’t want everyone and their mother c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y bringing up my sex life (or lack of). It makes me think you’re right about the neon sign. Maybe the blinking red light outside of Steve’s window wasn’t the sign above Shenanigans, but actually Jennifer’s forehead. 😛

  4. Ok. I acknowledge the comments that have been made but at this time i have to respectfully disagree. This is another take on this scene, remember that we have the right to disagree. The fact as everyone knows is that jennifer has never been with a man. This is what made the entire jack/jennifer dynamic so unique. On one hand, we have a man, very personable and handsome, somewhat older and with a tainted past and this young, innocent girl totally inthralled with him. Is it right, according to her family no, but still….

  5. RileyKay—hee! about the neon sign.

    love the soaps, of course you can disagree. 🙂

    And I do get what you are saying. It plays up the contrast between Jack and Jennifer and certainly makes it all the more urgent to Jack that he not “corrupt” her. But, the way they handle it sometimes, with so many different people in town talking about it, it just isn’t my favorite thing. I give MR big props, though, for never playing Jen as a simpering virgin. Jennifer was always very open about her sexual attraction to Jack and was often trying to seduce him. She never seemed to think of her virginity as anything particularly special, just a fact about her. “I never had a lover.”

  6. Of, course disagreement is great! It’s the stuff that a lot of awesome discussions are built on. 🙂

    As for J&J, I don’t know how unique I would say the worldly man/enthralled innocent story is, but I do agree that the way it is played out gives it a freshness that I would never have expected. It’s the same thing we’ve addressed in other couples’ storylines: The actors are the ones that take a stereotypical storyline and make it uniquely “theirs”. We expect things to work out in the end, but the journey there is new for the characters involved and, because we care about them, new for us.

  7. As a concept, I don’t mind Jen as the innocent virgin and the way that plays against Jack’s past. I just don’t think they did a very good job with it sometimes. As MP mentioned, it bugs that everybody in town seemed to be aware of Jen’s virginity and often couldn’t resist commenting on it.

    I agree, however, that MR does a good job finding the balance between the neon “virgin” sign she seemed to be carrying around and portraying a woman confident in herself and her own sexuality. In the end, that’s what saves the less than stellar parts of that storyline.

    But, it all does remind me why I was soooo glad that Kayla didn’t get this treatment. Not only did it never bother me that Steve was not Kayla’s first lover, I was thrilled about it.

  8. Dear people,

    i agree with your comments and viewpoints. that is what made this storyline and characters so special . I agree that aside from the fact that jennifer had not had a sexual realtionship with a man, she was very open and made it clear to jack that it was she wanted to have her first “adult” relationship to be with him. that is what it made it so unique.

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