Hey Mickey

I watched Mickey’s funeral—or his funeral after-party, whatever it was—yesterday.

I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it seemed like the show was really trying to honor its history. I loved the big picture of John Clarke. It was great to see Lisa Trusel, and her scenes with Nathan were cute and funny. She looked great, I thought. And with such shiny, shiny hair—but sadly, not that reddish brown color I used to admire so much.

Seeing Doug and Julie was a treat as always, and Maggie of course. I thought Nathan did decently as the newest Horton member. It was awkward saying Alice was in “the den” with Bill and Marie, and Sarah was “bringing the car around,” though perhaps better than not mentioning them at all. As long as they were at it, why not stack the other rooms with Jack and Jennifer, Mike and Jeremy, Josh and Jessica Fallon [and Nick, sob!], David and Scott Banning, Sandy Horton, &c. &c…. and where was Lucas? Or Will? It all ended up reinforcing how pathetically neglected the Horton clan has been over the years.

And why, oh why, was Melanie featured so heavily? I have seen complaints, from browsing around message boards, that Melanie is irritatingly put at the center of too many storylines. But giving her a showcased role in the middle of a Horton funeral? Really, really odd. Mia seemed bizarrely prominent as well.

But, of course, the flashback, the photo album (if I ignore who was paging through it) and especially the montage were wonderful. How I wish I could watch those early episodes of Days! Just thinking about the treasure trove in the Days vault gives me palpitations.

And by a nice coincidence, my mother is visiting me this week, so we watched the episode together. When the scene of Mickey and Maggie’s first meeting came on, my mom said, “Oh, I remember that.”


6 thoughts on “Hey Mickey

  1. Yes, I knew Melanie was every where, but having the funeral revolve around her is pretty tacky.

    I joked on a board that when poor Frances Reid dies and the show honors the memory of Alice Horton, it will be Melanie who will lead the funeral and talk of her “off screen” relationship with Alice who meant so much to her. She’ll also be serving donuts too.

  2. Gag, what is with all the Melanie stuff? I haven’t watched Days in over a year and wasn’t able to watch these episodes which I would have loved to seen. Hopefully someone will put them up on YouTube. I read the recaps and was appalled at how little “family” was there for Mickey! And Melissa apparently “missed” the actual funeral?! Such a beloved character and this is the best they can do. Ugh.

    I remember a couple of years back when is was Sami of Our Lives and now it’s Melanie of Our Lives. No diversity, no intelligence, nothing worth investing in. Sorry don’t mean to ramble but I guess reading about the flashbacks just gets to me when I remember how wonderful the show used to be and what it is now. Thanks for letting me vent!

    Tripp, by the time they do a funeral for Alice, I’m sure Melanie will be the show’s Matriarch.

  3. I have only watched days on satellite and get up with prevuze, a hilarious recap site that writes about the on goings in salem, writing the things that we the viewers are thinking about. total jokes.

    I must say that i agree with Kathleen who writes that it is Melanie of our lives as oppposed to days of our lives. it seems that the writers latch onto a charcter they seem to run it into the ground. What is the rooting value of this character?? I really don’t get it. in the previous entry, the character of isabella was written about, a person of worth, gentleness and redeeming character.

    The viewers of days of our live are supposed to believe that this teenager ( with a very questionable past and no real family ties to anyone in Salem) has captivated grown men, a doctor with ties to the founding family and a playboy tycoon into fighting over her.

    No wonder that the future of soaps is in dire straits with writing like this. Thank goodness for you tube and websites where we can watch soaps like they used to be.

  4. I agree – what is the rooting value of Melanie? When she first appeared I was willing to give her a chance but the writing for the character never materialized. She came across as very one-layered and I could see no reason why the guys were interested in her.

    Now she’s marrying Philip AND is Carly’s daughter?! I too keep up by way of Prevuz on occasion and this is just mind numbing.

  5. The Days of Melanie’s Lives—it’s so true.

    I liked the character quite a bit at first when it seemed she was being brought on for Nick. She was the right age for him, there was a spark and her early scenes and I liked the bad girl/good boy setup. Then they dropped that (actually, imploded it) and started that Phillip/Melanie/Stephanie triangle, and I haven’t been able to get behind the character since. She is way too young for Phillip.

    I find it so odd that they have Mia and Melanie hanging out like they are close friends, and yet Melanie is put in with the “adult” storylines. And that’s not supposed to be strange.

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