Roman and Isabella

So I’ve been enjoying tremendously watching the beginnings of RoJohn and IzzyB (sounds like sitcom!).

Contrary to the complicated beginnings of some couples, the show has brought them together very simply. They are working together to bring down Victor, who they are sure is guilty of Marina’s murder. Of course, this will later get very complicated, when it becomes clear that Isabella is the one who killed her sister, but that’s still in the future.

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I love the spark that Staci Greason brings out in Drake. I don’t think he sparked with anyone as well as he did with her. He was always so self-serious with Dierdre, and he was great with Genie Francis but this is even better. Their banter in the first part of this scene is wonderful, as Isabella is insisting on helping with the investigation, proposing breaking into Victor’s house, and Roman is trying vainly to dissuade her.

Then, after Isabella takes a header into the river, Roman takes her back to his place to “get out of her wet clothes.” (A soap classic.) Then we get the first major UST moment from them. Staci and Drake are both wonderful conveying the attraction they both feel, while at the same time continuing the lovely playful banter. I just love that combination.

Of course Days has to add a little wrinkle, as we get Isabella deceiving Roman in order to get the blueprints to the Kiriakis house, so she can search it by herself. You can’t have a step forward without sowing the seeds of tension and doubt. I love the way the show does this so seamlessly, getting us to root for this couple with these scenes of growing attraction, and then making us wonder what Roman is going to do when he finds out about Isabella’s ulterior motive.


6 thoughts on “Roman and Isabella

  1. I love the fact that Isabella’s header into the river was totally on purpose. You could see the wheels spinning madly and practically hear the “*Whistling* Oop-sie!” as she practically dances off the edge behind his back. It’s great how she seems so downright cheerful about getting soaked and frozen.

    I’m an unabashed RoJohn/IzzyB fan and loooove watching their old clips!

  2. It’s funny because when I started re-watching the early scenes with Isabella where she is at Bayview and involved in the big “key” mystery, I found myself wondering why I had been such a big fan of Roman and Isabella because I really wasn’t feeling the character this time around.

    Then, they brought her out of the coma and had her working with Roman and I suddenly remembered why I liked her so much back in the day. SG and DH just really work so well together and she brings out a lot of nice emotional layers from him. All th soapy conflict in their relationship is great as well.

  3. I am rediscovering a love of Roman and Isabella myself. I liked them back then but missed so much of their story that I can’t call myself a diehard fan. That is quickly changing, however.

    I’m afraid my DVDs won’t follow RoJohn and IzzyB after they drop out of Marina’s murder story. I wonder if clips are available somewhere …

  4. I just have to say that i really enjoyed the character of isabella. she seemed to bring out the best and softer side of jack and roman aka john. i was never a big fan of ro-john but when he was with isabella i saw a likeable charcter as opposed to the way he was with marlena the drama queen. i especially remember j/j’s wedding after he caught the garter and he led isabella away so gently and protectively.

  5. I agree that Isabella brought out the soft side of Jack as well. It was one of the most important steps in showing his redemption, I think, when he had Isabella to confide in—as much as he was able to at the time.

  6. I never saw the Roman/Isabella story so this is the first time I saw this clip. I had heard about it and must admit I like what I see.

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