Congratulations, Stephen! (with poll)

I’m sure many of you have heard the news, that Stephen Nichols is joining the cast of The Young and the Restless, as Tucker McCall. He replaces William Russ:

Link (TV Guide)

Yay! I’m working again!

So, just for fun:


11 thoughts on “Congratulations, Stephen! (with poll)

  1. I just hope the writers don’t forget that they’ve hired him. Y&R seems to forget half of their cast at times but unlike with Days, they forget the new characters while they shove the old ones down the viewers throats… maybe I’m just feeling cynical.

  2. I’m at “I need another soap like a hole in the head.” And I have to admit that I’m more of a character fan than an actor fan at this point. But I’m happy for him that he’s got such a great gig, and I’ll definitely check it out a few times.

    For all his years in soapland, this is the first time he’s been a recast, right?

  3. Yeah, this is his first gig as a recast. But, it sounds like Y&R is doing that “take the character in a different direction” thing, plus Hogan certainly is familiar with working with Stephen, so I have a hunch he’ll get to make the character his own — at least to a certain degree.

    As for watching Y&R, I’m torn. I used to watch it off and on many years ago and I never could get really committed to it. And I’m just not sure I want to try to get committed to another soap. But, I’m sure I’ll be watching Stephen’s first few episodes as least. Who knows, maybe that will be enough to drag me in.

  4. Sometimes when an actor who was so identified as a chracter like stephen was on days, it can be difficult to accept him in a different role. when he and mary beth were on general hospital it just wasn’t the same. the same goes for nancy grahn and lane davies who sizzled on santa babara, but no sparks on general hospital.
    perhaps i am wrong but this is just my opinion.

  5. I think it depends on whether you are talking about the actor as a different character or the actors playing a different couple. I think Stephen was well-accepted as Stefan on GH. And I think MBE was well-accepted as Katherine (although the character might not have been as popular just because Katherine was kind of bitch). So, it’s not that actors can’t be accepted as different characters.

    The problem with SN and MBE on GH was that the writers tried way too hard to rewrite Steve and Kayla’s love story and make it fit two characters who were very, very different than Steve and Kayla. I truly believe that had they written a love story/romance for Stefan and Katherine that was true to those characters (particularly for Katherine) it could have worked just fine.

  6. I totally agree with esp13. The writers at GH tried to ride the coat tails of SN’s and MBE’s success on Days. Had they written them as the characters they were, they might have hit a goldmine. Instead, they took a much lazier route. Still, the chemistry was there, just totally underdeveloped IMO. I will definitely follow SN to Y&R, especially since I am no longer committed to Days. From the few Y&R clips I have watched, I can tell that SN will completely define and own the role of Tucker McCall. Steve Johnson will always be my first love, but SN is the type actor that gets me invested whether I want to be or not.

  7. I haven’t seen much of Stefan and Katherine but I think the characters were generally successful and accepted by viewers, even if the pairing didn’t turn out that way. I am struck when I see those clips how different SN and MBE seem from how I know them on Days. (I guess that’s acting, hee!)

    It likely won’t be the same, in the sense that it won’t be like Steve was (and Steve and Kayla were) in the 80’s—but then, what is?

    Anyway, I will certainly check out Stephen’s first few appearances. I can’t imagine watching another soap again, but it will be fun to watch him.

  8. I might check out a clip or two online just out of curiosity, but no matter how often I tried I could never watch more than 5 minutes of Y&R. Plus, Hogan’s still writing, right?

    Very happy for SN.

  9. Yes, Hogan is on the writing staff at Y&R now. I have no idea how he’s doing over there, but I’m glad for him after he got fired in such a horrible way by Kenny.

    I went through a couple of years as a teen where I watched GL and (sometimes) ATWT, but I never watched Y&R because it was always on opposite Days. But, I do have a (non-online) friend who watches it off and on. He’s just gotten back into it over the last year and has been telling me about all this Jill/Katherine stuff. (They’re mother and daughter, wait, no, actually they’re not!) It looks like SN’s character might be a part of all that craziness.

  10. Happy New Year everyone!

    The holidays delayed my response to this awesome news but ….WOOHOOO! Now I admit that after leaving DOOL for good once Blake left I did watch Y&R for a couple of months. It gave me GREAT pleasure to watch a soap that actually uses it’s vets in front-burner storylines. I used to watch back in the day, especially when Lauren used to torture Traci and was just a nasty hateful Bitch. The she slowly fell in love with Paul,and was buried alive by a crazy psycho-stalker that thankfully she did NOT fall in “LOVE” with. Then a Bug ate the show and I stopped watching. Anyhoo, FF to Mid-2009 and what-do-you-know, I actually still remember most of these characters. I got a couple of good months in, but then I realized something… EVERY story was dark and dreary and majorly depressing. Stuff with great promise took such a WTF! turn that I just had to turn it off. HS being head writer gives me pause I admit. So many stories that start great and end up in crazyland, so I am a bit worried that even SN won’t be able to sell it. But since Tucker McCall is a character that’s only weeks old and could literally have ANY kind of back-story I’m willing to give it a try. Here’s hoping for a soapier 2010!

  11. It’s great news, isn’t it, halo? I am so happy for Stephen. I am definitely going to check out his first few episodes. I have to believe that there is better writing on Y&R than there was for Stephen on Days, so even if it isn’t perfect it will be a step up. He said as much in an interview, and he definitely seems excited. I really hope it goes well.

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