Happy Happy Joy Joy

Sigh. This is really, really lovely.

Don’t you love how Days used to give couples a happy reunion after a separation? This is what used to keep us hanging in there through all the angst and the soap rage:

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There is so much fun banter here, but my favorite is Jo saying “He is a man,” about Steve, and Steve saying “She noticed, Mama.” Oh yes, she noticed.

A slow dance, Steve being romantic, and Kayla finally getting to enjoy looking forward to the baby. What more can you ask for?

Oh yeah, a love scene:

YouTube link

Well, at least an implied one.

I really like the moment when Steve gets serious and says he didn’t know if he would get her back, and he isn’t just talking about the thing with Kiriakis. It shows that Steve isn’t taking this reunion for granted (even though he’s already gotten her into bed, hee). I love his uncertainty about going too fast for her, and the return of sexually aggressive Kayla when she says, “Who said anything about too fast?”

Afterwards I find the talk about Kayla’s insecurity about her pregnant body to be realistic and refreshing. I only wish they had fixed the timing on it. Coming right after the implied love scene as it does, it almost seems to suggest that what just happened was … less than stellar. And I’m sorry, that is something that just doesn’t belong in my happy universe. But, we get another implied love scene right afterward, so I won’t complain too much.

Unfortunately, the angst begins again almost immediately. But, damn, this was a happy interlude.

10 thoughts on “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. That dance in the restaurant was something that was waited for a long time. I’m digging the disco ball. LOL. Jo’s face was not very convincing at all and Kayla was so touched by the nursery.

    I have to agree, wished they would have shown that talk before and not after. Steve was very sensitive to Kayla about that.

    Loved both clips, but then again there aren’t many Steve and Kayla clips that I don’t like.

  2. Good point about the timing of the conversation. It does seem to imply that perhaps one or both of them was somehow “holding back” during their first implied quality time. I’m sure he made up for it during the second go ’round. 🙂 But I LOVED that they had this conversation, especially given Marina’s taunting that Steve wouldn’t find pregnant Kayla desirable.

    And Jo is always so terrible at keeping fun secrets like this! I love that consistency about her character.

    But overall, happy reunion. Yeah!!

  3. Melaraus, good point about Marina’s taunting. I hadn’t made that connection explicitly. Thinking about that makes this scene even better.

    Becky, isn’t that disco ball great? Hee! With their song playing and everything. Steve really knows how to go for the big romantic gesture, doesn’t he?

  4. Well, it probably wasn’t the greatest sex they’ve ever had. It’s challenging at that point in a pregnancy even if you’ve been gradually getting accustomed to the belly. Plunging in after months of separation would be very daunting. And it’s a sweet scene which we’ve earned after all the misery. Too bad we’re just heading into more misery.

  5. I just refuse to believe that any time Steve and Kayla were together it wasn’t perfect. That’s the whole point of soap operas. So, while I love the conversation and the way that Steve soothed Kayla’s fears, I’m with MP in that I really, really wish the conversation would have occurred first.

    But, regardless of the timing, I do like the way it implicitly destroys the accusations that Marina made about how Steve would not want Kayla when she was pregnant. And I do love that the show gave us this little happy interlude. Maybe it wasn’t long enough but at least we got one at all.

  6. I really liked how the camera would catch the look in Steve’s eye when they hugged. You could see how much it meant to him to have Kayla back. He worked hard and didn’t give up on her and them.

    I didn’t mind the conversation afterwards. I just thought it was something that crossed Kayla’s mind afterwards. I did like that was Steve who had the nursery all ready. He was always unsure about being a dad but it showed he was so looking forward to the baby coming and them being a family.

    It was bittersweet hearing him talk about the “kids” they would have and watch them grow up and then they would be off and it would be the two of them together. It didn’t happen how they had hoped but it is good to know they did get their second chance.

  7. Hee, no problem, Flaco.

    Mary, it’s really hard hearing them talk about their future together while knowing what’s going to happen. That’s why I will never be sorry they came back so they could get their happy ending. And even though I wasn’t wild about them getting a baby story while they were on, now that they’re gone I’m so glad they have little Joe. It’s comforting as I watch this stuff to know that Steve is getting to do with Joe all the stuff he’s talking about with Stephanie.

  8. I feel the same way about the return. I’m planning on getting the DVDs of it when I can afford them. It was mishandled and the ending was horrible, but I’m still glad they had a second chance. It’s the only thing that’s going to get me through the DVDs from this point to Steve’s death. (And I’m already bitter in advance about the very few happy moments they get before that happens.)

  9. I am glad they did come back too for that second chance. I just think in my head now that they are together and with Joe. Steve is doing the things he didn’t with Stephanie. It is too bad we can’t see it.

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