Well, the exchange is made, with plenty of plot shenanigans—Jack making a copy of the key and getting to the diary before Victor, Roman and Isabella and Marcus and Grace meeting for the first time, and Isabella getting shot by Victor’s henchmen. But … let’s talk reunion!

YouTube link

(Sorry the audio is off from the video. This clip was already up on YouTube.)

First is your typical moratorium scene, where everyone reflects on what just happened. They discuss whether it’s possible to convict Victor based on what they know. (This scene makes me laugh because I’ve seen a blooper reel of Mary Beth flubbing some lines and cracking up. And if anyone has a link to that, I would appreciate it!) I love seeing Steve agree to drop his normal desire for payback against Victor, just because Kayla asks him to.

After Marcus and Grace leave, Steve and Kayla are alone at last. This is what we’ve been waiting for, through more than just the kidnapping. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen our couple together. Steve and Kayla were growing closer before she was kidnapped, but things weren’t resolved and settled. In that light, I find some of the dialogue here frustratingly vague. It’s like the writers knew that Steve and Kayla hadn’t yet reunited, but they couldn’t be bothered to go back and see what their issues actually were. I get that Kayla probably wouldn’t be up for a long hash-it-out conversation, but something less obviously generic than “we’ve both changed and things are different” would have been nice. Maybe a reference to Kayla learning to trust him again, or to Steve not hiding problems when they arise.

But, Mary Beth and Stephen, as usual, make the most of what they have. They do a good job conveying their awkwardness when they are finally alone. I really love when Steve asks if they can start over. They’ve had to set their problems aside as they dealt with this crisis, and now that the crisis is over he doesn’t know how things stand. Will Kayla’s walls come back up? I love that he doesn’t take anything for granted. At the same time, the mere fact that he’s asking, that he’s leaving the decision to her, shows that he feels on firmer ground now. During the worst of the Marina separation, Steve wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it up to Kayla—because Kayla might have made the wrong choice.

And even though she doesn’t reply to this right away it’s a lovely moment when Mary Beth shows by Kayla’s expression during the hug how much she loves being in Steve’s arms. I think we know what she’s going to decide from that moment.

Then—Steve asks her to tell him what she wants, and Kayla says she just wants to go home, and to just hold her all night. I love her vulnerability, and that Steve doesn’t push her any further. Then they just go over to the bed and lay down together. End scene. Sigh.


5 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. The blooper reel you are referring to can be found at youtube:

    Mind you, it’s poor quality, but definitely shows some priceless bloopers in this scene as well as some others. The first one shown is my favorite… 😉 The blooper regarding this scene starts at .32. Enjoy… hopefully as much as I enjoy your blog.

  2. That’s it, wawame! Thanks so much. I searched on YouTube because I thought that’s where I’d seen it before, but could not find it. I love when MBE gets confused about the line and Stephen says, “Kidnapping is what he did to you.” Nice to know they find the intricate plots hard to keep track of sometimes, hee.

    I agree about the first blooper too—priceless.

  3. I love those bloopers as well. MBE is always hilarious.

    I love the reunion scenes at the end of the kidnapping saga, although I share the frustration at the vagueness of the talk about their problems. It bugs that we don’t really get a good hash it out scene here. I understand why Kayla wouldn’t be up for one, but it still kind of bugs.

    Mostly I love that Steve asks for the chance to start over and I love that he’s not sure what her answer will be. How many times did Kayla find out that Steve in crisis mode was different then Steve after the crisis was over? I feel like here, Steve is feeling the same thing. Will Kayla still want to get back together now that the crisis is over? That’s kind of fun.

    And the ending of the scene is wonderful with Kayla saying everything she needs to say by simply asking him to take her home and asking him to hold her all night. It’s quite beautiful.

  4. I do like how the scene ended. I wonder if the writers may have kept the analysis to “we’ve both changed” to reflect Kayla’s guilt about her own lack of complete honesty. Remember, at this point Marina had been murdered and Kayla was still hiding her full involvement in the events of that night, so she had some unresolved issues that she might have preferred not to dredge up. Then again, that’s probably giving the writers too much credit. Just a thought.

  5. esp, I love that doubt when Steve asks if they can start over. Like you say, he knows that the walls can come back up when the crisis is over.

    Melaraus, I think that’s probably giving the writers too much credit but I appreciate the effort. 🙂 I think MBE doesn’t start giving “Kayla has something to hide” vibes until she’s back home in Salem and she visits Isabella at the hospital. I kind of think that’s when they clued Mary Beth in about where they were going with the story. But I could be wrong!

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