I got your damn key

Finally, we’re getting somewhere in this kidnapping plot—but first ….

The scene is mostly filler as we get ready for the big exchange (Kayla for the key), but there are some interesting moments here. Steve is openly hostile and suspicious toward Isabella, but it’s obvious that part of the reason for it is plain nervousness. Now that things are close to being resolved, he’s so worried and keyed up that something will go wrong, and Isabella makes a handy target. Having Marcus there trying to soften things shows that Steve is being unfair.

The phone call to Victor where Steve says “I got your damn key” is a lot of fun. I always feel that Stephen and John Aniston manage to convey, with every interaction, the fact that Steve used to work for Victor. They have a banter that shows they are used to dealing with each other. And Steve is so blunt and Victor is so smooth and indirect, it’s just fun to watch the contrast.

But the best part about this is Steve attitude towards Jack. Earlier, Jack sent Isabella to Steve with the key, saying he wouldn’t come himself because Steve would just doubt his motives. That was mostly a cover story because Jack wanted to follow up a lead without telling anyone, but here we see he was absolutely right. It’s hard to see Steve be so hard on Jack, since we’ve seen how much Jack cares and how much he’s been working on this. Steve sneers first that Jack should be here to get all the credit. Later he says he “apparently” had something better to do, and in this we can see that Steve is a little hurt that Jack isn’t there.

Somewhere inside Steve believed, or at the very least wanted to believe, Jack’s constant talk about wanting to help. His absence now suggests to Steve that Jack didn’t care that much after all, and that hurts. Yet, we know that if Jack had actually been there, he would have been as much a target for Steve’s hostility as Isabella is—more so, no doubt. In this we see what Jack is up against. But at the same time, we are reminded of Steve’s underlying feelings for Jack—in fact those feelings are partly what is fueling his hostility. It’s a way to show a step back and a step forward at the same time. And that gives us hope for them.

Next time—Steve and Kayla are reunited, finally!


4 thoughts on “I got your damn key

  1. I just watched the return of the key on my DVDs. It was really kind of a weird wrap up. I was assuming we were building up to a big Steve rescue. Instead, we have awkward scenes with him and Kayla standing around waiting for the signal. Jack is off in some of the strangest scenes in “Italy” in the whole saga. Why did that sailor know about the location of the chest? And how did Jack find out about his knowledge? Maybe there were some scenes left out of the DVD that explained everything. Otherwise, the wrap up starts to rival Saul’s camp for sheer lack of logic. And the reunion was kind of underwhelming. I was looking for something big — like Steve and Kayla in the cabin after the poisoning. I know she’s really, really pregnant but I needed a little angst. It all really started to seem like a set up for the Roman/Isabella romance. I know there’s some better stuff ahead, but I want a little love story as a reward for hanging in there. And can I just say that Steve is not the only one who was missing Jack at the wrap up. I was also longing for him — maybe with Jennifer secretly trailing along behind him.

  2. Flaco, there are some scenes left out of the DVDs that I think are quite good. You can view them here:

    Steve and Kayla reunite

    The audio is a little off from the video but you get the idea. I’m going to talk about these scenes next time.

    I don’t think the sailor really knew anything about the key—Jack found some numbers etched on the key and figured out they were latitude/longitude numbers. The sailor was just helping him pinpoint the location the numbers indicated. Now, why nobody ever investigated those numbers before (like say, Marina) is anybody’s guess.

  3. Well I have just spent an enjoyable couple of hours reading all your very insightful commentary on old-school Jack and Jen and Steve and Kayla. I really like your in-depth pointing out of the small expressions and dialogue that have the deeper meanings – which is the reasons why soaps can be so enjoyable. So much more richness and character depth to plumb from.

    I have avoided the Jack/Jen storyline for a long time – I just could not see how they could redeem him properly.. and I’m one of those ‘anal’ people that have to read a series of books in order – even if they are not really linked. So I was afraid of missing out on most of the storyline – and just seeing the ‘major’ bits. But devoted to deveraux has come to the rescue and I’ve basically been on a Jack/Jenn glom for the past two weeks. And they pimped you on their forum this week.

    I’m so looking forward to reading more of your insights. (And it was like a ‘of course’ moment when I saw a post mentioning you started this from TWOP – love those forums – stupidity (but not sillyness *grin*) is stamped out quickly there).

  4. Thank you, Spruce272!

    Devoted to Deveraux is a great site, isn’t it? The way they have their clips cataloged is amazing, and discussion board is a nice place to post. Very friendly and welcoming.

    I know exactly what you mean about going in order. I feel the same way. I think the context is so important for getting all the nuances of a storyline. The big moments feel bigger if I’ve gone through all the leadup to it, and the small moments mean more. I’m coming to the conclusion that the small moments are most important for really establishing relationships and character depth.

    Anyway, glad you stopped by! And you’re right about TWoP. 🙂

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