Fresh Look

This week, I’m a Days watcher again.

My mom still watches the current show, so when she is visiting me, as she is this week, we watch it together. I haven’t been following recaps or message boards at all lately, so I really got to approach this with a fresh eye and very few preconceived notions. I have to say, it was fun.



Wally Kurth is looking good. I was so tickled to hear him say “Uncle Vic” again. Nice to see him join the ranks with EJ and Chris Kositchek of “suddenly I have a law degree” Salemites. And I thought the teasers about his problems with Adrienne were fairly well done. A gradually introduced breakup is much better than a “by the way, we’re divorced” fait accompli. It (potentially) gives Wally Kurth something interesting to do and gives fans of the couple some time to get used to the idea of them splitting up.

My mom has switched her allegiance from EJ to Rafe for “hottest guy in Salem,” and I guess I can see what she’s talking about:


I thought he was working the sad, soulful looks pretty well in his breakup with Sami. That “dead fiancee’s sister put up by Stefano accusing him of murder but he can’t tell Sami the truth because he has to protect Arianna” plot twist seemed, um, a bit contrived, though. (Just me?) Couldn’t they come up with a more organic breakup than that? How about tensions arising from dealing with Grace’s death?

Speaking of that—when Ken Corday said that he learned from Zach’s death that “you don’t kill children” he forget to add the corollary, that “unless it’s the baby of a minor character that no one cares about, in which case they’re disposable.”

Three mothers, two fathers, three babies. Then two mothers, two babies. Now one baby. In a way, I have to admire the soap logic here, the mathematical precision of it. But killing Grace off reveals, if it wasn’t obvious before, how truly these babies have been introduced as plot contrivances and pawns to be shuffled around.

I still can’t figure out who EJ is supposed to really be in love with, and I don’t know why he’s so obsessed with mourning a baby he never knew was his while she was alive. I see Nicole is still acting like a desperate dishrag, but also that Ari is still selling it. I did enjoy Stefano sneering at her for her qualms of conscience for stealing Sami’s baby when she isn’t going to do anything to make it better. I was pretty surprised to see Nicole and Sami acting all buddy buddy, but it does twist the knife for Nicole to have to watch a “friend” (for lack of a better word) suffer, and know that she caused it. There is something satisfyingly soapy about that, but again, just like with Grace’s death, seems to go too far—this time in crucifying Nicole’s character for the sake of Sami’s.

I guess that’s nothing new.

I see Lucas is still at it, throwing judgments around and blaming other people for his problems:

Why is my nephew such a tool?

In addition to blaming Maggie for not telling him, or rather re-telling him, about Chloe’s infidelity (which I noticed he didn’t apply the same standard to Kate), he took my breath away when he said casually to Sami, as his justification for shooting, EJ, “Besides, EJ deserved to die.” All the while convicting Rafe on the flimsiest evidence for supposedly killing his fiancee. I suppose if Rafe had pulled Lucas aside and said, “But Lucas, she deserved to die,” Lucas would have said, “Oh, well, why didn’t you say so?”

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7 thoughts on “Fresh Look

  1. They split up Adrienne and Justin? I wish he had come back when she did. It’s not the same when one comes back and the other does not. I don’t watch anymore.

    I think Rafe from the sound of it is being pushed as the top guy on the show.

  2. Mary:

    I agree about the A&J split. Rumor has is now that Judi Evans’s current stint on ATWT is only short-term, leaving open the possibility of bringing back Adrienne soon. Let’s hope they provide A&J a better reunion than S&K! (And I agree, MP, Justin is looking good!)

    Although I still keep up with the show and sometimes try to catch scenes involving certain characters, I stopped watching regularly after they dumped S&K. I’m glad TPTB are pushing Rafe, though. From what I’ve seen of him, he’s an interesting character with leading man potential. A LOT better than EJ. I can’t stand to watch any scenes involving Elvis Jr. Really wish they would dump that character or replace with another actor.

  3. What to do when one actor comes back without the other is always a tough one. I think a vague “they’re having problems” is the best of the options available, which can lead to a permanent split, or they can reunite after the actor leaves again.

    Melaraus, I’ve always liked James Scott but find the character of EJ totally incoherent at this point. Too many writers trying to do too many different things. I do like Rafe, too, though, from what I’ve seen. And my mom sure likes him. 🙂

  4. Good point about the incoherent writing, MP. James Scott might be appealing in another role. The character of EJ is just the most extreme example of what is wrong with current Days.

    Side note: the recent ratings reports have not been good. With the demise of Guiding Light, one wonders how long it will be before NBC pulls the plug. RIP daytime soaps!

  5. When EJ first arrived I was intrigued and loved the chemistry between him and Sami. I had not watched in years so was not committed to a Sami/Lucas pairing. I loved the idea of a Sami/EJ story, so many possibilities of love rising above family tensions, creating tensions, switching alliances, etc. Now I just can’t stand what they’ve done to EJ.

    I’ve only seen a couple of episodes with Rafe and wasn’t too impressed maybe I just didn’t give him a chance. Personally I’m tired of the Sami merry-go-round. Too many men, too many children, etc.

    I suspect Days will disappear within the next year. What a shame.

  6. Sami definitely has too many children, Kathleen! It’s really ridiculous at this point.

    I have rooted for Ejami at various times in their tangled history—mostly near the end of my Days watching, which is right around when everyone else was giving up on them! Hee. And I have to admit, part of me responded to EJ’s talk with Lexie last week about Sami and how he couldn’t let go of her. I just really, really like that aspect of couple stories—the “I don’t want to love you but I do” aspect. Sigh.

  7. Yes the writers had been inconsistent with the EJ character but with Sheffer most of the time he was very well-written: remember the witty one-liners, the romantic/sexual and antagonist chemistry between him and Sami. James Scott sell it. Now Highley destructs the character : he is boring, not funny anymore, very sad, controlling and above all dumb…before he was a smartass.
    And for his feelings it’s simple: he loves/likes Nicole because she is devoting and he is madly in love with Sami despite him. You don’t choose who you love, even in real life !
    For the Rafe he does nothing to me : too dull for my taste so not a good match for Sami who is usually fiery.
    And one thing is sure : in this storyline Nicole and Rafe are the important, main players at the expense of Sami and Ej. I don’t understand why..AZ and GG are the favorites of Dena Higley ?! What is the deal ?

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