Shane and Kim are sometimes forgotten when the time comes to pay homage to Days’ greatest couples. I’m not sure why, though it probably has to do with the fact that neither actor ever returned to the show in the merry go round of comings-and-goings that you commonly see on soaps.

They are also the only supercouple to end in permanent dissolution rather than death (or, of course, a happy ending). Reading their character profiles is a somewhat depressing experience, seeing the ignominious slide through another WTD story, Shayla, and then a new Kimberly’s return in 1992 with multiple personalities.

All that is still in the future, however. At the moment (1990) they are just going around in another iteration of the breakup/makeup story that they did so many times on the show. Shane has been presumed dead, but of course he isn’t dead, just wandering around with amnesia. In his absence Kim seeks comfort with Cal Winters. Then Shane reappears (still with amnesia) and complications ensue.

I don’t remember this storyline as being particularly good at the time, and very likely it wasn’t. The scenario is certainly overused and familiar—back from the dead/amnesia/interloper/WTD … pretty much every soap story cliche crammed into one story.

I don’t have many Shane and Kim clips on my DVDs, only scenes that overlap with Steve and Kayla. But, for some unknown reason this scene is included:

YouTube link

As an example of what Days used to do well and now does so poorly, this scene is perfect. The use of history is impeccable. I love how Shane’s discovery that she used to be a prostitute—and that he used that (and her) in one of his spy operations—makes him doubt their entire love story. Thankfully, it’s not as simple as Shane thinking, “I can’t believe I’m married to a prostitute,” or “Get out of my sight, you trollop.” Rather, it’s that all those crazy obstacles and opposites-attract situations that we associate with the supercouples would, in real life, make someone say, “It would never work.” And that’s pretty much Shane’s reaction.

He accuses her of whitewashing their past and making it something that it wasn’t. That gives Kim the chance to get angry that he’s using this one small part of their past to ruin everything else. And then later to launch into a heartfelt speech about how she remembers their love, and how they got over those obstacles so they didn’t matter anymore. Shane, still skeptical, asks if she thinks their love is so strong as to get through this (the amnesia), and Kim says yes. And we see he is affected by her certainty. It’s a great way to bring the past into the present, as we see Shane react to it, and to relate it to their problems now.

All I could think, watching this, is how much I would have loved to see a scene like this when Steve and Kayla returned in 2006. I could imagine Kayla glossing over some of the more unsavory elements of their past because she doesn’t see them as relevant anymore. And I could see Steve, as he finds out about them, falling back into the old Steve Johnson-style self-loathing, but with a twist—as he begins to care more and more for Kayla, does he really want to be the guy who stalked her and put her life in danger and broke her heart?


20 thoughts on “Forgetting

  1. I kind of know why Shane and Kim are forgotten, I never really saw them as a super couple.

    I guess it just came down to all the Brady siblings, Kimberly was my least favorite. I liked watching Kimberly as a supporting character, not a lead one. Meanwhile, Shane never did much for me as the British hero. I think I enjoyed him best as well as a supporting character to Roman/John and Steve. Even watching the actor on The Nanny, he kind of bored me (though I do think he worked better in a comedic role).

    So there you have it. Why I wasn’t shocked that Kim and Shane didn’t make it. Someone on TWoP put it best about them saying something like “The super couple who didn’t need a contrived obstacle to split them up, they imploded all by themselves.”

  2. When the DiBrady feud stuff starting going on in 2007, I once joked that the reason Stefano didn’t “kill” either Shane or Kimberly is that he didn’t need to mess with their true love, they did a good enough job torturing each other without his help. Even Stefano knew he couldn’t do anything worse than what they did to each other.

    It was a joke, but it seems true when you look at their history. The writers definitely heaped tragedy after tragedy on Kim and Shane. I mean, Steve and Kayla got their share, but it never seemed as bad for some reason.

    In any case, this was a great scene and I too wish we have had something like this for Steve and Kayla in 2006. I would have liked to have seen Steve struggle with finding out the bad as well as the good. But, they glossed over it all to easily.

  3. The dialogue about, “Is it true? Are you a prostitute? It’s a yes or no question,” hits my funny bone, but otherwise it is a great set of scenes. Patsy Pease is wonderful here.

    Not only did Shane and Kim miss out on a supercouple ending, but I feel they were shortchanged on their wedding, too, with the writing change. Viewers had been investing in them for three years, and the big location wedding goes to Justin and Adrienne? Kind of sad.

  4. I never thought about that, lska, about their wedding, but you’re right. Shane and Kim got married when Shane was pretending to woo Gillian to get her to admit she killed Emma. The deception went right up to the altar and then they all sprang some kind of trap on her. Then Kim and Shane were like, hey, everybody’s here, the minister’s here, we’ll get married! Kind of an afterthought, really–especially compared to what Justin and Adrienne got.

    The writers definitely liked to pile tragedy on Shane and Kim, esp, and I remember when you made that comment! It’s unfortunately all too true.

    Tripp, now I know why they’re not on Tripp’s top supercouples list. 🙂 I know to some degree it’s all subjective, but when I watch them I don’t see them as on the second tier like Justin and Adrienne. And it’s not because I particularly love them. It’s just in terms of the stories, the complexity, the falling in love story, the redemption, the acting ability (mostly Patsy), chemistry—all those different factors, when you add them all up, to me, scream “super couple.” I think that if any couple can make the case that they were destroyed by the writers, this couple can. But maybe that’s just me!

  5. I think Kim and Shane are a supercouple and, back in the day, I think they were my second favorite couple. My feelings are a little different now, but I think that’s a result of some unfortunate fan run-ins on message boards. It’s amazing how that stuff can influence feelings about characters on a soap.

    But, for a supercouple, they probably got the worst overall treatment. Bo and Hope and Roman and Marlena escaped some of the bad side (at least during this time period, if not later on) just because one or both left. But, Shane and Kim were the first couple who the writers had to figure out what to do with after the wedding and kid. The answer was: throw contrived situation after contrived situation at them. It was also the answer they used for Steve and Kayla, but somehow it never seemed quite as cruel, or maybe they just never went quite as far.

    Plus, you have to throw in Patsy Pease’s absences which affected at least the end of Kim and Shane. I have a hunch that if those issues hadn’t been there, Shane and Kim would have gotten their happy ending. But, I might be wrong.

  6. I think Shane and Kim show most clearly the “supercouple problem”: what do you do with them after they get together. Because they were on the show continuously from 1984 until 1991 or 92. No other supercouple had an uninterruped chunk of time like that, at least not during the era when they were still trying to do the formula. And it was clear that they just ran out of ideas for them. So many contrived situations.

    I think you might be right about Patsy Pease’s absences at the end there contributing to the way they were written out. And that was during a time of such general upheaval that it’s not surprising they slipped through the cracks.

  7. I totally agree with esp13. Shane and Kim were my second-favorite couple, but I hated how the writers treated them after they wed (although in reviewing old clips, the Gabby/Eve/Riverfront Knifer storyline was better than I recalled). After the Drew plotline the writers really went over the deep end with the back-from-the-dead, amnesia, WTD, etc. storylines. Part of a larger writing problem at the time, but still sad how much these two suffered for it.

    It is a shame that the rotten post 1989-era ruined memories of Shane and Kim. Their pre-wedding stories were GREAT! Shane was the dashing, James-Bond-type spy and Kim the troubled, but gutsy heroine trying to overcome her past. They had chemistry to spare!

    Looking back, there was so much untapped irony to their stories: for example, even though Kim’s hooker past was constantly being thrown in her face (as in this scene), it was SHANE’s past that presented real obstacles for them (evil back-from-the-dead-wife, trouble-making teen daughter he never knew existed, hung-up ex-lover, evil twin, etc.). Also underexplored was how much Shane placed his job above everything else. The ISA always seemed to come first. There is a wonderful scene early in their affair (during the Miami storyline) when Kim expresses concern about the danger he constantly faces and he tries to explain how exciting he finds such danger to be. This early Shane came across as a romantic adrenaline junkie, nothing like the bland post-spy presented by the time of his departure from the show.

    Finally, sorry tripp, but personally I can’t see how anyone could call Kim their least favorite Brady!!! Okay, I loved her character as well as Patsy Pease’s performance (faux Kims would never do), but Roman was horrible! Even the original Roman was a bullying jerk and since JT took over the role he’s been a complete robot. Definitely the worst Brady kid, IMHO.

  8. I always found Kim to be a little too over-the-top for my tastes. I, too, much prefered her in the supporting roles. Even then, though, I had trouble believing in her counselor persona. It was jarring to constantly see someone in charge of other people’s mental well-being toting around so much emotional baggage and going through so much and essentially being a constant victim (albeit unwillingly). In my mind, she suffered from the same main problem I had with Marlena.

    Of the three Romans, DH was my favorite. When he was around, the four Brady siblings just seemed to have this perfect sibling chemistry I have yet to see replicated. You really believed that these were fully-developed human beings with real flaws (like Roman’s sometimes overbearing/bullying attitude that Melaraus pointed out). Even then, though, I couldn’t stand him with Marlena. Even before things got horrible with the gasping and face-eating, I always thought she looked too old for him!

    I guess that means my preferance for the four mid-late 80’s Brady sibs would go like this (Best -> Worst):

    Kayla, Roman, Bo, Kim

    As for now, Roman holds a very firm last place.

  9. I never really liked them. I could watch them but Bope were always my second favorite. I never liked Kim because how she was always the favorite and Kayla was second fiddle. With Shane I would rather take Steve and Bo instead as my hero.

    I think they were a supercouple but I don’t think they were in the same league as Steve and Kayla and Bope. That is just my opinion only. I always thought Shane put his job first over family. I remember when Benji came and Drew Shane knew things and Steve got mad at him. Shane said he had no choice ISA.

  10. Mary,

    Okay, if you include DH’s Roman, the character’s standing does improve. But ever since the Tale of Two Romans I have never thought of DH’s Roman as Roman, just a brainwashed John. Of course, the irony was that Rojohn was a much better sibling than realRoman!! Actually, he was a much better everything than realRoman—husband, father, sibling, and even son (based on the contrasting reactions he and realRoman had when each discovered Bo’s paternity and Caroline’s past affair with Victor; John was forgiving and tried to patch things up with his parents, but Roman went into a self-righteous tirade against his mom). But even if one counts Rojohn as an “honorary sibling” (as Bo certainly did), real Roman is still my least favorite of the five!

  11. It’s funny, but I would have to put RoJohn as my second favorite Brady as well (Kayla obviously comes first for me). I like Bo, but I didn’t like him as much back then. You have to realize that I didn’t start watching until May of 1986 and was hooked on Steve and Kayla pretty quickly. So, I mostly saw Bo as a big pain who kept trying to cause problems for Steve and Kayla. And somewhere in there I learned that Bo had been responsible for putting Steve’s eye out, so every time he talked about how Steve had changed and he just didn’t know why, I’d get ticked off. I didn’t really like Bo all that much until he and Hope came back in 1990.

    I know RoJohn wasn’t thrilled about Steve’s interest in Kayla, or Kayla’s interest in Steve, but he didn’t come off as a hypocrite because he didn’t have the history with Steve that Bo did. And, while he might not have liked it, he gradually accepted it. Plus, RoJohn has that totally awesome scene with Kayla when she goes to the station to press rape charges against Jack. That scene alone probably earns him the #2 spot on my list.

    I like the Kim and Kayla relationship for the most part. But, I always liked Roman’s big brother vibe even better.

  12. esp13:

    Ditto re: Bo. I liked him better after the return. I was never as into early Bope as most of my teen peers were. I thought Hope was too whiny and PR looked like a hairy monkey. I think he is much more handsome now. After the return and Hope’s “death” the writers allowed Bo some nice growth. During this period he emerged as the most supportive Brady sibling. I loved how during both the Two Romans storyline and the reveal of Isabella as Victor’s kid, Bo embraced both Isabella and John as family (much to realRoman’s chagrin). It was a nice acknowledgment of how, with his paternal history, Bo knew what it felt like to discover you weren’t the person you thought you were, DNA-wise.
    Even he and Steve were at peace with one another before Steve’s “death” (a sign of maturity on both their parts).

  13. Boy, I go away for a day and things start hopping around here!

    I like Bo and Hope much more now than I did then, though I did miss the bulk of their falling in love story which might help explain my attitude. I liked them but I liked Hope much more than Bo—like esp, I might have been influenced by how Bo was so negative about Steve when he was complicit in all the reasons Steve was “bad news.”

    I always liked Shane and Kim, and before Jack and Jen came along they were probably my second favorite after Steve and Kayla. I’m excited to see their falling in love story when I get to watching my full-episode DVDs for 1983-1986. (And I’ll get to catch most of Bo and Hope too!)

    I loved the Brady sibling interaction back in the 80’s. They really did well making them seem like a real family, who cared for each other but had problems with each other too. The bombshell about Bo’s paternity was really great soap, and they were able to keep using it for years afterwards.

  14. MP:
    I think you’ll like seeing early Kim and Shane. They were really at their peak during their first two years on the show. The whole storyline leading up to Bope’s wedding in England was a gas (actually, all of the stories from England through Miami–the show had a great action/adventure trend going for awhile; the actors were clearly having fun).
    And when Emma Donovan was introduced-whoa! One of the best villains Days ever had. Truly evil, not in an over-to-top fantasy way like later villains, but wickedly cruel (mainly to Kim) while trying to emit an innocent outer countenance. Talk about a character the audience loved to hate!
    I’ll be eagerly looking forward to your analysis of this era.

  15. Hi. Back after an incredibly busy period. I’ve been keeping up but not posting.

    Anyway, I’ve got to go with Tripp on this issue. Patsy Pease always drove me crazy. She had this way of overemoting everything that made her sound like the worst sort of kindergarten teacher. Shane was alright, but I could never really get into them as a couple. I didn’t see their early years, so maybe I would have felt differently about things if I had. But then she had all those unfortunate entanglements — Victor, the unspeakable Cal, Lawrence — who were just icky. At least, when Shane’s past loves showed up, they were very wicked like Emma. And I kind of liked Gabrielle for a while when she was helping Steve and Kayla.

    I had similar problems with Bope because I also started watching when I got hooked on Steve and Kayla, and Bo was such a pain in the neck. But then, after a while, I got to like them. I liked the Hope/Steve friendship and the Hope/Kayla friendship and I appreciated her shipping the S&K relationship. I liked Rojohn a lot. Particularly with Diana and Isabella. Not so much with Marlena (who also gave me a pain). And I liked him as a big brother. It’s sad to think that all those memories he shared with Kayla from time to time weren’t really his memories at all. (Actually, I just prefer to pretend he is the real Roman.)So my list of Bradys would probably go Kayla, RoJohn, Bo…long, long pause…Kim.

  16. Wow, I must be a freak. I love Kim and Shane. I guess it’s because I started watching back in the 70s with the whole Doug and Julie burned face/scar s/l. Julie had gone to open the door to the oven and a flame shot out and burned her face. She felt she was so ugly with the scar that no one could love her and Doug deserved better (sound familiar – Chloe?)

    So I remember the beginning of the Bope relationship which I was okay with but never really got into until Steve arrived on the scene. I preferred Kim and Shane. In fact I actually downloaded their song Friends and Lovers a couple of years ago. Everytime I hear it I think of them, in England where Kim finally got her sight back and rushes into Shane’s arms. I loved the excitement of the ISA and secrets that were involved and how Shane and RoJohn used Steve or sucked him into an “assignment”. Back then while everyone had their own story, everyone interacted and it was believeable as to who knew what about whom.

    Again, an outsider here, in that I really preferred the original Roman but I came to really like RoJohn. I wasn’t around for the Two Romans s/l. As for Marlena, I never liked her with anyone once Don Craig left to mail his letter and was kidnapped by aliens where he continues to live on Jupiter or Saturn depending on the weather.

    Regardless, all the other couples paled in comparison to Steve and Kayla.

  17. Don’t feel like a freak, Kathleen. I loved Shane and Kim, too. Very disappointed with the way the writers treated them near the end. None of their storylines after the wedding seemed as good as everything that led to that moment. Luckily, by then I had Steve and Kayla to root for (though the same can be said to a certain extent about their storylines after the boat wedding).

    Funny you mentioned the Doug and Julie scar storyline, which I also recall from the original(I was one of those babes weaned on Days; it was a three generation obsession in my family). Nice example of some of the exciting stories they managed to stir up for Doug and Julie after their first wedding (which took eight years to happen!! Today’s fans don’t have that kind of patience.) After the second wedding they fell more into the supporting player category, but still served important functions, especially for early Bope. Nothing puts a damper on a teen girl’s potential “first time” than dad busting in and having a heart attack!! Classic Days moment! 🙂

  18. Kathleen, you’re not an outsider! My liking for Kim and Shane never reached the level of “love,” but I always did like them. I missed the time period where it sounds like they were at their best (and Melaraus, I’m really excited to see the part that you’re talking about), but I always thought they were good.

    I bought the 45 for “Friends and Lovers,” hee! (And by a funny coincidence, I heard it over the sound system when I was at the grocery store this weekend!)

    I really liked Roman I, and he and Marlena together, from what I remember. I am just more familiar with Drake’s Roman because I’ve seen him so much more recently. I always think of “John” and DH’s “Roman” as two separate characters, and I like the second a lot more than the first!

  19. Oh, “Friends and Lovers”! Another reminder of how well Days used to use music (even going back to the 70s with Doug and Robert).
    I suspect singer Robin Thicke was weaned on quite a bit of Days music thanks to his mom (Gloria Loring/AKA “Liz”). My, how the Days generational influences continue.

    Speaking of . . .

    In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a nice Steve & Kayla mdvid recently posted to Gloria’s version of “Always on My Mind” (Liz and Neil’s love theme).

  20. Ahhhhh, thanks for all the love! Yes, Days was wonderful with the music back then. And the slow build up to wonderful love stories. I think everything came together just right with Steve and Kayla, the right actors, s/l, angst, etc. At least we have DVDs and the web!

    Also, so glad that someone else remember’s the Doug and Julie story. 🙂 I had forgotten about Doug’s heart attack! What memories!

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