Ah, kidnapping—a go-to story for established couples, or to give an actress (it usually is an actress) some vacation time, as an excuse for an adventure and an umbrella story … the possibilities are endless.

There are challenges, of course. If the actress isn’t on leave, one challenge is keeping things interesting for the captive, whose role by necessity mostly involves sitting around. The writers can jazz it up a little bit with multiple escape attempts, but right now, because of Kayla’s pregnancy, the show is limited in that regard—she can’t be running around beating up the bad guys. She has mostly been stuck with her nurse, Grace, having the same conversation over and over.

I do appreciate the show trying to make things a little more interesting. Grace thought she was working for Kayla’s husband at first, and Victor even hired a Steve lookalike so when Grace described the man she was working for to Kayla, it would sound like Steve. Kayla figures out that this man is not Steve (she never sees him, but puts it together based on his actions), gradually convinces Grace of that fact, and wins her over to her side. This all gives Mary Beth Evans something semi-interesting to do and prevents Kayla from just being a passive captive.

We also see Kayla’s wavering faith. As her kidnapping stretches longer and longer, Kayla wavers between positive certainty that Steve will rescue her, and discouraged hopelessness that this will never end. (This isn’t a reflection on Steve, but just the general situation.) It’s a nice touch to see that Kayla, always so hopeful and optimistic, can have moments of doubt and despair.

During one of these low points, however, she gets a surprise:

YouTube link

This is actually the continuation of the adventure that I introduced in in my last post, where Jack and Steve work together. On the pier, we get a little moment reinforcing that theme. Steve tells Jack not to screw up, hat he is counting on him, and Jack says, “It’s been a long time.” (This is a nice nod to history that Jack and Steve did, a long time back, actually work together.) Steve doesn’t say much—he’s very focused on Kayla—but his expression softens just a little, showing he is affected by this too.

Then we see Kayla pacing in her cabin on the boat. She lays down on the bed looking hopeless and teary-eyed. When Steve appears and opens up the door, she looks at him disbelievingly, like she has conjured him out of her fantasies. Her line, “Is it really you?” captures that uncertainty. (The way this is shot it could be a fantasy sequence—though who would fantasize about that wetsuit??—so we too are hoping against hope, right along with Kayla).

Then the kiss is so awesome. I love the angst and desperation. The crisis of the moment allows all their emotions to rise the surface, and Stephen and Mary Beth show that intensity so well. Even putting the whole kidnapping plot aside, this is a great payoff for us, since we haven’t seen them kiss since the Marina separation (except once at Christmas).

After this, of course, the rescue all goes wrong, and Steve ends up knocked over the head into the water, and Kayla is put on a helicopter speeding away from Salem. But, by giving us this little teaser, the show has reignited our interest and stoked our anticipation for the real reunion.


4 thoughts on “Tease

  1. I love this little arc in the midst of the kidnapping. The way the rescue is shot, I freely admit that I always think it might be a fantasy sequence at first (then I remember that Kayla would never fantasize about Steve in a wetsuit).

    I just love all the soapy timing of it. Kayla’s at her wit’s end, and Steve shows up. Sure, it doesn’t work, but now she knows he’s looking and knows he won’t stop and that gives her a little extra strength to hold on to.

    And, like you, I love seeing Kayla be as protactive as possible in all of this — finding the beeper, getting Grace on her side, etc. It’s a small touch in the overall scheme of things, but it makes Kayla so much more than the passive victim.

  2. It is nice the way they keep Kayla from being too passive. It’s nothing earth shattering, but they give her enough to do to keep things interesting.

    Plus, it gives them a chance to introduce a new character, Grace—who I don’t particularly care for, but it’s a good way to integrate her gradually so we can get to know her.

    With this little interlude, it’s a perfect tease, just one great kiss and then they are back to being separated. That’s one thing I sorely missed in current Days when I was watching—being teased and strung along so the longing can build up.

  3. I liked it because it felt like how they were before the Marina stuff happened. You didn’t feel the distance or wall put up between them even though the moment was brief.

  4. Mary, I agree, it feels like all the barriers are down in this moment, and it’s wonderful to see that reconnection. The show does such a good job whetting our appetite for the real reunion!

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