These somewhat unlikely scenes have found their way into the S&K pantheon of classics:

(The background: Victor has been dropping hints left and right about doing something to Kayla if Steve doesn’t find the key for him. Kayla refuses to leave town and lay low—she doesn’t want her Christmas ruined—so Steve takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps her himself.)

I think what makes this so much fun is partly the context: it’s the first gleam of lightheartedness that Steve and Kayla have had for months upon months. Also, Stephen and Mary Beth don’t really get this type of scene to play very often (the only others I can think of are the ones when they’re handcuffed together in the honeymoon suite after Britta’s murder). They really make the most of it, striking just the right note. Kayla could have seen this as a major betrayal and this could have been a major step back, but instead it’s like Carole Lombard and John Barrymore squaring off in Twentieth Century. Kayla is angry at Steve, but she isn’t hurt, she isn’t devastated. She’s just pissed off. And Steve is so impish and adorable, obviously really pleased with himself that he pulled this off

They get some good lines: I love when Steve says that he brought all the books she keeps telling people she’s going to read, and now she’ll get her chance. And of course, her favorite jammies: the ones with the feet. And Mary Beth’s comic timing is perfect when she snaps back that she hates those jammies.

There’s a glimmer of seriousness, too, when Kayla says that she doesn’t like it when other people make decisions for her. This calls to mind all the times Steve has done exactly that: keeping the truth from her about Marina, or breaking up with her for Jack. But Steve gets his own good points in, when Kayla says that only she knows what’s best for her, and he says that keeping her and the baby safe is best for her. She forced him to take drastic measures by refusing to take any steps to protect herself from Victor. When Kayla turns away but doesn’t say anything, I think she knows Steve has a point.

We even get a historical reference, when Steve leans in and blows on her hair before he leaves, just like he did when he used to bug her at the Emergency Center. Steve says, “Just like the old days,” and Kayla might be remembering too. Then, even as angry as she is, Kayla can’t help but call after him when he leaves, telling him to be careful. It’s a wonderful note to end this on, and what makes this feel like step forward in spite of everything.


5 thoughts on “Kidnapped!

  1. I truly love this. Kayla is so mad lol. It felt like “you drive me crazy” mad because Steve does these kinds of things. I thought it was funny when she was saying she would swim if she had to leave and then he said he would make it a real kidnapping and locked her in. Then she acted like she didn’t care if he left but she did care. Her telling him to be careful was sweet.

    It was nice because for a long time things were tense and so serious and it was good to see Kayla mad at him but I could see Steve’s side of things and not be mad at him. If this makes sense. When Steve did things that made Kayla upset like lying about Marina and just all the lies it was hard to see his side and I was mad at him too. This time I wasn’t mad at him for doing this because I am glad he took charge like that.

  2. You make a really good point that Kayla is mad at Steve, but we aren’t. That’s definitely part of the reason these scenes can be enjoyable.

    I love how, before Steve leaves, Kayla is telling him she doesn’t care what he does and acting all lofty and indifferent. It’s so cute. And then the way she gets up and runs to the door after he goes is really endearing.

  3. These scenes show he is all about Kayla and that was nice to see. Kayla acting tough and she didn’t care what he did or if came back was cute. Steve was cute himself blowing in her hair and putting the mask over her head before he left lol.I think in the end she understood what he was doing even if she didn’t like it.

  4. Ohhh, that was fun to watch!!! When I take the time for clips from the past, I sit with a smile on my face. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the entire show. All the stories seem to connect. I miss Steve and Kayla…especially our S/K from the past.

  5. I love to watch old clips too (obviously!). It is such a pleasure to watch a well put together show. There are missteps and missed opportunities but the overall quality is so high, it is a pleasure to watch it all unfold.

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