You’ve never had a … ?

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Jack is trying to help Kayla by encouraging her to get back in touch with Steve, who has gone off to Italy with Marina. (I’ll talk more about Jack and Kayla next time.) Jen ends up helping Jack in his quest to track down Steve, and that leads to this interesting moment:

Jennifer on the phone

First of all I love that Jack sticks up for Steve when Jen says she can’t believe Steve would hurt Kayla like this. It shows a touching faith in Steve and Kayla’s love, and maybe a little family solidarity. It’s especially nice because right now it’s principally Kayla that Jack is trying to help. It would have been easy to show Jack taking Kayla’s side and slipping into being against Steve because of that. This is a surprising twist and makes for a better story.

Jen coming out with “I’ve never had a lover” is a little bit jarring and out of the blue, but in the end I think Matt Ashford and Missy Reeves pull it off. After she drops that bomb and then gets on the phone with the hotel in Italy, I love the look Jack is giving her. It’s clear his mind is not on their project. He doesn’t seem to me like he’s looking at her lasciviously, but more touched and pleased, and a bit disbelieving. Well … maybe a hint of lasciviousness.

I also like how there isn’t a sense from Jack that “yay, she’s a virgin” which would also have bugged me. He just seems so intrigued that she confided in him about something so personal that he can’t resist trying to follow up on that. I like the touch of awkwardness when Jen gets embarrassed suddenly, and says that she’ll go back to work now. Then, when she pauses by the door to ask him to promise her something, I really like how she doesn’t even have to finish the sentence. Jack is able to reassure her that he won’t tell anyone, at the same time he’s still teasing her (to show things aren’t different between them) and downplaying the whole thing as “no big deal” so she won’t feel awkward about it. It’s a very sweet moment.

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6 thoughts on “You’ve never had a … ?

  1. This is a scene that seemed a little jarring at first, but ends up working pretty well because of Matt and Missy. I think the only part that really sticks out as awkward is when Jennifer says “I’ve never had a lover.” If they had just phrased that differently so that it was fairly clear what she meant, it could have led perfectly into Jack’s questions and Jen’s confirmation of things.

    But, my dialogue nitpicks aside, I do like that Jen confides in Jack and he seems really pleased by that. And I really like the way he puts her at ease at the end, letting her know that he understands that it’s sensitive information, but also making it clear that it doesn’t change anything. It’s kind of a strange little step in their relationship, but I think it’s a good one.

  2. I totally agree that Jen’s first comment is jarring, and I think something more obviously inadvertent would have been better. But I just love what they do with it afterward, so I can overlook it. 🙂

  3. This is my first time posting to this blog. I discovered it throught the Devoted to Deveraux website. Years ago (over 20 yrs!) I fell in love with Jack and Jennifer. I am not usually a soap fan and when Matt Ashford left DOOL in 1993, I pretty much stopped watching all soaps. The little I see of soaps today, I can’t believe how bad the writing/acting is. But back in the day, DOOL was really good and the interaction between all members of the Johnson family was terrific. I loved Jo Johnson. She always seemed to me to be one of the most realistic mothers portrayed on a soap and I also loved any and all Steve/Jack interactions. Unfortunately soaps think that viewers only care about couples/triangles or whatever so it is was a real treat to see 2 brothers have such a strong story line together. I never saw that with Roman/Bo. They never seemed like brothers to me, but with Jack and Steve we were treated to real emotions and good story telling.

  4. smflan46,I totally agree about Steve and Jack. I think it’s wonderful that the show had a whole arc with the two of them, starting even before Jack joined the show, with Steve talking about finding his baby brother Billy. Then all the twists and turns of love and hate and the way they eventually made peace. It was beautiful.

    Thanks for commenting—and feel free to keep piping in in as I go through Jack and Jen’s (and Jack and Steve’s) story! 🙂

  5. This is a really nice Jack & Jen scene. It really shows the dynamics of their relationship – half teasing, half daring. She almost looks defiant after she’s made her admission, like she’s asking if he wants to make something of it. And he does seem very touched by her confiding in him. I think there’s a little bit of “who would have thought” in the way he’s eying her. it’s kind of sad given what happens to Jen later.

    I also love the way the Steve and Jack relationship developed. By the time Steve died, it was appropriate that Jack would be there and be devastated. I also loved that it was Jack who eventually found Steve and brought him home. And even then, he felt there was something special about Steve and Kayla’s relationship.

  6. Flaco, I love the half teasing, half daring dynamics of this scene too. It’s very Jack and Jen, and it’s perfect for where they are right now. I love this scene for establishing a connection between them before spinning them off into separate storylines for awhile. In my opinion, it’s so much better than the “pushy kiss” scene, which I think is supposed to do the same thing.

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