It’s Official

Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans have been let go.

I knew this might be coming, and still I feel heartbroken and filled with helpless rage. Mostly, I feel indignant on their behalf. I saw them on Soap Talk right after their return, and they were reminiscing about their last run on the show, obviously relishing the thought of working together again. Stephen Nichols laughed and turned to the camera and said, “Get ready for part two.” It’s painful that all that anticipation come to nothing. There was so much story to tell.

Apparently, they will not be given an exit story. They will just quietly fade into the background of Salem life. At first I was enraged and thought this was disrespectful—that they would just disappear like dayplayers. But then I remembered the exit story that Nick had, and that John and Marlena had, and I figure I’ll count my blessings. At least I will be able imagine them living happily, working their jobs and raising little Joe, and still seeing their family and friends—but never on the holidays, of course.

I really enjoyed their scenes today. Stephen Nichols as always does some of his best work opposite someone lying unconscious in a hospital bed. And I loved the expression on Kayla’s face when she woke up and saw her family all around her.

I wish them all the best.

Here’s to not having to put up with Dena’s writing anymore


13 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I’ve been feeling mixed emotions about this since I first heard about it yesterday. I’m sad that they’re gone, but it’s been so wretchedly bad the last few months, I can’t be totally sorry. There were so many wonderful stories they could have told about S&K, but they didn’t. And now I can stop fast forwarding through Days hoping for a glimpse of a story line. There’s certainly nothing else I’d be watching for.

  2. I’m so sorry, MP. Though I’m not personally a fan, believe me, I know what this feels like. I think the Days we once knew – the one you’ve been doing a beautiful job lately of describing in your blog – is truly gone.

  3. I saw their appearance on Soaptalk. It’s funny as that is what led me to add Days back on my Tivo. From there I’ve spent the last 2 years in misery. From them to Nick/Chick, it’s been something I’m not sure I have every been truly happy to watch. My favorite moments always seemed to require some level of fanwanking and a really good story should have none.

    And it’s funny because I kept worrying they would be written out horribly like Jarlena was. Silly me, that would require them having an ending. I can’t believe S/K didn’t even know their last day was their last day.

  4. Kind of a private rant here but lest we forget that even in the golden era, Days had its bad moments, I have been caught in the hell that is Saul’s retreat on my DVDs and it feels like I’m never getting out again. Faith and Kayla are being held captive in a tent! Come on, girls. It’s a tent! I don’t even think it has a floor. You could crawl out under the back wall or something. Meanwhile, Steve is in the woods hiding a wounded Shane under a pile of leaves. Why I don’t know. So I’m just saying, there have been bad spots in the past. That said, I don’t think the shows going to recover from this particular bad spot.

  5. ITA, Flaco, but the difference is that then, the bad moments in an otherwise good storyline were what stood out. Now, it’s the few good moments in the terrible storylines which stand out.

  6. Flaco, thanks for the giggle. *g*

    I’m sadder today than yesterday, for some reason, but guiltily feeling a little relief, too. It will be nice to care less about what happens on the show under the current regime. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to see the old stuff, and to see it through the eyes of you guys who experienced it at the time, and I know none of that would have happened without the return.

    Hoping there are good things ahead for SN and MBE.

  7. I’m with you maryp on finding myself oddly pleased that they’re not getting an exit story. Such an indictment on where Days is.

    On the other hand, I now have completely free-reign to go back to the clip library!

    I can only hope that both SN and MBE wind up somewhere else, somewhere better. And soon.

  8. Aw, damn. I had no idea. I haven’t watched in months and I mostly lost interest in them as soon as the baby talk started, but I’m still sad to hear this.

  9. For me, there were a couple of good things that resulted from their brief return. The first thing: the story didn’t end with Steve’s death. They end up reunited. And the second thing was getting back into the old stuff. Because I started taking an interest in Days again, I found the old clips on the web. It hadn’t occurred to me to look before. Then I found this web site and MP, which is pure pleasure. And then I found out I could buy DVDs and rewatch the old stuff at my leisure ( and incidentally get my daughter hooked on S&K, too.) So that’s the upside of it all.

  10. I can’t regret their return, either, because I too never would have rediscovered the old stuff without it. I never would have started this blog or found any of my cool Days friends. 🙂

    And yes, it’s nice to know they’ll be happy and away from Dena’s poison pen. It’s a very comforting thought. And I’ll also assume that in about eighteen months Nick will quietly get out of prison and get an awesome job far, far away from Salem. And, Ellie, while I’m at it I’ll imagine John’s paralysis being easily resolved and John and Marlena settling down happily in Switzerland.

    Flaco, you make me laugh with you summary of the Daniel Lucas story. I am watching that right now myself!

  11. What about all the fan events that would have never happened if Stephen and Mary Beth had never returned? That’s definitely a positive. I had an opportunity to meet them last year that I didn’t have back in the 80’s because of their popularity, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I am sad to see them go, and sad to see the characters leave with such a whimper, but I cherish the people I have met and experiences I have had because of them. Hopefully, they will realize how much this return has meant to their fans and will have no regrets, either.

  12. Good point, domina. I know a lot of fans saw them at Days events, especially the one in Charleston. I didn’t, though—I’m jealous!

    I hope SN and MBE don’t regret coming back. I wouldn’t blame them if they did, but despite everything I think it was a good thing.

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