Fab Four

Well, I tuned in on Monday (1/26) to watch the Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope scenes. Nothing much happened, but it was nice, really nice, to see them all together again. It was fun to hear them talk about the case, and to hear Bo enlist Steve’s help in finding the mayor’s killer. I also appreciated the Stockholm shoutout.

Since I don’t have much to say about the scenes themselves, I’ll just enjoy looking at them all. The ladies are so gorgeoous:


I think I’m in favor of Steve’s new haircut, though from some angles it looked too much like he’d been to a hair salon. Here it looks pretty good:


I have been sniggering at the idea of Bo having visions, but I admit that Stephen Nichols and Peter Reckell really made me believe in the seriousness of it all. That has got to be soap actors’ most underrated skill: the ability to take ludicrous things seriously.


From way back, Steve has used this patented distraction technique when Kayla asks a question he doesn’t want to answer:


I was tickled to see it again.

Screencaps S&K.com


14 thoughts on “Fab Four

  1. I guess I’m in the minority here but I liked Steve’s hair long. It just made him look different.

    Nevertheless, I was thrilled to see the Fab Four again, especially S&K. Here’s hoping it might actually lead to a storyline!

    On another note, what a lame sendoff for John & Marlena. Marlena has always driven me nuts. Most of her scenes were something I had to endure. (I wasn’t watching before 1986, so I’ll assume she was more exciting then.) And I see all Drake’s limitations as an actor. But there were times I really enjoyed him — with Kayla, Steve, Diana. At any rate, this was a big, big couple for a long time and they really deserved much better than they got from Days.

  2. Hi, lascuba! Yes, Steve got a haircut.

    But be warned, if you start watching again, babies are playing a major role on the show right now. Two real babies and one fake baby.

    Flaco, I think the sendoff J&M got was really bad. They deserved better. Especially since this was not done at the spur of the moment, so Dena had plenty of time to plan how she wanted to do it.

  3. I agree that it was great to see the Fab Four back together again, with a few subtle references to their ages in that they might not be up to Stockholm-type adventures anymore (perish the thought!). I’m still trying to decide about Steve’s hair. It was getting a little wild before, but not sure if they’ve found the right look yet.

    I also agree with Flaco and MaryPickford that, though I’ve never been a huge JM fan, they deserved a much better send-off than they received. John’s “death” last year was even better than the quickie reunion and exit they were allowed last week! Then again, maybe it’s a sign they aren’t really gone for long. May they enjoy their vacation in Europe. 🙂

  4. Seriously, though, could Hope’s fleur de lis necklace be any bigger? It’s eating her chest!

    Am I the only one receiving subliminal QVC messages?

  5. Melaraus, don’t forget that when characters move to Europe they never return. Now, if they had died in the hospital with all their family and friends around them, pronounced dead by several medical professionals, embalmed and buried and given a funeral, they’d be coming back for sure.

    And hee! about Hope’s necklace, RileyKay. The TV exposure for her jewelery must be a nice consolation prize for KA during years of bad storylines.

  6. MaryPickford, hee!

    So true about death being less permanent than moving away. However, there have been some exceptions to the “moving to Europe and never returning” scenario. Doug and Julie, Brady and Chloe, Bill and Laura immediately come to mind. Of course, in all cases, while the couples went across the ocean perfectly happy, one partner eventually returned alone saying they had split up for vague reasons. The other, now single, half of the couple returned later, offering either the opportunity to reunite the couple or for each half to be paired with new partners.

    So I guess the pattern seems to be that couples who move to Europe and never return presumably live happily ever after, while for those who move there and come back, Europe is a relationship kiss of death. See, there is some logic in Days World.

    Okay Days fans, let’s challenge our memories: can you think of any other couples who survived or succumbed to the European love curse?
    [Only European examples apply. Based on Hope and Bo’s experience, sailing around the world works well for a relationship, so Shelle seems destined for happiness. If Steve and Kayla had ever made it onto the boat, they would have been fine. Dallas worked wonders for Justin and Adrienne as well.]:-)

  7. Hmm, good question. Jack and Jennifer went off to London and they have remained there, presumably happy. Mike and Carrie went to Israel but Carrie came back alone. Then Carrie left again with Austin, to Switzerland, where they are presumably happy despite Will being shipped off to stay with them.

    Kim is in LA married to someone (not Shane). I think Kim and Shane are the only supercouple where they are both still alive, but they didn’t end up together.

  8. Oh, don’t even get me started on Shane and Kim—the greatest lost opportunity in Days supercouple history. They were my second-favorite couple next to Steve and Kayla, must be something about the S/K combination.

    I’ve always thought that, if Corday would just resign himself to the fact that Days has limited time left and decide to go for broke in its last few months, he would do well to reunite Kim and Shane in a really great storyline that includes all the veteran supercouples. There was potential after Steve returned from the dead. Here was my alternate storyline:

    Some ISA case that involves Bo and Hope brings Shane back to Salem. It’s his last big case, as he is getting ready to retire from the agency. During this time, Steve discovers that Shane was Kayla’s one and only relationship during his missing years. This knowledge feeds Steve’s insecurities. As Shane and Kayla resume a friendship, Steve becomes irrationally jealous, causing him to secretly send for Kimberly in an effort to distract Shane. Kim is married, but has settled for a hollow union of convenience in which her wealthy hubby (maybe Phillip) provides for her every need, but cheats on her, etc. She finds it easier to live with such an arrangement than suffer the pains that true love can bring. She and Shane have remained on good terms for their children’s sake, but even though they still love one another, she has chosen to play it safe and he has chosen to focus on his work (never remarried).
    Once Kim is in Salem, Kayla figures out what Steve is up to and works to help reunite her sister and Shane (still feeling guilty about her role in preventing a reunion years earlier).
    Anyway, through some convoluted case that involves all three couples (even better to throw in Caroline and Victor), Shane and Kim are reunited. The show ends with all supercouples happy!

    Sigh . . . only in my alternative Days universe!

  9. You know, Melaraus, that’d be a great scenario if only Patsy looked anything like herself these days. CS looks pretty much exactly the same, but PP has had quite a bit of unfortunate plastic surgery. The pin-straight, bright auburn hair didn’t help matters. I remembered being quite taken aback when she came back for Shawn’s funeral.

    Also, I might have to acknowledge that certain pairings ever occurred … which they DIDN’T! *sticks fingers in ears and sings, “La la la, I can’t hear you!”*

  10. LOL, RileyKay, I know how you feel. I can hardly believe I’m going to be watching it here in a few months. But there’s a part of me that’s really curious about it too. I never saw it the first time around. When I blog about it I’ll have to put one of those Drudge sirens at the top of the page, as a warning to the unwary.

    Melaraus, I missed Kim and Shane’s falling in love story and I’ve always heard it was well done. Another story I’m going to get see in the future! And I agree it’s sad that Kim and Shane didn’t end up together. It’s one reason I’m glad Steve and Kayla came back, even though I’ve been disappointed in a lot of their story. It would be great if Days, knowing it was ending, would bring everyone back and give everyone a big sendoff. But I suspect that Days, when it ends, will end not with a bang but a whimper.

  11. MaryPickford, Sadly, I think you’re right about how Days will end. I fear the entire show will get the same treatment that JM did last week. Corday has no sense of going out with style.
    I’ll be interested to hear your take on the Kim/Shane early relationship as you watch it. I WAS well done. For me, part of the regret in their not staying together wasn’t so much that they had no happily ever after, but that the final breakup was handled so badly—the unbelievable Who’s the Daddy retread with Cal, not to mention “The Relationship that Must Not Be Named”. I was just character assassination all over the place and a disservice to two very popular couples (i.e. the romantic coupling of Kim and Shane and the previously tight sisterhood of Kim and Kayla). Again, no sense of going out in style.

    RileyKay, I agree a reunion would only work if Patsy had better hair and wardrobe people than she did at the funeral. I’ve seen recent photos of her in which she looks MUCH better. Part of the change in her appearance is due to severe health problems she suffered a few years ago, which could even be worked into the plot. She’s such a good actress I think she could overcome the distraction with the right support behind the camera. (Are TPTB listening?)

  12. Melaraus, I wasn’t watching then, but I can’t believe they did another WTD story for Kim and Shane’s second baby. That is so awful.

    I think Corday has no sense of the integrity or quality of the show itself. If ratings are okay, then the show is great. If not, the show needs to be changed. Of course I know ratings have to be considered, but I think Corday is always looking for the quick cure, and only makes decisions in the short term—a death knell for a long term genre like a soap.

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