I love location shoots. They were usually part of a bigger umbrella story, had lots of adventure and romance, with different characters interacting. Because they often took place during sweeps, they often contain big reveals, first hookups, and other major events.

The location shoot in Charleston in May of 1989 is a fairly minor one, as location shoots go—this is not Stockholm. There were only four characters there: Steve, Kayla, Marcus, and Gail. The big event is Marcus remembering that he was a witness to a church bombing when he was a child. Steve says that he’s coming along to help catch the bad guys and figure out who’s trying to kill Marcus, but he and Kayla pretty much spend the whole time mooning around with each other and reading Emily’s diary.

Yes, this is part II of Emily and Gideon, wherein we discover that Gideon is not dead after all. Well, why not?

I actually got a kick out of Emily and Gideon, the sequel. The location shooting adds something, for one thing, and the story is better. It’s a woman on a quest to rescue her man, rather than a tale of insta-true love like the first part was.

But about that mooning around:

YouTube link

YouTube link

Sigh, I admit, I don’t always like the schmoopy stuff, but this works for me. I think they both look wonderful, for one thing. Mary Beth Evans particularly looks luminous. And knowing that Steve is about to go undercover for the dreaded Daniel Lucas storyline, it’s nice that they gave Steve and Kayla this happy interlude.

It’s funny that they make such a big point here about Steve giving Kayla an “anniversary” surprise when they were married in July 1988, and these scenes take place in May 1989. This might be related to the fact that there seemed to be an unofficial policy during the supercouple days that the show gave each couple, once they finally made it to the altar, a happy wedding and about a year of happiness after it. This is in contrast to more recent weddings, like Shelle and Lumi. These were both long term couples who took years to make it to the altar, and both weddings were fairly big events. But they were both dealing with a huge problem at the time: Sami keeping the secret of the rape, and Belle the fact that she had just slept with Phillip. And I’m actually not going to jump all over modern Days and say it was so much better the 80’s way. I think it’s just a different style, and I think both can work. Using the latter method you’re denying the fans a truly satisfying payoff, but you don’t have the dreaded supercouple problem of having to write for a happy couple who have dealt with all their problems.

In any case, all the anniversary talk might be a sly way of letting us know that Steve and Kayla’s grace period is now over.


4 thoughts on “Charleston

  1. I have really grown to love the Charleston interlude. The locations are beautiful and just seem to fit so well. Plus, knowing what is coming soon, it’s nice to be able to just enjoy them enjoying their time together. And, like you, I enjoy this part of the E&G story much more than the first part. SN and MBE put in some amazing performances within that storyline.

  2. I love seeing them in those outdoor settings, with the natural light. It just adds a lot. And knowing he’s about to be transformed into Daniel Lucas, we have to enjoy how hot SN looks here while we can.

  3. I just got through Charleston on my DVDs and I have to say I still don’t like the Emily & Gideon storyline. The location shooting is kind of fun (though what’s with that fort with about four soldiers whose sole purpose in life seems to be holding Gideon captive?) As someone who studied history, the lack of attention to historical detail drives me nuts. I mean, it’s the end of the war and Southerners still have matched teams to drive their carriages and lavish clothing? You don’t have to be an expert to know that’s wrong. Just watch Gone With the Wind.

    I know I should just relax and enjoy it because you’re right — all hell is about to break loose for S&K. Then, he’ll “die”. But I tend to enjoy happy moments more when they’re less schmoopy and extravagant.

    What really broke my heart was all the references to their happy future and how he’d never leave her. When Emily said she could never love another man, I shuddered. It’s all very poignant when you know what’s going to happen with their storyline. It could almost seem like foreshadowing except I assume no one knew Stephen was leaving at that time.

  4. Hee, well, I’m not saying I loved Emily and Gideon, part II. I was just expecting to like it about as much as I liked part I, and I ended up liking it a bit better. The historical inaccuracies were so bad that I just tried to forget about it entirely.

    Usually, I would be totally with you on the schmoopiness here. But, for some reason it worked for me this time. And I think part of it is definitely the connection to S&K when Steve “dies.”

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