Goodbye, Nick

When Nick first came to town, he was a smart kid with a bright future.

And now—well, a picture is worth a thousand words:


I know that Blake Berris, by all accounts, was happy to play a darker storyline and not at all unhappy to leave the show. And I really hope that he can use his work of the last few months as a calling card for his next gig.

But I mourn for the character of Nick. I loved that he was a Horton, to beef up the clan that started the show but has dwindled terribly over the years. He had a different look than most of the actors on the show. He was that rare creature: an interesting, multifaceted good guy. Blake had chemistry with everyone: family chemistry with Abby and Maggie, a brotherly vibe with Max, romantic sparks with Chelsea and Melanie. He was so sweet, so smart, so well-intentioned, so in love with Chelsea for so long. I was really looking forward to a love triangle with Nick in the middle—even one written by Dena!—which seemed to be the original plan when Molly Burnett was hired. His downfall happened so fast—the instacrazylove for Melanie, the pill addiction, the revelation that he killed Trent. And now, Nick becoming the only person in Salem to pay for his crimes.

The courtroom scenes were well done. Suzanne Rogers was great on the stand, and I thought Molly Burnett did well with her part too. For once I was glad to have the show pull its punches with the “pills made me do it” excuse. That meant we got to see the real Nick, here on his last day.

I was glad the show gave Chick one last scene. Frankly, it was more than I expected them to do. Watching Rachel Melvin and Black Berris play off of each other one more time was bittersweet, to say the least. I’m not afraid to say I cried for what could have been—for Nick, for Chick, and for Days.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Nick

  1. It’s agony to revisit all the lost opportunities in regards to Nick/Chick, but I can be happy that at least everyone is seeing what you and I knew early on: Blake Berris is an awesome actor. Of course, that knowledge comes at the expense of Blake’s character, a character I grew to love and worship as any good female soap watcher should. I was doing my part to support the show, if only Days could have too.

  2. That picture is worth at least those thousand words. I trust Blake Berris will be moving on to bigger and infinitely better things ASAP.

    As you said, Nick was such an interesting character and it’s a huge shame where all of this went.

  3. I cried, too, MP—and I didn’t expect to. I’m glad they had the Chick scene, and that Chelsea admitted that she may have made a mistake in ending things with him.

    She did.

  4. Paula, yes, it was nice that they gave Chelsea that line. It threw us Chick/Nick fans a bone. It wasn’t much after the Chan debacle and the Nick is a killer storyline, but it was more than I expected.

    I really hope Blake goes on to bigger at better things. I think it’s such a shame how Days wasted his potential.


  5. I too loved Nick and Blake Berris did such a great job with the character which could have been dull and boring (cough…Rafe). Blake always seemed to immediately grab my attention when he was on screen no mateer what the scene. Days has way too few interesting good guys.

    Sounds like they have left an opening for the return of Nick’s character but I doubt Blake will be back. I suspect by then he will have a rising career outside of soaps. Great for Blake but sad for soaps.

  6. Nick was one of the few new characters I had any interest in. Then, they systematically destroyed him. Why must all young soap actors look and act the same? Can’t we embrace diversity? I wasn’t watching during Chick, but seeing BB during the whole creepy murderer phase, I’m sure it was great. Sigh.

  7. I wouldn’t call the Chick story great—though it was better than any of the other couplings we’ve seen in 2000’s Days—but Blake and Rachel Melvin were great in it.

    And yeah, why do actors on soaps all have to look the same? Blake was offbeat looking and actually believable as a geek (instead of a model dressed up as a geek), but he was so appealing too.

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