Emily and Gideon

“My sweet Emily, your love still warms me. It’s in my soul, and in yours. And our love will live in our child. That child proves that the power of love is stronger than war, stronger than even death. Remember that when I’m gone.”

“Don’t leave me, I love you so much, I need you.”

“I will always be with you. I will live in your heart, and in the heart of our child. I love you Emily. I will love you until the end of time.”

The Emily and Gideon storyline makes me wish that we had TWoP in the 80’s. In a time when the show was generally good, this would be so much fun to snark on—not viciously, you understand, but in a good-natured way.

Here’s how it happens: Steve and Kayla are given a mansion by Nick Corelli, after they help him when he is injured in a car accident. At the mansion, they find a diary that dates from the Civil War. Reading it, they discover the mansion used to belong to southern belle Emily (who knew Salem was in the Deep South?), and they read the love story between her and Union officer Gideon.

Mary Beth Evans has said that this story is her favorite from the first run on the show, a fact that I found staggering when I first heard it. But, from a performer’s point of view, I bet it was fun to play—the costumes, the wigs, the accent (Mary Beth’s southern accent is very good). The storylines that I think showcase her best work, like the rape storyline, were probably emotionally draining. This would be nothing but fun. Plus there’s no doubt she looks gorgeous:


Poor Stephen Nichols didn’t fare quite as well. His pornstache rivals Santo’s:


I also bet it was fun to get a break from playing Steve and Kayla, and just play someone else for awhile. In my opinion neither Emily nor Gideon rises above the level of being a stock character, but Stephen and Mary Beth do their best with what they’re given. They redeem some of the cheesiness of the dialogue with their facial expressions and body language—Mary Beth particularly.

Regarding Stephen, I’m always struck in interviews by how refined he looks. He somehow manages to make even his features look rougher when he’s playing Steve. The same thing occurred to me when I watched this clip of Gideon singing. Stephen sounds good, but more than that, he sounds nothing like Steve. Even singing a ballad (“The Rose” in quarantine, anyone?), Steve would never sing like this:

YouTube link

That gives you some idea of what the storyline was like. Many more clips are up on YouTube. And apparently there is a significant portion of S&K fans who love Emily and Gideon, so don’t feel obligated to listen to a cynic like me.


7 thoughts on “Emily and Gideon

  1. As I mentioned before, my daughter and I just got to the Emily and Gideon stuff. We’ve really been howling (when we’re not wincing.) I suggested skipping over it, but she feels she needs to experience the full awfulness. MB did look gorgeous. So often, her outfits, even her dress clothes, were so bulky and covered up. In Emily’s costumes, you get to see how lovely she looked in something a little more revealing. I wonder why they felt compelled to dress her like that. Was that how good girls were supposed to dress?

    I was actually never fond of the whole mansion thing. It was wrong for them like the wedding and honeymoon. However, I’ve noticed that many people really like the schmoopy stuff.

  2. I have mixed emotions about Emily and Gideon. I can’t claim to be a huge fan of the actual E&G scenes (although I think MBE looks stunning and it’s fun to see her get to play feisty again). But, I do love the Steve and Kayla scenes surrounding the story, particularly when a piece of the story is used to segue into something important for Steve and Kayla (i.e. Steve’s admiration of Gideon fighting for a cause used as a way to start an important discussion about what Steve wants out of life).

    And, I freely admit that because of Steve’s death, the E&G scenes (and the S&K scenes) surrounding the reveal of Gideon’s “death” are particularly poignant for me. Plus, MBE plays that whole part so amazingly (if you don’t get caught up in the OTT dialogue).

  3. Hee. Well, I have to agree with esp that the parallels with Steve’s death and “resurrection” really make the story for me. Especially the part where Gideon is back in prison and doesn’t recognize Emily through his delirium, which has resonances with the whole BSC!Steve period. And even under the bad wigs, I do love the dignity that they were able to give these characters.

  4. I haven’t gotten to Part 2 yet, lska, and have only hazy memories of Gideon’s return from the dead. (I do find it hilarious, though, that Days can’t leave that plot alone, even in a one-off flashback story like this one!)

    I also really like the S&K stuff framing E&G, and anyone who wants to see the scene esp13 references, here it is:

    Emily&Gideon Book 1 episode 6 part 1

    Flaco, I tend to agree with you about the wedding. If I had my choice it would have been small and simple. I really like the symbolic wedding in the snow, when Kayla was still married to Jack, because it seemed more fitting for them. But, I was pretty darn happy at the time regardless, and I totally see why they did it the way they did.

  5. Oh, yes. I love the wedding. I love the honeymoon. It absolutely works. It just seemed a little out of character.

    I just got through the first part of E&G, and I was wondering if massive parts of the story had been left off my DVD. So I guess Gideon’s not dead, huh? I should have known.

  6. Nope, Gideon doesn’t stay dead. Even in Civil War times, there’s something magic in the Salem water.

    I didn’t remember that E&G was split into two parts, either. I had to ask someone if this was really the end. The next part is coming up after they go to Charleston.

    Like I said above, I tend to agree with you about the extravagant wedding and honeymoon being a little out of character. Their explanation for where Steve got the money for all of it was pretty weak. The only part that seemed right was the idea that Steve would find out Kayla’s secret wedding fantasy and go to a lot of trouble to provide it for her. He was a pretty romantic guy and that fits.

    And I just thank my lucky stars that S&K didn’t get one of those stunt weddings that became popular in the 80’s and 90’s, where Kayla gets kidnapped and tied up in a closet, fights her way out with her ninja moves, and rides to the wedding on a fire engine.

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