Blood Tells

The big goings-on with Nick on today’s Days has sparked some talk about Jessica Blake, Nick’s mother, who suffered from multiple personality disorder.

This happens to be one of the storylines that stands out very clearly in my mind from my time watching Days as a child. Jessica’s other two personalities were Angelique, a nun (like her mother), and Angel, a slutty, risk-taking waitress (how does a single identity in a multiple-personality disorder hold down a job?). During a time she was Angel, Jessica ran off to marry Jake Kositchek, the Salem Strangler. Luckily, they were interrupted, and Jessica eventually married Joshua Fallon.

I found a scene on YouTube of Joshua and Jessica planning their wedding. Note that Jessica is a lab technician, just like Nick was once!

YouTube link

Josh Taylor as Chris also pops up in that clip, talking about his brother Jake. His acting style has not altered one iota. You can also see Alice, Renee Dumonde, and the fabulous Alex and Marie, father and mother of the bride, who have a short, awkward encounter.

For the roots of dark, murderous Nick, we might consider his grandfather Alex. I don’t think he ever killed anyone (though for awhile Marie thought he killed his brother), but he was definitely a user and manipulator of women.

Speaking of Alex and Marie, who I wrote about awhile back, here’s another scene showcasing their love/hate relationship. This is a comic scene, but you can see the emotions still linger, particularly for Alex. The gorgeous Leann Hunley, from Anna’s evil days, is also in this clip.

YouTube link

And in honor of Dierdre Hall and her long run on the show, here is a scene of Joshua Fallon with Marlena. Dierdre does a terrific job talking about Johnny, a child she wants to take in, and how he reminds her of the child she lost to SIDS. This is a different actor playing Joshua, and I think he really resembles Blake Berris.

YouTube link

By the way, I won’t be posting again for a week or so: I am off to Hawaii!


4 thoughts on “Blood Tells

  1. There is so much history for the show to go into and help explain away Nick’s behavior. If I could just be verified he isn’t going anywhere, I could sit back and enjoy this story so so so much more.

  2. I would love to see tptb use the past for this storyline. That would be totally awesome, so I am pretty sure it will not happen.

    Thanks for the clips. I loved Alex Marshall! He was a manipulative user, but he was so funny and so much fun to love to hate (or hate to love.

    Enjoy Hawaii!!!

  3. I would love a reference to Alex Marshall. Last we heard he was hauled off to jail. Nick could make some reference to Maggie about not wanting to go to jail, because he knows what it did to his grandfather, or something like that. Then wouldn’t it be nice if Maggie responded by saying Alex got out, rehabilitated himself, and reunited with Marie? Sigh. I loved those two.

    I just got back from Hawaii (which was fabulous) and I need to catch up on home stuff. I will post again soon!

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