Marypickford Regrets …

This is a difficult post for me to write.

It pains me to say it, but I find I just can’t keep up with today’s Days anymore. I don’t want to go into the reasons why, because I think many of you probably share my frustrations.

Part of it is, simply, time. I started watching Days again when I was on my maternity leave with my second child. Being the mom of a baby and a toddler kept me around the house a lot, perfect for Days watching and checking in with message boards. Now that “baby” is three (with no SORASing!) and my older daughter is in school, and our activities often take us out of the house. (Oh, and I’m also working full time.)

However, I love writing this blog, and I can’t quite bring myself to abandon it completely. I really enjoy all my readers and the intelligent, civil corner of the internet that we’ve created here. So I am going to keep up my posts about the DVDs I’m watching from from the 80’s and early 90’s. (I’ll keep posting YouTube clips for those who don’t have access.) I hope some of you will stick around for that.

Thanks, everyone.


16 thoughts on “Marypickford Regrets …

  1. Well, I’m sad that I won’t have your comments of today’s Days, because I always enjoyed them and I enjoyed reading the comments left by others. But I understand if you can’t or don’t want to do it anymore. Frankly, I started watching Days again for Steve and Kayla who are mostly MIA. Every time I take an interest in another storyline, it is immediately destroyed. I’m thinking of bailing myself.

    That said, I started reading your blog for your comments on Days of old and I have also really come to enjoy this small circle of appreciation. So I’ll keep checking in. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire me to start acquiring Jack and Jennifer DVDs. But I value whatever time you can give to this blog.

  2. Hi maryp, I’m sorry to hear this but not at all surprised. I will confess to not having watched Days since the Olympics, and nothing I hear has got me fired up enough to try again. And when you add life on top of that…

    I look forward to keeping up with you on the old Days watching though. Let’s face it, at the moment that’s the best part!

  3. Thanks, Flaco, thanks, Zara. I confess to being curious about Nick’s new storyline and the possibility of Phillip and Stephanie. But after getting my hopes raised again and again only to be crushed, my hopes are incapable of being raised once more. And without hope, it is hard to find a reason to watch.

    But I will try to have an post up about Jack and Jen over the weekend.

  4. I’m a lurker and will miss your postings about current Days stories. Glad to read you will continue your trips down memory lane.

  5. Well, I know how you feel, even if our reasons are not exactly the same. Philip turning into a pervert was not what I had in mind as a great storyline for him. It’s bad enough that the show has turned into Days of Melanie, but to drag Philip in and have the eyeball-scarring scenes they’ve had together . . . no. I’m disgusted and appalled and the only question remaining for me is whether Philip’s character has been completely destroyed or whether eventually I can put this hideous Melanie situation behind me. Oh, and JKJ’s hair looks so bad I can’t stand it.

    Then there’s the attempted murder of EJole, the continuation of chemistry-free and senseless Lucloe, the inexplicable decision to start telling us Sami loves EJ when I’ve had no hint of this for, well, ever, the shoving down my throat of Melanie (I needed to say it again), the random chem tests and the general overall lack of direction . . . it’s enough to drive a girl to drink. Or to her remote’s “off” button.

    Anyway, let me too express my appreciation for your intelligent, thoughtful and funny posts. I didn’t always agree with you on storylines or which couples work together but I can state without reservation that if you were the writer in charge, the show would be a whole lot better off.

    As for me, at least I’ll always have the NBA.

  6. Thank you, Paxton. I think you and I rarely rooted for the same couples, but I always enjoyed having your input.

    What happened to Phillip is one of those “be careful what you wish for” scenarios. I hated the way he was trapped mooning after Belle, so when Dena tested him out with Chloe and Morgan I was delighted. I also was happy when the endless Ejamucas triangle was shaken up. But then the show couldn’t seem to move forward with ANY couple. It was just an endless merry go round of, as you say, “random chem tests.” It was driving me bananas.

    Thanks, BL!

  7. You lasted longer than I did (I briefly returned to the Olympics) but the optimism I felt a couple of years ago that Salem might be a town I could recognize every evening when I sat down with the VCR is long gone. But I always love reading your blog, and I’m glad you haven’t given that up.

  8. I can’t blame you since I haven’t watched in ages myself, but I’m still sad that you won’t be commenting on the latest happenings. Yours is one of the very few Days’ sites I still read.

  9. I think many of us are falling away from the show. It’s sad, but it has felt like it takes such an effort to watch in recent months, when it should be just cotton candy entertainment. I’m glad you’ll still be posting about “classic” Days.

  10. Thank you, Emily, lascuba, and lska. It’s funny how the key thing for me was having hope. Maybe it wasn’t warranted, but I felt during Hogan’s tenure that if he could write what he wanted and get a good support team, Salem might be (as Emily puts it) a town that I recognized once again. Now, I just don’t feel that Dena has the talent, so I don’t have that hope. And it’s hard to invest in the show or the characters without it.

  11. Well, now I’m with you, MP. I was drawn to Days as a show because of Deidre, and I really don’t have a desire to follow the other stories without her there. I may check spoilers once in a while – who knows.

    I’ll be happy to read your posts about your DVDs; the classic writing is all we have left now. Just like a good novel, it will never become obsolete. I look forward to continued discussions here. 🙂

  12. Aw, marypickford.

    If you pick up Days again and actually find something to hold you, let us know. I don’t keep up with Days as a whole anymore because there just isn’t enough of my favorites to keep me invested…and since I can watch clips for those rare sightings, I don’t really watch the whole show.

    I wanted to watch the whole show and thought I would when I first returned, but it’s really hard to stay interested when:

    1.there isn’t a lot of depth in the dialogue

    2. You know there’s every chance that the time you’re putting in to watch and the care you feel for the characters probably ISN’T going to result in any kind of payoff.

    3. There’s no consistency of action for the characters.

    4. My favorites are seldom on

    Yep. Clips have to be enough because daily viewing doesn’t cut it.

  13. Amen, Kris.

    When I first started watching the show again, I was willing to invest in everyone, to care about Shawn finding out he was Claire’s father, about Sami keeping the secret of how she blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that any babies she had with Austin would be deformed. I was willing to like every character and imagine they might be my new favorites. You can’t ask for more from a viewer than that, can you?

    That was even pre-Hogan, and when Hogan came aboard, I really believed he would turn things around and it would be glory days again. And while he was disappointing (among many other things, the lack of payoff for BSC Steve), there were enough glimmers to keep me watching and hoping. With Dena, there are no glimmers (for me). It’s just a series of random events, with poor dialogue, no payoff, no continuity, no intelligence, no romance, nothing to hold on to. Sometimes when I think about what Dena has done to the show, and in the bigger picture what Ken Corday has done to the show, it makes me cry … and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    Thanks for commenting!

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