It’s hard out here

Not long ago, I drew a parallel between EJ the rapist and Jack the rapist. I am, obviously, not the first person to notice this. It occasionally comes up as a bone of contention between pro-Ejami and anti-Ejami factions. If Jack was redeemed and turned into a romantic lead, why not EJ? One point often made in response is that Jack wasn’t paired with his victim.

Because 80’s Days was soooo good and would never do anything like that.

Well, would they?

In 1989-90 Days presented a love story between Eve, a teenage prostitute, and Nick Corelli, her (much older) pimp. Nick was a minor character when he was introduced, but he was bad, bad, bad. He tried to force Frankie to deflower Jennifer while he caught it all on video, which he then planned to market as a porn film. Unfortunately I have not been able to rewatch any of this, because my DVDs only include Nick and Eve when they interact with S&K. On soapcentral’s character profile of Eve, however, we have the unintentional hilarity of this sentence:

“Shane adopted Eve but she was soon forced back into prostitution by her old pimp Nick Corelli.”

Followed by this sentence, six sentences later: “In 1988 Nick decided to help Eve gain back her self confidence” by arranging for her to pose on the cover of a teen magazine.

What a nice pimp.

The thing is, all this must have been passably well done, because I have no recollection of being particularly appalled by it. The chief thing I remember feeling about Eve was envy at her bountiful hair:


9 thoughts on “It’s hard out here

  1. Iska, thanks for the link! You just can’t make-up this kind of thing. 🙂 Interesting to note that the best wedding of the year was Steve and Kayla’s.

    I vaguely remember the Nick and Eve s/l. For some reason, I remember liking Nick. I guess I’ll have to try and find some videos of him to refresh my memory.

  2. Nick was a horrible character, but the actor that played him was quite good. They tried to redeem him through extreme suffering and it kind of worked, but I think ultimately, the character was just too bad to redeem.

    The relationship between Nick and Eve was really too weird. There was the pimp/prostitute thing. There was the age thing. It was ultimately icky.

  3. I loved Eve. Wish I could remember more of their story, but I do remember being appalled by her relationship with Nick, for the reasons Flaco mentioned.

    You know, it is kind of nice that none of the women on the show are hookers. I know Nicole gets called one but I don’t think she ever was–she was a porn star but not a prostitute, I think. Nobody is currently selling sex for money, so, baby steps I guess.

  4. Paxton, Flaco, obviously you were both more aware than me! I just don’t remember being appalled at the Nick/Eve pairing!

    Now, though, it’s a different story. I just watched a scene where Shane drops off Eve at S&K’s like she’s a toddler in need of babysitting. Unbeknownst to her, Nick is upstairs (actually, she thinks he’s dead). He says he doesn’t want to tell her he’s alive because he wants her to be a “happy go lucky teenager.” Ew. I guess it’s better to acknowledge the age difference than not, but it’s pretty icky.

    Meanwhile Steve and Kayla are propping the coupling for all they are worth.

    lska, thanks for that link. Hee!

  5. What’s also funny about that link is that Roman and Diana won “Most Tortured Love Story.” Heh. Nowadays that description would mean something entirely different–I think the word they’re looking for is “torturous!”

  6. I had actually forgotten how much time Roman and Diana spent bickering until I watched the Medieval segment and the bit on Stephano’s island. It was great having strong, spirited heroines. Though I had also forgotten that Kayla got kind of wimpy after the marriage.

    On the other hand, Paxton, it is something to celebrate that prostitution no longer is a necessary part of the past or present storyline of tortured heroines. I had forgotten how many heroines had become prostitutes at some time or another until I started watching old Days. I wonder why it never occured to me as a possible career path when times got tough.

  7. Tortured vs. torturous — these days, the distinction might be moot! Though I think it’s us who are being tortured, maybe.

    Roman and Diana certainly argued a lot, but they seemed to be having fun with it more than anything. Although right now I’m getting into the Cal Winters storyline and things are looking grimmer.

    Re: prostitution. I once saw an interview with Charles Shaughnessy and he was joking about how both Shane’s wife and his daughter were both prostitutes. He said he thought Shane was maybe a bit more twisted than he appeared on the surface.

  8. Well, yeah, Roman and Diana did have fun arguing — that was why it was fun to watch. I had forgotten Diana. Now I miss her. Sigh.

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