Election ’08

I have to hand it to Days. Sometimes when they try to do “topical” stories, they eff it up badly. (Stefano’s harvesting of Sami’s stem cells comes to mind.) But I am, surprisingly, enjoying the mayorial election storyline so far. (Part of that is undoubtedly because I am still obsessively following the other election that’s going on. Here’s hoping Days puts the mayorial election on Tuesday, November 4. How cool would that be?) It gives me some hope that Dena Higley is trolling TWoP for story ideas, because Abe-as-mayor is an idea I have seen posted there multiple times. And at a time when the first African American is running on a major party ticket for president, the fact that it’s Abe running for mayor is particularly apropos.

I once joked that no one in Salem could ever run for office, because they have too many skeletons in their closets. In today’s all-scrutiny, all-the-time media environment, none of them could withstand the heat. Picture Anderson Cooper doing a segment on “If Stefano could brainwash him, is he ready to lead?” So I was tickled to see the mayor talking about going after Lexie’s affairs and Abe’s “ties” to Stefano, because that’s what would really happen.

The disgruntled babysitter crashing Abe’s candidacy announcement was fine, high drama. However, Abe and Lexie were way too emotional and hotheaded. Screaming at the babysitter only reinforced the idea that they have something to hide. But I did get a kick out of Lexie’s “It’s about the issues” speech to that internet reporter today. Way to turn the media narrative, Lexie!

Showing incredible timeliness, WordPress has just added a poll feature. So here goes:

Now I’m off to watch the debate.


3 thoughts on “Election ’08

  1. Won’t Obama be too busy to be mayor of Salem? You’re right, however, it is nice to have some other storylines going on — some hint that Salem is a town with businesses and city offices and things like that.

    And lest we think that the old days were never stupid, I just watched a part of the Benjy storyline in which Steve and Kayla are toodling around Bangkok where everyone speaks English, even Buddhist(?) monks and peasants out in the countryside and not much is acccomplished. Then they fly home. Why? I don’t know.

    Was it just me or was it really annoying watching EJ ping-ponging between Sami and Nicole in Wednesday’s episode? If that’s what the next few months will be like, the prospects look very grim. In the spirit of being positive, I enjoyed Nicole and Chloe’s scene. The show needs some gal pals.

  2. Doug Williams was Mayor Of Salem back in the late 80s. He came back to Salem without Julie, won election (defeating Alex Marshall?), counseled Hope every now and then, and eventually went off to be with Julie again.

    And, um, I have a feeling that November 4 will not really be much of an Election Day in Salem.

  3. I remember that election SDinExile. My guy Alex Marshall tried to stuff the ballot boxes, but they found him out.

    Flaco, I’m trying so hard to not get annoyed with EJ and is Belle-like behavior. The way he toys with Nicole’s emotions, getting her hopes up and then crashing them, is incredibly selfish. Sigh.

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