What Not to Say

We can all agree EJ is teh hotness, right?

I have always rolled my eyes at his constant refrain that “Sami is the mother of my child,” but that’s Days. I have tried to accept the fact that the show alternates “EJole week” with “Ejami week” in order to keep fans of both couples on the hook. Despite the fact that this means EJ is acting disturbingly like Belle, I have just tried to enjoy both without taking sides. But I find EJ’s recent treatment of Nicole extremely disturbing.

He mostly just stood there while Sami rained insults on Nicole in the worst possible way on Monday (10/13). The fact that it was Sami, especially, twisted the knife even further, given how he knows Nicole feels about her. Even if Nicole had meant nothing to him, simple respect for another human being, one who was hurting, should have prompted him to throw Sami out—bodily, if necessary.

His insistence on a paternity test was another insult—though in Salem, perhaps an understandable one. (Though why he would count on the results of a Salem paternity test is another matter.) What really bothered me was how EJ thought only of how this affected him. It’s certainly too much to ask a man to be happy about an unplanned pregnancy like this, as Nicole seemed to hope. But there wasn’t even any awareness about her, how she might be feeling—happy, terrified, anxious— or how she might support the child. I have found some of Nicole’s neediness off-putting, like the day of their failed date. But a woman in this particular situation surely has a right to be a little needy.

But all EJ can say is, repeatedly, “I’m sorry I upset you.” Why don’t you stop, then?


11 thoughts on “What Not to Say

  1. I didn’t mind the paternity test that much. My problem is I didn’t care for how Nicole’s pregnancy was told to him at all.

    I really preferred Nolebucgrl’s theory that Nicole would just be about to tell him when Sami burst in and announced she was pregnant.

  2. I’m just taking everyone’s word that I’m going to find Ejole a really engrossing storyline because so far it’s not. Sami annoys me so Ejami is hopeless for me. I’ve actually gotten very fond of Nicole though I also like her better in a less needy state. I hesitate to admit it but I really liked her scenes with John. He seemed so enthusiastic about the baby, I found myself hoping we might have one of those “pretend I’m the father” storylines for a while.

    On the other hand, where is Nick? Why is Melanie hanging out with Philip? Doesn’t Philip have a life of his own to live?

  3. The writing for EJ is some of the most egregious going on right now, which says a lot considering how bad all of it is. I just try to sit back and enjoy the hotness, it gets me though.

    That being said, though, I honestly didn’t think the way he reacted was as bad as I feared it would be. He was clearly stunned. He has sat by when Nicole has verbally slapped Sami around as well, so I wasn’t that bothered by that either. He was absorbing what was going on. Asking for a paternity test didn’t bother me either, he explained to her today that after all he went through when Sami was pregnant (which yes, I know how ironic THAT statement is), with all the pregnancy tests and different fathers and whatnot, it was understandable. Nicole was running around with Ava this summer, it was not out of the realm of possibility that she could have had a drunken pick up or two.

    Now that he knows it’s his kid, I’m sure he’ll start treating her better. You know, til it’s time to throw EJami fans a bone. If they would just pick a course and go with it, everybody would end up much happier I think.

    I’m not too thrilled with some of the direction they’ve taken Nicole in either. This stuff about how she secretly always wanted to be a mother? NO…that’s not the Nicole I know and love. Sigh. I don’t know, they’re all gonna get ruined.

  4. nolebucgrl, I know, it’s hard to watch. I think AZ is doing wonderfully showing Nicole’s emotion, but she’s just such a mess where EJ is concerned.

    Flaco, regarding a “pretend I’m the father” storyline: it occurred to me today that Sami might do that. I almost hope she does. It would be stupid, but it would give the character something else to do.

  5. I think the reason it’s hard to watch is precisely because AZ is doing such a wonderful job selling Nicole’s hope and tremulous happiness. That, and this is yet another whiplash-inducing change in the story. I don’t have a problem with EJ wanting the paternity confirmed or being somewhat shell-shocked. But I do have a problem with this sudden out-of-nowhere Sami deciding she’s in love with EJ, or, if you prefer, finally realizing she’s in love with him. What was the catalyst? And why is EJ suddenly treating Nicole like crap when he’s been pursuing her for months? It just makes him look like the world’s biggest asshat, especially when the EJami chem is nothing but a distant memory for me.

    As for agreeing that EJ is teh hotness, I don’t anymore. He’s reached the stage for me when he’s only hot when he’s doing something of which I approve. It’s become abundantly plain to me that I’m much less of a JS fan than I am a JKJ fan, and hey, I almost gave up over Phorgan. If I could nearly walk away from Philip I can definitely do it for EJ.

    And yes, Flaco, Philip does have a life and it has no place for Melanie. His involvement in her story makes less than zero sense, as I’ve bitched all across these great internets about.

  6. I should never complain. Right after asking where is Nick, he shows up for a nice scene with Melanie. I thought Stephanie looked real cute in Tuesday’s episode and there was even a glimpse of Kayla (no Steve, unfortunately). So mark me semi happy.

  7. Flaco, no, that means you should complain! 🙂 I thought yesterday’s episode was pretty good as well.

    Paxton, the monkey’s paw strikes again for you, if they are getting rid of Phorgan in order to pave the way for Phelanie. All I can say, if that’s the case, is W. T. F.

  8. After watching yesterday’s show I’m not quite as fearful whichever moron greenlighted an apparent chem test between Philip and Melanie is continuing to push for Phelony. I do think Melanie has sincere feelings for Nick and her scenes with him feel entirely different than her scenes with Philip. I don’t feel like Philip has any romantic interest in her but she obviously, because she’s a breathing human being, thinks he’s very hot. I just need her to realize Philip’s totally out of her league and we’ll all be fine and I can step off this narrow, uneven ledge.

  9. Phelony—hee!

    I didn’t get much of a vibe between Phillip and Melanie, either. Here’s hoping they were just letting Molly Burnett interact with some different cast members.

  10. I come here a bit late,lol.
    But i would like to know when EJ has pursue Nicole during months ?
    When ?
    I have always seen EJ in love with Sami who rejected him. Nicole was interested by EJ and after in love with him but EJ not, he was attracted by her and entertained but nothing more. He would never be with her if Sami wanted him. Nicole was pregnant so he finally decided to construct a family with her.
    But maybe i missed something, tell me ?

  11. Julie, thanks for coming and visiting my blog. For a long time EJ was in love with Sami, but when Nicole came into his life and got pregnant, he seemed ready to move on with her. I never thought they clarified how he really felt about both women, and instead just went back and forth depending on the day.

    I went back and forth on EJami depending on how they presented them. They certainly have lots of chemistry, but the writing was so inconsistent. I’ve actually stopped watching the show now, though, so I can’t comment on anything that’s happened recently!

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