I thought yesterday’s episode (10/8) was really good!

Drunk Nick was adorable.

Although it now looks like Days is going to play the same game it plays with all the younger characters on the show, where we’re not sure who Nick is really interested in. One week Chelsea, one week Melanie. I’m bracing myself.

Speaking of those characters, though, it guess it is EJami week for the time being. Sami came close to telling Lucas that she is truly interested in EJ. I enjoyed the friendly vibe between Sami and Lucas, and I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed Lumi on any level. Lucas seemed to have some understanding of why Sami was reluctant to tell EJ about the pregnancy, while maintaining his conviction that EJ has a right to know.

The Trent Robbins murder continues to be engaging. I love the gimmick of having Melanie remember everything up to the crucial moment, and then black out. I also really like the twist of having the mayor be suspicious of corruption in the Brady-run police department, when the suspects in this case are their relatives. (Is that ever not the case?) It gave the Salem PD a reason to be less of a joke than usual, by forcing Bo and Roman to play it by the book and show up at Max’s apartment with a warrant.

The conflict between Max and Stephanie was organic and believable. Stephanie really does dislike and mistrust Melanie, we’ve seen it. And it makes sense that she would resent the idea that Max would endanger himself (and his mother) in order to protect Melanie. Max’s protectiveness of Melanie in the face of Stephanie’s accusations also made perfect sense.

I do have to ask, what was up with Stephanie’s plunging neckline? And it looked like she had oiled her cleavage:


6 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. Having really liked the Nick/Melanie vibe, I’m trying not to be too disappointed that he seems to be mooning over Chelsea. I’ve heard Chelsea and Nick were great together, so I’m willing to give it a try, but according to other boards, the actress who plays Chelsea doesn’t seem to like that storyline. I think it really helps soap relationships if the actors like each other.

    I was also puzzled by Stephanie’s outfit, but then I am often puzzled by her outfits. I kept wondering if it wasn’t October in Salem. I mean, she might get a chest cold wandering around outside like that. There does seem to be a strange compulsion at Days to show cleavage whenever possible.

  2. I was killing time this morning talking to one of the guys about Days, as his wife watches and he’s current about what’s going on. Anyway, he asked me if I had noticed that Stephanie seemed to have oiled her cleavage, which, not having seen yesterday’s show, I had not yet–but I see now what he meant!

  3. Drunk Nick was very good. I am really afraid they’re going to throw Chelsea back to him now without her having to earn her way back into his life and that will annoy me though. I really love Melanie/Nick too, so I’m not too thrilled with Chelsea being shoehorned back in.

    I enjoyed the Lumi scenes as well. Not only was Lucas saying that Sami was into EJ, he said she loved him numerous times and wasn’t challenged on that by her. I hope that means an end to the triangle, at least the EJamicus end of it, but I don’t let myself get too hopeful!

  4. It was a good episode. There is not much more i could add. But I would just like to say how well Nicole/Arianne has acted recently. Her personality and other motives are a little confusing to say the least but I have been impressed.

  5. I agree, JD. Arianne has been wonderful lately. She elevates the bad material, and does so well with the good stuff.

    I’m afraid that all signs are pointing to Chelsea/Nick/Melanie. On one hand I’m delighted to have Nick be the center of a triangle (after the travesty of having to compete with Jett and Daniel). But I don’t know if I can handle being jerked around from one coupling to the other.

    Flaco, it’s true that Rachel Melvin does not want Chick. It seems she is still friendly with Blake, but she has been very vocal in her blog about preferring the Chan relationship. She seems to think going back to Nick is a demotion. So that takes the shine off Chick a bit for me as well.

  6. I, too, was distracted my Stephanie’s cleavage. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. I was waiting for them to finally slip out of the shirt! Bizarre.

    Drunk/jailed Nick was a treat for me. I don’t love the lack of setup for his current scenes (are they cut or just not written?) but I love the airtime and how his story is progressing. I am not usually a fan of triangles, but I’m so looking forward to a long/slow Chick/Mick triangle, mainly because it increases the amount of time I get to look at Nick. Not sad and mopey Nick. Nick making out with hot girls and hot girls fighting over him. He so deserves this and so do I for still watching and waiting this long.

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