Baby Shower

So Nicole AND Sami are pregnant by EJ. I have been hoping and praying that they would not write in Ali Sweeney’s real-life pregnancy. And, in my naivete I actually believed that Nicole’s pregnancy meant that I was safe from this scenario.

And now I can’t even root for Sami to have a miscarriage, because of how traumatic it would be for Sweeney to have to portray it.

Unplanned pregnancies are a soap staple, of course. On Days, this is often crossed the line into the ludicrous. I still remember, in 2006, when Hope was pregnant and didn’t know who the father was, when Carrie was pregnant with Lucas’s child when she was in love with Austin, and when Belle and Mimi’s surrogate were both pregnant with the wrong babies. Plus, baby Claire was involved in yet another who’s the daddy story. Have I forgotten anyone? When Hogan came on board and dispatched both Belle and Carrie’s pregnancies, I was delighted and thought it boded well for his tenure on the show. Then he turned around and gave us Sami’s pregnancy from hell, and twins to boot. Sigh.

It is also amusing and/or horrifying to contemplate some of the baby shenanigans in the 90’s and early 2000’s, like Marlena’s unplanned 60 year old pregnancy by Roman during the Salem serial killer storyline, Vivian Alamain stealing the embryo that became Phillip and having it emplanted in her own womb, and the circumstances surrounding Rex and Cassie’s births.

But I have to say that the thing that really drives me up the wall is the “family values” refrain that plays through all of this. Again and again, Belle claimed she loved Phillip because he was Claire’s father. Then, when Shawn was revealed to be Claire’s father she made the same argument the other way. How often have we heard about the importance of “being a family” when some couple who share a child is estranged? Even if your children are long grown, you are not immune to this reasoning. Red-haired Stephanie used this line on NickNotSteve, and of course Chelsea and Sami both schemed to get their parents back together. (But Chelsea and Sami were both Bad, because they were going against the supercouple grain, and of course the couples they were trying to break up had children together too.)

So, in keeping with this Days tradition, EJ is constantly using the fact that Sami is “the mother of my child” as a dodge and a trump card whenever Nicole attempts to pin him down about who he cares for. Given this, I can only presume that when the truth comes out about these dual pregnancies, EJ’s head will explode.

P.S. When did Phillip decide he was in love with Chloe? Did I miss something?


10 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. While I’m not overly thrilled over double unplanned pregnancies, I’m kind of glad the field is leveled between Sami & Nicole. EJ can’t use the “mother of my child” argument when deciding which of them he’s going to get with.

    The Philip/Chloe thing was a clunky rewrite to get rid of Morgan. Not very well handled, by any means. Why not have had Morgan on screen for a couple weeks and had Philip’s feelings start to diminish? It would have been a lot less abrupt than this felt.

  2. You’re right about it leveling the field, nolebucgrl, and I am happy about that. The reasoning behind it, though, is just so … Days.

    I’m actually a little bit glad for Nicole—even putting EJ aside, she seems generally happy about it. Sami, however, already has three kids, two of them babies. For her to have another, yeesh.

  3. Philip fell back in love with Chloe at approximately the same time Kristen Renton was fired. Amazing coincidence, eh?

    I’m so not happy about Babypalooza 08/09. Does Sami really need a 4th child and third in 18 months? Does Nicole need a child at all? Does the hottest guy on the show really need to have 3 kids already? Sigh.

    At least now we know who Joe will be falling in love with in a few years. EJ and Nicole have to have a little girl because it will be the only female he’s not related to in some way.

  4. Philip was never allowed to discuss exactly what his feelings for Chloe were during the Phorgan propping. Chloe admitted she felt more for him than FWB and he wanted to talk about it and then we never saw the conversation. Is the writing bad? Yes. But since I for one never felt Philip had sincere feelings for Morgan that were not rooted in guilt and also that he had unresolved issues with Chloe, it doesn’t feel out of the blue to me at all. I mean, he didn’t just move on because he fell in love with Morgan, which I never thought he did anyway–that decision was taken out of his hands because Chloe did what I now wish Nicole would do and said, enough of your waffling and trying to have it both ways.

    I wouldn’t have minded someone calling Philip out on exactly what the true nature of his feelings for Morgan were, because as Nolebucgrl says, that might have made this feel less random to people who, unlike me, haven’t been keeping a detailed catalogue of things that piss me off about the way Phloe was mishandled.

    Sami having a fourth child is beyond annoying. It feels like this is literally a show-destroying decision. I honestly don’t know why I keep hanging on–I think it’s because I like the people I talk to online and not the show at all! 🙂

  5. Should we hope once both Sami and Nicole have their babies, their characters will be backburned somewhat in the same fashion as Kayla and Hope??? Babies have a strange effect on storylines…and surely, they wouldn’t have Sami become pregnant again next year because once again, it’s the only story they can write!!! LOL!!!

  6. The thing that makes Philip’s declaration of being in love with Chloe so random to me actually has nothing to do with Morgan. Whether he cared for Morgan or was just using her, I just never bought that he was in love with Chloe before the Morgan thing started.

    I think he cared about her, but it seemed pretty clear to me that he was happy with the FWB arrangement. Now, I can buy that feelings changed after they split, but I’d need some scenes that actually showed that for it to really work. That’s why the whole thing feels random and convenient, rather than real — at least to me.

    But, either way, it really comes down to one thing. None of it was written all that well and changing course mid-stream doesn’t help with that.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more that the whole thing was badly written. I do think that Philip was meant to be somewhat surprised by his realization he couldn’t deny Morgan’s statement, and that he didn’t realize how he felt until Chloe was leaving, having not allowed himself to think about it much. I mean, there was some setup, given his conversation with Nicole in the hospital, his admission to Chloe that he had been angry about her hooking up with Lucas (which we already knew) and his questioning Lucas about whether it would matter to him if he wasn’t okay with Chloe being with Lucas, but there could have been more and there wasn’t. Maybe if Dena had ever written that conversation she hinted at, but we know how she is with not writing conversations that seem obvious.

    But, I completely agree that it should have been set up better, and could have been relatively easily done. For people who didn’t know KR had been fired the whole thing did seem confusing, because the last scene of Philip and Morgan together suggested their coupledom was being pursued and then . . . what? I won’t pretend I wasn’t delighted not to see Morgan again until her last day, but I do sympathize with those who liked her and agree that her sendoff was lame. I would actually have preferred for her to have been allowed to get furious and call Philip a two-timing liar she couldn’t trust, which, IMO, was true enough. It would have felt like a lot more natural of a reaction.

  8. It bothers me so much how the show is always hedging in showing us who cares for whom. The show was going full steam ahead for Phorgan, and then they obviously decided that they wanted to leave the door open for Phloe. So for awhile there I had no clue how Phillip was feeling about either one. Rather like EJ with Nicole and Sami, or Sami with Lucas and EJ, or …

    But I’m happy for your sake, Paxton, that Phorgan is over. 😉

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