Was anyone else completely, utterly gobsmacked by Trent’s death? What a twist!

Heh. Actually, I thought Friday (9/26) was goofy fun. We’ve got Max with his bloody shirt, Nick with his bruised hand, Melanie with Trent’s wallet, Nicole full of Ominous Pronouncements, and of course poor Caroline grabbing the knife first thing. I foresee the coming weeks being one long game of Clue. They’ve certainly spread enough motives around to keep us busy through November sweeps. I only hope they don’t cop out at the end and make the killer one of Claude’s henchmen. Bo-ring.

Plus it’s always a good thing to see Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla together, all of them looking pretty damn good, except the wadded-up garbage bag that Kayla was wearing. Poor Mary Beth Evans!


I loved the interaction between Melanie and Nick. Nick was completely unfazed by Melanie dissing Mickey and Maggie, and even seemed to enjoy putting her in the wrong by inviting them over. I love seeing Nick be the one in control of the situation. That, coupled with Melanie having Trent’s wallet, added interesting undercurrents and kept the scenes from being too sweet.

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9 thoughts on “Murder!

  1. Yes, poor MBE. I couldn’t figure out what she was wearing–I only knew that I hated it. Why does wardrobe have such trouble with this lovely woman?

    Oh, and yeah, Trent dying–shocking!

  2. I have frequently been puzzled by the wardrobe choices for MBE. They were unfortunate in the past and they still are — in a completely different way. Why is Kayla never allowed to show skin? Why must she wear a jacket at all times? It’s puzzling.

    Also greatly enjoying the Nick and Melanie scenes and I have high hopes for an interesting “who killed Trent” storyline.

    Now, could we please see more of Steve and Kayla? Pretty please?

  3. “Murder She Wrote” is exactly right, Tripp. But it was fun.

    I never really minded Kayla’s outfits in the 80’s, though she definitely had some horrible ones along the way. I liked the contrast of her dressy, occasionally fussy outfits, compared to Steve’s jeans and leather jacket. I always liked that they kept up the contrast even after they were married. It was a little symbolism of how neither one of them had to change for the other.

    Oh, and you all might be interested to know that going forward I am going to try to stop bitching and moaning about Dena Higley, as much as possible. 🙂

  4. Hee…you mean those anvils about Trent dying didn’t go unnoticed by those that were unspoiled? 🙂

    Did you see in the commercials of Trent’s suspects that they included Kayla’s picture? WHAT? haha I mean, they could have thrown in EJ or John and made it believable, but Kayla? Hilarious.

    I am with you, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a hit by Claude. First, it’s lazy writing. Second, usually loan sharks don’t kill the person that owes them money, seeing as they’ll never get paid. They tend to take out their family members and such. Oh well, logic won’t enter into the story anyway. I’m intrigued for now.

    Loved Nick and Melanie’s banter. They were too cute!

  5. Yes, Trent’s death was obvious even to those of us who are spoiler-free! As was Nicole’s pregnancy (groan).

    Are you going to stop bitching hoping that a different response might result in a different outcome or have you just given up?

    Good question, Flaco. I have decided to stop bitching because I don’t want to be one of those people you see on message boards that basically says the same negative thing over and over again. It’s knee-jerk cynicism, and it gets tiresome to read. I used to see those repetitive posts and think, if you feel that way, why are you still watching the show? Why are you still posting about it? So stopping my bitching is more a desire not to be one of Those People rather than anything else.

    It’s a sad way to put it, but I guess in a way I have given up. But there are still glimmers on the show of good conversations and interactions here and there, and I am going to concentrate on those going forward. I’ve said my piece many times on what I don’t like about Higley’s writing, and saying it over and over again doesn’t add anything. But if I find a new thing to criticize, I will be sure to post it. 🙂

  6. Have you seen today’s (Monday) show? Nick and Melanie continue to be cute and we got a brief glimpse of Steve. I would really love to see him doing more than walking on for a brief appearance in someone else’s story, but I guess I have to take what I can get.

  7. I did watch yesterday’s show. Nick and Melanie were great. I actually got a kick out of all of Nick’s relatives supervising his date and making comments. And the kiss was hot.

    I’m glad to see Steve will be part of the investigation!

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