Action Alert

The whisper on the wind is that when/if the show gets renewed by NBC, big budget cuts will be part of the equation. Further, the whisper is that Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans may be on the chopping block.

So if you spend as much time online as I do, and if you like having Steve and Kayla around—even in the current environment—it doesn’t hurt to let TPTB know that. If you are cruising around a message board, and you see a Steve and Kayla thread, drop in and post a quick note. If you see something you like on the show, drop a line in a postcard or to one of the soap magazines. If you like banners and avatars, a Steve and Kayla-centric banner might be a good one to have right now. The more presence and discussion TPTB see devoted to Steve and Kayla, the better.

This isn’t reasoned analysis. One important thing to remember is that the goal is to be positive, and to be positive about 2000’s Steve and Kayla. It’s not to reminisce about how great they were in the 80’s, or to complain about the writing has never tapped into their full potential. (True as these things may be.)

To help centralize all these efforts, some fans have put together a website with contact information and links. They make it very easy to know where to post, and who to write to. Here’s the link:


4 thoughts on “Action Alert

  1. I haven’t commented on this post until now because I was so distressed, I didn’t know what to say. Steve and Kayla are the only reason I came back to Days and they’re probably the only reason I’d continue watching. And frankly, based on the way they’ve been used lately, it’s been slim pickings. They really don’t have a storyline right now — they just rush in at odd moments to prop or comment on ther storylines. That’s a really poor use of a great resource.

    I’m trying to find other storylines to get interested in and there are a couple I might get involved in, but I don’t have much faith that TPTB can/will carry through on those stories. And if Steve and Kayla are going to be let go, I’m not sure I want to get involved. I can just stop watching Days again and get back an hour a day to watch my Steve and Kayla DVDs.

  2. I know how you feel, Flaco. But, please know that these are just rumors at this point.

    **mild airtime spoiler** SN and MBE are going to be off for several weeks, and the rumor is that this is a “test” to see how well the show can get along without them. The point of this campaign is to make it clear they are missed.

    What I really want for S&K is a good story, or even just a passable one that they could make the most of. But it makes sense that keeping them on the show has to come first. I have to admit, though, that all of this makes me think of that Woody Allen joke, “The food here is terrible … and in such small portions.”

  3. You know, after visiting some Steve & Kayla fan sites and forums, I wonder if the fans aren’t part of the problem with their storyline. I don’t mean all the fans, but it seems like there are a lot of people that only want to see them being “romantic” and sweet all the time. That could get pretty boring. I didn’t really see all of the BSC storyline and I have only seen a few bits from the Ava storyline, and given the current state of the show, they were probably written really badly. But in and of themselves, the concept of the storylines don’t sound that bad. And people are still raving on the forums because they said mean things to each other or because Steve was a little rough with her. Do they remember what he was like with her in the beginning?

    I don’t want to see them cheating on each other and I don’t want to see one of them develop a totally alternate personality (as Nick seems to have done), but there has to be some conflict or all they can do is prop other storylines.

    Now tell me how I’ve got it all wrong. I probably do, but there’s some really obdurate fans out there, and it must be frustrating trying to satisfy them.

  4. Flaco, I actually agree with you. I was a big supporter of the BSC Steve storyline as it got started. If you haven’t watched yet, I think you’ll find the first half to be a pleasant surprise.

    Given the current environment, it’s hard to be a fan of S&K angst. That’s what I love most about their first run, and yet the current run can’t seem to get it right. I don’t know what to root for.

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