A few posts back, I complained that the primary problem with our characters’ work lives is that we never see them want anything, or strive for anything. If they don’t want it, why should we care whether they get it or not?

Well, that also goes for their romantic relationships. For too long the show rigidly adhered to the primacy of Lumi and Shelle, so that no other couples could find any air to breathe. Now it seems we have the opposite problem. EJ is madly in love with his Samanther, except when he is mooning after Nicole. Chloe was bonkers about Phillip, but then she easily transferred her feelings to Lucas. Sami claims Lucas is the love of her life, except when she seems like she’s in love with (excuse me, “has feelings for”) EJ. Last week when Morgan asked Phillip about his feelings for Chloe, I could feel the writers carefully parsing Phillip’s words in order to leave open the possibility of Phloe.

Now it looks like they are testing Nicole and Daniel, which I think I have advocated for in the past. (Imagine the couple name, though—Dicole? Sounds obscene.) But if he is just going to be added to this crazy mix of easy couplings and uncouplings, it’s hard for me to get invested. Nicole’s feelings for EJ have actually been maintained through the constant waffling of the others, but I have no doubt the writers would easily throw some feelings for Daniel in too. The more the merrier!

If they don’t care who they’re with, why should I?

Speaking of Nicole and Daniel, the anvils were dropping all over the place today that Nicole is pregnant. “Motherhood is not at the top of your list?” says Daniel. Cue Nicole clutching her upset stomach.

All I can say to that is is, “No, please, nooooooooooo!”


4 thoughts on “Ejamucasloecole

  1. As someone who just recently rejoined Days after a long absence, I’m finding it very hard to care about any of these relationships. Maybe if I’d seen their beginnings, it could carry me through, but as a new viewer, I just don’t care. I’ll concede that EJ and Philip are very attractive (though not really my type), I get a kick out of Nicole, I don’t like Daniel at all. They’re just not getting me hooked on these relationships. And if unplanned pregnancy or dueling pregnancies or whatever else they have in mind are supposed to hook me, good luck with that.

  2. “A few posts back, I complained that the primary problem with our characters’ work lives is that we never see them want anything, or strive for anything. If they don’t want it, why should we care whether they get it or not?”

    Great summary, and this is how I feel about Sami in particular. She doesn’t seem to want a job, to move out of the DiMera mansion, either Lucas or EJ, to do anything except be irrational. I don’t believe EJ’s madly in love with her and if he ever was—as opposed to obsessed—I stopped feeling it months and months ago. That non-couple is so dead to me. I see no desire from either one of them for the other.

    I agree Nicole and Daniel was probably a small chem test. I could live with the possibility of Nicole trying to move on with Daniel because EJ won’t cut Sami out of his life completely since she’s—say it with me—the mother of his child. For this to work for me it would have to be the catalyst to have EJ finally cut the ties with Sami. Ari has chem with all and certainly SC is far, far more tolerable with her than with Chelsea, but they’re still not my first choice.

    As for Chloe and Lucas, the less said, the better. I can hardly think of a “couple” that was more hastily thrown together as so blatant a Plot Device/Obstacle. They could have had a nice friendly relationship but instead we were “treated” to an utterly unbelievable sexual/romantic relationship. I never believed Chloe wanted Lucas and I never saw that she transferred her feelings from Philip to him. Just crappy, insulting writing for Philip and Chloe.

    • Paxton you seem to worship Nicole character and AZ and definitly not liking Sami character.. Why not, but you risk to be very disappointed since Sami is the most popular and important character in this show and Nicole is a supporting character who will exit. But right now she has an important storyline and the actress is good. Enjoy !

  3. Flaco, I actually like almost all of these characters, but I’ve come to realize that the story is the most important thing to me. And none of these couples have gotten any kind of decent story. It’s sad.

    I enjoyed the Nicole/Daniel scenes, but the last thing I want right now is another coupling thrown into the mix. I wouldn’t mind if Daniel and Nicole became friends, but the show seems incapable of doing that (see, Lucas/Chloe, as you point out).

    Sami’s situation has been incredibly frustrating for me, because I’ve always liked the character. Nowadays all she seems to want to do is argue with EJ and Lucas about custody and accuse everyone of being out to get her. It’s tiring.

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