Apparently Stefano is carrying a torch for Kate and wants to marry her, John is suddenly in love with Marlena again, Marlena can hardly stand the sight of John, Lexie has been making serious mistakes at work, and Trent has a gambling problem.

Who knew?

Trent’s sudden gambling addiction is an example of what one of my teachers in college called the “convenient fact.” It’s a fact about a character that is introduced, and then immediately used as a plot point, as Trent’s gambling debts served as the trigger for all the events on the yacht. It shows the audience the man behind the curtain, the chess player moving the pieces, and it’s lazy writing. This was was even worse than that, however, because it directly contradicted the Trent/Melanie dynamic as we had come to understand it: where she was the sponging freeloader, he the indulgent benefactor.

Meanwhile, the wardrobe department continues to inch ever closer to psychosis:

Kate and Anna:

I thought they couldn’t find a shirt uglier than the one Marlena wore last week, but oh, boy, did they prove me wrong:

I think Max and Stephanie take the cake, though, for worst-dressed couple. Max’s shirt gave me flashbacks to the obnoxious neighbor from Three’s Company.

Remember Larry?

Poor Stephanie, on the other hand, looks like she has been disemboweled:

Somebody get that girl to a hospital.

Screencaps Chit Chat Haven and Days 2


14 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. Yes, I was surprised at how they are throwing Trent’s character under the bus as quickly as they can. There is no reason to make the man absolute vileness (word?)!

    Oh, well at least we got Nick w/o his shirt off.

  2. Hee! Larry Welch! I think that was his last name. Good call on the shirt! Marlena’s entire wardrobe lately has been pretty vomitous.

    As to the random plotting? I think we can definitively conclude that we’ve got Dena’s writing appearing on our screens again. Sigh.

  3. nolebucgrl, Larry Welch was Hope’s first husband, not the 3’s neighbor. His name was Larry though.

    mp, you forgot to mention the fugly outfit Chelsea showed up to fake France in. It looked like something a 90 year old woman would wear.

  4. Nolebucgrl, I didn’t remember Larry’s last name, but I looked it up and it was Larry Dallas. I loved Three’s Company was I was little. I thought it was so grown up. Hee!

    I liked the Chelsea/Nick/Melanie stuff too, Tripp! Maybe I’ll talk about that in my next post, because I don’t have a lot else to praise about the show right now.

    mosaic, maybe Chelsea was trying to appeal to Daniel with that outfit—he likes the grandmas, after all.

  5. Oh, and just a quick reminder: Everyone here is great about not discussing storyline spoilers, but please keep in mind that extends to casting spoilers as well. I make an exception for casting spoilers for myself, but I might have readers who don’t. I’d hate for anyone to come to a blog called “Spoiler-free Days” and get spoiled! 🙂

  6. Agree about the ‘convenient fact’ – Dena’s writing is full of them. Such as the fact that baby Allie suffers from night terrors and needs her mother. As you said, MP, who knew?

    Regarding the wardrobe, lol, not sure if all of you saw, but longtime Days wardrobe head Richard Bloore was replaced. This is one of the first weeks of the new wardrobe person. Notice a difference? I do. Aaargh.

  7. Wardrobe and hair have been utterly atrocious for all lately, but Shelley Hennig definitely caught the worst of it this past week.

    I will forgive wardrobe all its sins, however, if they re-locate Philip’s black T-shirt and EJ’s dark red one. Snap to it!

  8. Whiplash is a great way to describe my reaction to last week’s storylines. I thought I must have missed something (or fallen asleep while watching a past episode — something that happens all too often these days). Suddenly, Melanie was on a yacht being pimped by her father to cover a gambling debt — where did that come from? And Nick was suddenly there to save her? Since I’m actually interested in those characters, I just shrugged my shoulders and accepted it.

    But, honestly, they might as well just paint a big bull’s eye on Trent’s back and have half the characters take a whack at him. It’s starting to remind me of some old mystery TV series — Murder She Wrote or MacMillan and Wife — in which every single guest star was given a motive to murder someone in the first 15 minutes of the show. This is just bad, bad writing.

    I also agree about the awfulness of the wardrobe department. I might actually grow to like Stephanie as a character if I weren’t constantly troubled by her wardrobe choices. Why do they dress her so badly? They’re certainly not making her look good. I have to say I thought Nicole’s dress was an odd choice for hanging out at Brady’s pub, but at least she looked gorgeous.

  9. Nicole’s dress looked like something you would wear to a cocktail party. Maybe since anytime is cocktail time for Nicole, they chose to dress her that way. The dress was OK, but her hair was awful. You can tell its a bad week when hair and wardrobe are noticed more than characters and storylines.

  10. I thought Nicole looked gorgeous but out of place, too. That shade of green was lovely on her.

    I was torn about the Nick/Melanie scenes—I wanted to just enjoy them for what they were, instead of thinking about pesky things like story construction and believability. But I admit my enjoyment was overshadowed by a sinking feeling in my stomach that they are going to screw this up too.

  11. The problem with Nicole’s styling was that the hair in particular was overstyled, too stiff–old-fashioned, not modern or youthful at all. When her hair is in soft waves, like it was the day she confronted EJ about what she saw in the stairwell, that’s the best look for her, I think.

    I think actually Stephanie normally is costumed well–she wears a lot of youthful, sleeveless dresses that look good on her, but that one ain’t one of ’em. I normally like her hair a lot, too, now that they ditched the disastrous blond experiment. She usually is the best dressed and coiffed out of the younger women, not that that’s saying much.

    Did I mention I want Philip’s black T-shirt back?

  12. By the way, what was the deal with the show today? Everyone just said we don’t feel like working so we’ll just repeat something from last month?

    I’d like to think they were all in some group intervention trying to work out their problems with story and character development. Or maybe all the actors just dozed off waiting for a storyline and the whole set was like Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Desperate, the director grabbed the only two actors left standing and patched together a show. Maybe everyone’s been fired and Nicole and Philip are the only two characters left.

    Am I the only one who wants to move on from a very lame day at Brady’s Pub?

  13. Flaco, this is the first week of Gary Tomlin’s shows, and I’m guessing that Days had to deal with a (probably) difficult transition, since Ed Scott was fired. My guess is that there were some rewrites and as a result they were one script short, or something like that.

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