Just watch, don’t listen

I think Dena is back in charge. Frankly, I have been bored stiff with the show this week.

Since I have nothing to say, let’s talk about outfits!

This isn’t the outfit I would choose to play in the sandbox with my child. But, I do think Renee Jones is gorgeous. I usually find Abe and Lexie duller than dishwater, but I love to look at Renee’s bone structure. I find it mind-boggling that she will turn 50 this year.

Poor Morgan looks like the poodle groomers were let loose on her. I too would cry.

Then we’ve got the DiMera men, with Tony in an unflattering red shirt, with faded jeans that must date from before he was stranded on the island. EJ looks natty as always, but the pink shirt with the tidily-tucked in matching pink hanky is a little bit too much:

Nicole’s outfit looks more appropriate for cocktail hour than breakfast, but she looks gorgeous so I don’t care:

I’m definitely saving the worst for last:

Horrible, horrible shirt. What was wardrobe thinking? In a scene where one man is asking her out while another drools with jealousy, it would be nice if she were wearing something vaguely flattering.

Let’s hope next week gives me something to talk about.

Screencaps NBC and Days 2


10 thoughts on “Just watch, don’t listen

  1. You left out Kayla’s jacket and peplum shirt enemble. And Sami’s glasses.

    Otherwise, you’re right. It was a big week for fast forwarding.

  2. I was thinking the same thing watching this week – boring, boring, and more boring, so Dena must be in charge again. I did a lot of fast forwarding.

    What happened to all this summer of love hype? All we got was elevator sex and then nothing. Phloe went down the tubes, EJ is being Sami’s twin – I want Nicole, I want Samanthar, I want Nicole, I want Samanther. And there was some build to Lucas/Chloe and now after a talk with the ever willing to give advice Maggie Horton, Chloe is backing off and all Lucas has to say is OK and it is dropped! WTF. All the stories that were built up were ended just like pouring water on a fire and we are supposed to be OK with it?

  3. Sounds like you and me are on the same page this week MP. Good ideas are out there but there’s little to no movement on any stories. Things that should be interesting aren’t.

    Marlena’s shirt was hideous and I could not believe Trent was interested in her looking like that.

  4. Like mother, like daughter. Belle used to get fought over by Shawn and Philip despite not ever one time wearing something even remotely pretty, that I can recall. Actually, I did like her wedding dress, come to think of it. And I liked the dress she had on the day she debuted her hair extensions–at least, I remember liking it, although not any specifics. Most of the time her wardrobe was beyond boring, which, I guess, is in character.

    Sorry, bashing Belle is just so automatic.

  5. I agree that EJ’s waffling between Sami and Nicole has been maddening. I’ve finally got myself into a zen-like state about it all, where I’ll just enjoy EJ being at the center of a triangle and not be invested in one side or the other. I’ve decided to stop shipping couples as much as possible, for that way lies madness and frustration.

    I’ve always liked Sami’s glasses, hee. I think she looks cute.

    Paxton, we’re seeing Marlena’s GHH qualities again, aren’t we? I wanted the power to go the other way for John/Marlena, but it would be nice if John’s change of heart was better explained. He’s not so snarky anymore either, too bad.

  6. “I’ve decided to stop shipping couples as much as possible, for that way lies madness and frustration.”

    Heh. Can you pass along your secret? It’s just so hard for me not to ship a coule I like, I think because I’m competitive and a sports fan: I pick a team and I want them to WIN!

  7. Paxton, Belle bashing is A OK as far as I am concerned. She must have inherited her fashion taste from her mother.

    MP – I wish John were more snarky too. I loved how he just told everyone what he thought, regardless of the outcome. If they make him lose the snark, he will be just as boring as old John. They might as well flip the switch now and get it over with if that is the road they are going to take with him.

  8. Paxton, I definitely don’t have a “secret” to not shipping couples. I said once that shipping a couple is like being a drug addict, and even at its sloppy worst Days has a way of providing just enough smack to keep you addicted.

    What I’ve been doing is taking it one episode at a time. Instead of thinking about what I hope will happen, I just try to enjoy the scene in front of me. It’s sad because when they do the story right I think shipping a couple is one of the best things about soaps. Heartbreaking, but wonderful. When the story isn’t there, though, it’s just heartbreaking.

    mosaicplum, now that John isn’t being snarky anymore, his robotic mannerisms are starting to annoy me—so yeah, I think you’re right.

  9. I’m not shipping anymore either. Well, except Steve and Kayla because that’s a habit that won’t die.

    But, I’m just going to enjoy EJ whether it’s with Nicole or Sami (as long as AS isn’t phoning it in). I’m going to enjoy Philip with whoever he’s with (although if it’s Chloe it impacts my enjoyment immensely). But, I’m not going to believe any couple is going to stay together for more than 5 minutes or so. It’s just easier that way.

    As for last week, it was a bit boring. I didn’t hate it, and was mostly semi-entertained at least, but it felt like a lot of plot and filler.

  10. Couldn’t agree more with ESP. I’m just sitting back and enjoying EJ with whomever he’s with. I don’t think anybody is phoning anything in, I think they, like us, don’t have a clue what the writers are doing so they don’t know how to play it.

    I also hope Philip doesn’t get stuck with Chloe, I didn’t watch their high school love story and I think NB just isn’t good enough to be around JKJ. I don’t mind her with Lucas because I just don’t care there, but he deserves better.

    Last week was rather boring. I hope this week is better.

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