It’s a living

Well, I’m delighted that Steve finally got a job.

Of course, it would have been nice to see Steve and Kayla talking this over. He could be shown struggling with this decision, and we could have seen some of his old insecurities about being a good provider and a worthy husband of his professional wife. But then, they had a whole storyline devoted to this back in the 80’s, which was generally well done and realistic … but it was the beginning of the domestication of Steve (and Kayla) which I’ve always had mixed feelings about.

One of the things Steve told Kayla over and over again, when she was determined pursuing him, was that she deserved a nice big house and a 9 to 5 husband—a typical middle class life—and how he couldn’t give those things to her. Part of their falling in love story is Steve realizing that she didn’t want those things, she wanted him. But a year later that conventional middle class life was exactly what they got. In some ways, that fit Steve’s character, because although Kayla was less conventional than she appeared, Steve was more so—something only Kayla was able to recognize. But, I wish the show had taken into account what we viewers (at least this viewer) loved about Steve, and tried to preserve his rough edges and go-it-alone mentality. Instead they pretty much threw most of that out the window and made Steve a cop. Patch working for The Man. It’s so wrong.

A private eye is better. I really liked the lines Steve had on Thursday (8/28) that “All I’m good at is getting into trouble, and getting out of it.” It sums up so much. And I’ll be delighted if this brings Steve (and Kayla, please!) into some of the other stories on the show. In the scenes where Trent hired Steve, Stephen Nichols and Roscoe Burn (Trent) played very well off of each other. I particularly liked Steve’s stone cold look, that gave nothing away, when Trent mentioned Stephanie.


8 thoughts on “It’s a living

  1. Yes it would have been better to see Steve with Kayla instead of Caroline. I didn’t care to hear the baby talk either.

    But at least we got a SN adn RB scene. I had given up hope to have that AND who did they wind up talking about? Nick! It’s like my birthday!

  2. I enjoyed the SN abd RB scenes but why is Trent still showing up at the Brady Pub? Hasn’t Caroline told him more than once not to come back? I bet Victor shows back up too. I guess Caroline is going to have to get all whup ass and break out the shotgun from behind the bar before they start listening to her.

  3. I agree with you about the domestication of Steve in the earlier story. Steve and Kayla had always had this edgy, gritty quality — you really understood why everyone thought she was crazy to love him. Then they showed you why she was right. That was why the story worked. I winced when Steve was trying to clean himself up to get a job. Then, suddenly, they’ve got this big house and Steve’s a cop. It didn’t fit. I liked the community center story better because I could see Steve in that role.

    That said, it’s nice they’re giving him a job of some sort. It was depressing seeing him carrying around the baby carrier and fussing over the baby all the time. I’d like to see him as a good father but, being Steve, maybe tracking bad guys with Joe strapped to his chest in a Baby Bjorn.

    I also enjoyed the Steve/Trent scenes.

  4. Another thought — what is the big deal about Melanie meeting Max? Are they matter and anti-matter? If they come together, will the world as we know it come to an end? Pretty soon half of Salem is going to be in the south of France checking out the Max-Melanie situation. And to what end? I mean, what exactly is Nicole supposed to do about anything if she finds out Max and Melanie are heading towards whatever cataclysmic encounter Trent is trying to avoid? Especially since we all know they have met and nothing much resulted beyond a little jail time for Max and Stephanie? I hope there’s some payoff for all this.

  5. I am not saying this as an anti-S&K comment in the slightest, but as an anti-Dena Higley comment. I think Dena doesn’t ‘get’ Steve & Kayla at all. (The only couple that I think she half gets is Bo & Hope, but she doesn’t do much with that in the way of giving them a story.) I feel like Dena uses S&K as just two adult characters whom she has to use in a story, rather than as ‘Steve’ and ‘Kayla’. Dena does the external things, like showing Kayla as a doctor, but in terms of what makes S&K ‘tick’ as a couple and as characters, she comes up empty. I hope this is making sense, lol. My point in saying this is that let’s say that you, MP, and your fellow S&K fans who post here have an understanding of Steve & Kayla which is at the top of the scale – let’s call it a 10. Dena’s understanding of them is about a 2. So it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that she leaves out dynamics and key elements of scenes which you feel should be there. (I could say the same for J&M but I know that’s not the topic.) Dena would do well to watch some old clips or DVDs to familiarize herself with more of the veteran characters. Otherwise, the characters come off as vapid, and when we add to that Dena’s vapid storylines, we see why the ratings are what they are.

  6. I agree that Dena doesn’t get S&K, Ellie. But, the funny thing is that she was on the writing staff during their first run, so she shouldn’t need to watch DVD’s to understand them. I’m not saying she would remember everything about them or anything, but they also shouldn’t be strangers to her. Yet, they seem to be.

  7. esp13, that’s interesting about Dena. I think it’s just that she’s a poor writer then! (I mean, I thought that anyway, lol, but now I think she’s even worse.) I know the Erika Slezak quote about Dena has been repeated a few too many times, but the “she writes about characters only she cares about” seems to apply here. Perhaps it’s not that she’s unfamiliar with S&K – maybe she just doesn’t care about them. (Not that she cares too much about my favorites either!) She seems to care the most about the new characters she’s introduced. The problem is that these are the characters the viewers care the least about. 😦

  8. I think you might be right, Ellie, on Dena not “getting” Steve and Kayla, her past knowledge of them notwithstanding. I can think of a line or two here and there that seemed very “them”—but she wouldn’t have anything to do with individual lines of dialogue.

    Flaco, I never understood what Trent thought Nicole could do about keeping Max from Melanie. It also doesn’t make sense why he would turn to Steve to help him. But, villains on Days always like to do things in the most complicated way possible!

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